After the sacrificial ceremony, one statue after another was moved from the car. They were as big as a cow, and they were divided into several parts. After the sculptures were put together, they had to be glued together on the spot, and then they dug a shallow pit and buried the sculptures in the shallow pit to prevent them from being blown down by the wind. This is also the experience before absorption. A lot of wood carvings were put on the top of the mountain before the wind was very strong, and then they were soaked in mud in the rain.

We haven’t seen one or two woodcarvings buried yet, but when there are more woodcarvings, many ethnic groups will also see the name when they attend the big sacrifice.
These sculptures are obviously connected, and most of them are several characters to describe a specific event, such as the most famous little star god killing a big fish, and the whole sculpture is also very particular about the layout. This huge woodcarving array has been connected in series from the exit of the mountain. After the star god came here, he has done everything for all tribes. If anyone from the earth came here, it is doubtful whether it will be developed into a professional woodcarving exhibition hall.
The only regret is that due to the limited conditions, all sculptures can be placed in the open air, and the snow foundation has stopped, but there are still some small snow seeds. The whole ceremony is very long. When these sculptures are finally placed, most of them have a thin white ice shell on the outer layer, which cannot show the original colorful colors of the sculptures.
In order to appreciate the effect, Wu specially decided to insert a torch near each sculpture to create light so that the people can see the sculpture more clearly. In addition, the fire can also melt the snow a little, so that Wu’s artistic achievements in the past six months will not be appreciated by people in the dark.
After the sculpture was arranged, the wizard danced solo. His artistic language was not particularly understood by other people, but it was still obvious that he was constantly simulating himself as an ordinary person in one sculpture story after another. These sculptures played the role of the star god. He danced the wood carvings and the faces of the star gods as if they were dancing in the fire. It seems that he really talked with this dancing wizard to interpret the story lines in the sculpture.
343 Star Oracle
"Search and rescue team …?" As soon as the body feels gravity and the hardness of the ground, the first thing Xu Yan does is to shout the search and rescue team in the microphone.
"I’m here?"
"Yes, you’re here."
Xu Yan thumped the barrel. The two flying men who were responsible for protecting him beside him also wondered at this time and looked at each other. Although they were arranged to live in a simulated gravity environment, it seems that they are still not used to it now that they suddenly landed on their feet.
One person can’t help looking at the ceiling when he looks up, and then his feet keep kicking and jumping, and after repeated failures, they finally realize that this is not the realm of ascension, and they can get off the ground with such a gentle push.
Compared with Xu Yan, it’s still good.
Xu Yan came to this cave once two days ago, but that time he came to explore a target site hastily to make sure that everything was normal here-the flood had receded.
Xu Yan also prepared a car to come over, but he gave up after checking the terrain, because there was no way for the car here.
Motorcycles and horseback riding are not very realistic. This is a strange place in the original period, many strange tribes, not to mention all kinds of wild animals. At the beginning, he and Wang had the excavator and went to bed late. It seems that they heard wolves barking.
Xu Yan came here this time to plan to make a detailed survey of this place on the top of the mountain, take pictures of everything in the terrain, and then directly let the earth people make a semi-permanent residence here. After that, let Lao Mao support a little more of his own people one after another. When he gathers dozens of people, let these people practice guns, and then take them to find a tribe with gold.
He simply made the furnishings in the cave two days ago, first found them, then took them from his pocket, brought the pool from Ascension, plugged the socket into the pool, and then pressed the whole cave to make it bright.
Look at two people from Ascension, dumbfounded.
The cave is deep, and this time I brought a lot of luggage, mainly some pools and weapons and pistols to prevent people * to prevent wild animals. Xu Yan is also going to bring a rifle, which is the kind that pulls the trigger … But after trying the gun several times, he found that he didn’t have the ability to control it, and this kind of gun was particularly easy to be caused by his novice who ascended to heaven casually …
Two people who ascended to heaven are still not used to the gravity environment. Seeing that they are all a little energetic in walking, the road surface is a little more complicated, and even the ability to walk upright is degraded. It is simply hands and feet, plus rolling and crawling along the lights all the way. Xu Yan came to the gate and just opened the door to fill it. At this time, he heard something outside the door.
There was a gap between the two doors, so he leaned over and looked out. It didn’t matter if he looked out. He was so scared that he even rolled and crawled back and shouted in a low voice, "The search and rescue team asked them to take guns!"
"What’s the matter?"
"Someone outside! Many people! "
"Let me see."
Xu Yan held a gun in his right hand and a mobile phone carefully in his left hand, and then put the camera near the crack of the door. After a few seconds, the search and rescue team replied, "Nothing, they are just offering sacrifices."
"Sacrifice?" Xu Yan breathed a sigh of relief and looked at it carefully for a while. It was really a sacrifice.
Just now, at first glance, a lot of people lit a fire around the gate, and there were also a lot of woodcarvings. At night, the moonlight was intertwined with the fire, which made some abstract woodcarvings look more strange, not to mention that there were people singing and dancing, and there were more people cheering around.
Before Xu Yan, I heard about cannibalism when I heard Wu Xiaoqing introduce the environment here. Now I don’t know how to be conscious when I see this scene.
Now calm down and have a look. It’s really no problem.
After watching it for a while, the search and rescue team also found a surprise: "There is a gold family, which tribe we saved."
"How can you tell?"
"See those axes?" The search and rescue team said, "We gave them fire axes and plastic sheets. You see, many people are wearing them …"
"They wear plastic sheets in winter?"
"At least waterproof and fresh snow can be used as a raincoat."
"So now we … go out and say hello to them?" Xu Yan is a little unsure of himself.
"Let’s wait until dawn." The search and rescue team should consider being more realistic. "There are still many strange faces in the team that are difficult to maintain order at night. Don’t have an accident."
It’s very late, about two or three o’clock in the morning. According to the ancient people’s habit, they should have gone to bed long ago. It’s still winter, and the temperature outside the door is not small … It’s such a weather that bonfires and parties dance …
Xu Yan can admire these primitive people’s physical fitness is too good.
The two ascended people are not afraid to dance outside the door by turns through the crack of the door. It is strange that Xu Yangang is enjoying it, but the search and rescue team explained that he realized that the spiritual life of these ascended people is worse than that of the primitive people. The primitive people can dance a great god and practice swords every day before they ascend to heaven … Now, when they first come into contact with such colorful art and culture, they are naturally trapped.
Xu Yan put the sofa to sleep for several hours until the search and rescue team’s mobile phone alarm woke him up.
Xu Yan opened his eyes and found that the two ascended people were still staring at the door. He wondered, "Jumped all night?"
"Yeah, I was just about to rest one night."
"Shall we go out now?"
"No, they are all sleepy now. Let them go to bed."
While waiting, Xu Yan made breakfast for himself and kindly prepared three copies for the two flying people to eat, but only after making them did he realize that he was really stupid-no one of the two flying people pinched a pool in his hand where he needed to eat …
It’s not particularly good to bring hot fast food, but it’s ok. At least it’s better than Xu Yan’s eating boiled cabbage. After eating, he waited for less than half an hour until he made sure that all those people outside were scattered.
It takes only half a minute to hit the gate at one o’clock, but when the door is waiting, Xu Yan looks outside-all those people have just gone back to sleep, and now they are all kneeling respectfully outside.
Xu Yan bravely walked out of the door to the other leader and the dancer, and then took out his mobile phone to play video for the other party.
It is Wu Xiaoqing and Shen Changwen in the video.