Chapter six hundred and sixty War!

Su Mo drank a lot, clasped the blood quenching knife with both hands, and the blood roared from the sky and chopped at the colorful man!
Blood mans skyrocketed and spread ten zhangs!
This knife is powerful and murderous, as if to tear the whole piece apart!
Color man slightly discolors.
He can feel the power contained in this knife. If you shake it hard, I’m afraid you’ll suffer a big loss!
Color male toe light posture extremely clever to flash to the side.
Blood mans arrival chopped the chariot surface heavily.
Boom, a terrorist force directly shattered the chariot!
Blue fluttering
Before the chariot broke, Su Mo had reached out and saved the woman.
The female body of the blood quenching knife continuously shakes and the knife light flashes.
The blade of the blood quenching knife is huge, but Su Mo’s hands are as delicate as water, cutting off all the female silk without hurting the female!
Su Mo holds the female wrist, and Dan runs a huge and strong need. In the influx, he quickly detects several seals of the female body.
There’s a rush of evil spirits, like the tide.
Bang bang bang!
The female body shivers and the seal is lifted, which directly conjures up a little bit of red ink on the top of the body. It is the misty peak crane with high wings!
Small cranes are slightly different from ordinary cranes.
The body of the common crane is snow white, while the body of the small crane is stained with a little green, which is very recognizable!
Su Mo clearly detected that the Qi and blood of the little crane declined badly. Although he could incarnate from the body, he also fought hard.
"You will protect her and I will go to town to kill these spiders!"
Sue ink look cold combatively said
Monkey, Linghu and Huang Jinshi quickly surrounded the two guards, the little crane and the little fox, in a circle, and the tide of animals broke out and violently collided!
Sand and stones are flying on the ground
A centipede grow several feet long came rushing around and was red all over.
A hundred feet are as sharp as a knife, sand and stones are splashed across Mars, and the whole body is filled with evil spirits, and it smells disgusting!
This big centipede just jumped at Linghu and leaned out with its maw open. Tiger Claw held down its body and bit its neck hard!
Linghu’s huge bite force directly bites off the neck of this big centipede!
That contains toxins need just diffuse to be spirit tiger flashing Lei Guang purification.
Huang Jinshi body qi and blood rising toward the front broke out in a deafening roar.
Air billow rolling emerge a ripple visible to the naked eye!
Just rushed to a head of Cang Lang directly by the golden lion roar 7 bleeding shock brains burst lying dead on the spot!
Among the beasts, the lion growls and growls, which contains a powerful explosive force.
What an evil spirit!
In ancient times, Buddhism realized a secret skill of sound killing in the fight of lions, which is now the lion roar of Buddhism.
Several other ancient heritage species were killed by Huang Jinshi before they could react!
Shua shua shua!
A ten-foot-long bucket-thick earth dragon shook its head, wagged its tail, exposed its fierce eyes and went straight to the monkey to kill it!
The earth dragon is like a lizard and belongs to the crocodile family. It has a trace of dragon blood and great strength. It is covered with our armor and invulnerable!
Even the perfect spirit is hard to break through the earth dragon defense.
Earth dragon’s greatest weakness is his abdomen.
That’s the only place in the earth dragon body that is not covered by Lin Jia.
But the earth dragon is very clever, even if it condenses Dan, it rarely goes against the wind. Most of the time, it will stick to the ground and will not give the enemy any chance!
The dusty earth dragon killed a huge beast full of fangs and bit the monkey’s calf directly!
If this bite directly, it can bite off the monkey’s calf!
At the same time, a swallow-day mastiff saw the opportunity to pounce on the monkey’s throat with a big mouth and a swallow-day potential!
The monkey’s eyes roared, and a local dragon snapped and lifted its leg suddenly.
Cut it!
And the monkey just raised his paw and stepped down hard!
This huge foot stomps the earth dragon’s head, and the terrorist force pours into it. This earth dragon’s head has fallen into the ground and has been trampled by monkeys!
On the other side, the monkey reached out his arms and directly grasped the jaw of Tuntian mastiff.