At the beginning, when the Yuan God broke through the cage of knowing the sea, the war pattern originally imprinted on the supernatural power of the Yuan God was also transferred to the flesh body and the process of proving the emperor was completed, and the wonderful sublimation was completed, and the war pattern evolved into the emperor pattern!

Yuan God is hidden in the physical universe, and this picture of the emperor’s tattoo is the channel connecting the physical Yuan God, and it is also the root of the strong world of the essence of Daodi’s lifelong cultivation.
It can be said that this imperial picture contains Qin Changfeng’s five lives, and the avatar is all the mysteries of the three disasters of heaven, earth and man. If someone can understand it, it is equivalent to mastering all his avatar secrets.
Because the avenue practice has come to an end for the time being, you can’t proceed until you get the chance to become an immortal in the original fairyland. Qin Changfeng has been studying this picture without it for more than ten years.
As a result, the more I explore, the more I feel frightened. The secret hidden in the obscure and abstruse road is magnificent. It is unimaginable to let him give birth to a feeling that the secret ends in a fairy road and is even higher and farther than the fairy.
"What if this sky map continues to go to the extreme based on Daodi Road?"
This idea naturally came into being in the process of his research. He was not the first person to think so, because he had already seen it in the letters of the predecessors of the sanctuary in the ancient Cang Jing Ge, and they thought that this might really get out of a holy road of reaching the peak of the nine days.
But it’s also possible that you’ve worked so hard to waste your talent years and finally get it done …
"True Fairy Road has been proved to be a right way to climb the top of the road through the ages. There is no reason to abandon it and go astray with an uncertain future."
Qin Changfeng often sighs that he doesn’t know or have the courage to abandon Zhenxian Avenue instead of creating this imperial road that no one has ever walked.
It is whenever I want to stop studying the sky map and completely break the idea, my heart suddenly pours out with strong unwillingness as if to let him give up Zhou Zhiruo, Elizabeth, Piao Xu and others, which makes him naturally addicted.
"The first way to create a holy road is to hold the emperor’s first word, which really makes people fascinated ….."
When I felt the strong wind coming from outside, Qin Changfeng finally opened his eyes and smiled at the corners of his mouth.
Who can say what will happen in the future? He feels that Zhenxian Avenue is smooth and bright, and there is no reason to go further and further. Maybe he will go back to explore this emperor road when Zhenxian Avenue reaches its extreme.
Qin Changfeng Daodi’s flesh and blood quickly recovered, and the emperor’s picture gradually disappeared, but at the same time, pieces of fu guang flew out of the body from the sky, and the Taoist symbols circled and intertwined, and the sacred land was round and round, and the sky was hot, sacred, majestic and magnificent.
War grain vision pale road!
When the sun shines, a young girl approaches the Ministry to summon two flying feathers. Just like the scorching snow and ice, the dragon’s paw almost touches Qin Changfeng’s chest and skirt, but it is still an inch short.
This inch means that the law can’t touch the gap.
Then, a divine light fell in the sky, and the young female monk was determined that she could no longer move. The feeling of being unable to move made her realize that she was still as small as a ephemera in front of this mysterious master even if she broke through a heavy mystery.
"Master, how high are you practicing?" The young girl was hung with half eyes flashing and asked in an amazing tone, full of worship.
This is from the whole world. It’s amazing that the cruel emperor worships Qin Changfeng, but the master has to maintain his dignity. So he thought about it and looked up at the sky with his hands. "It’s probably a higher level than all the emperors and emperors you know combined."
Chapter one hundred and eleven May she …
"Master, you are so tall, when will I have to practice before I can meet you?" After the young girl was put down by the master, she failed and asked.
"You want to find your brother so badly. Isn’t it good to be with the teacher?" In the face of female persistent Qin Changfeng frowned crossly.
The young girl cried and laughed. "Master is not jealous, is he?"
"Are you afraid you don’t know how many teachers’ mothers you have? I will be jealous of you, a young girl?" Qin Changfeng scoffs at the nose and feet, and the crown of evergreen trees rises and falls, just like when the sky is facing the snow and sitting on the top of the mountain. People often say that it is high to see far, but it is not the case that it can be high because of seeing far.
"Then why don’t you allow me to find my brother?" The young girl followed her to the crown of the tree and sat next to the master with a pair of snow-white jade feet half rippling.
"It’s a small matter that you will be bullied if you go out like this before you learn. It’s normal that your qualifications are so poor that you can’t beat others, but you will lose your teacher’s name."
"Oh," said the young girl, putting her head on the master’s shoulder, "then why did you take me as an apprentice?"
In 1967, Qin Changfeng was unruly and reckless, and it was difficult to expose the young girl’s behavior, so they got along in a strange way and were also teachers and friends.
The deeper reason, of course, is that Qin Changfeng never really treated her as a little disciple who beat and scolded her. More often, she treated him in a relatively equal way. She didn’t want the female emperor of absolute beauty to become passive because of him, and Nuo Nuo lost her arrogance.
"Would you believe me if I said I was looking at your pity?" Qin Changfeng also faint replied
The young girl looked serious. "I don’t believe you’re not like that."
"What kind of person?"