After a series of reports, the commander reached an order.
"Swish swish …!"
More than 100 man-machine planes burst out of the box and dived into PuJunTuan at a speed like a flash.
After half a minute.
"Dadada …!"
The automatic defense state machine gun pulled a barrage directly into the sky.
Hundreds of small man-machine doors were opened and scattered.
A hundred man-machines were smashed by a round of machine guns, but the micro-machines quickly dispersed.
A soldier in a retreat camp of Pu Legion can look back at Fang when he hears his head buzzing.
Miniature man-machine quickly fell from it, and the soldier suddenly blew himself up at a height of less than one meter above his head.
"Bang bang bang …!"
The explosion sounded, and a large blood mist rose, and the soldiers fell one after another.
"9 explosive man-machine! Pay attention to the hidden sides and shoot at it. "
"da da da!"
The gun retreat road keeps ringing, but the man-machine descent speed is very fast and the guidance is extremely accurate, so the troops can scatter and retreat to the rear in disorder.
District headquarters
Gu Taixian picked up the communication equipment and transferred it to the channel and shouted, "After two rounds of support, our nearly one billion troops will be stupid if they don’t have a fucking battle left."
It was ordered that the Coalition forces in the rear area and the ninth area charge the Fengshan Pass, which is the front highway line, almost instantly. It has been bombed 15 times and leveled the other side’s roots, which can’t form an effective counterattack.
At the same time
Pu Yuan, the headquarters of Pujuntuan, said after a long pause, "If you lose the line, you will retreat to Haru Highway, 100 kilometers away from the target location!"
The chief of staff punched the sand table for a long time before saying, "It must have been leaked before the information. They knew that tonight was the decisive battle before calling for the middle support, otherwise the opposite side would never play like this."
"Now is not the time to make a summary." Although Pu Yuan said this, his face turned pale. "Orderly withdrawal of the organizational system is still complete, and the troops should protect others."
The company commander of the guard company rushed in and saluted immediately and shouted, "Commander, you must leave now."
"Good" Puyuan nodded.
The company commander of the guard company took a set of private soldiers from the hands of the soldiers behind him. After a pause, he said, "Commander, you must wear this."
Pu yuan looked at the private army and gritted his teeth and said, "I don’t wear it!"
"Commander …!"
"Even if I run, I have to let the soldiers know that I am with them!" Pu Yuan glared at his eyes and shouted, "It’s impossible to wear your horse to arrange the headquarters to retreat."
"Yes!" The company commander can’t promise.
Toyama profile
The signalman came from behind and whispered to Daya, "Brigade calling!"
Daya Wen took the microphone. "Report to the brigade commander and we also specify the location."
"I’m not your brigade commander, I’m Feng Ji."
"Hello, Chief Feng!"
"More than a thousand of you have been lying there for a while," Feng Ji said with a frown. "Now go from the side and follow the enemy’s escape route. Give me a quick chase and focus on attacking the other headquarters. If you can catch Pu Blind, you will be promoted to the third level!"
"Yes!" Daya shouted and immediately asked, "We need the military superintendent to intervene to help us identify the position."
"No problem, I’ll arrange it." Feng Ji looked down at his watch. "From now on, you can directly contact our headquarters."
"Execute the order!"