"I’m sure he will come!"

At this time, not far away, the old man looked up at the sky and looked pious and whispered.
Almost everyone is watching the big war in the middle of the game, and few people have heard the words "old man".
Su Mo couldn’t help but ask, "Who will come?"
Said the old man was looking at the sky and kept silent
Su Mo’s mind suddenly flashed a very bold idea and he was startled!
But he quickly rejected the idea.
Su Mo secretly shook his head. "No way!"
The temple keeper stared at the God Emperor with his hands holding Ren Huang’s pen and almost trembling to draw the fifth blood trail!
This bloody’ kill’ word has almost finished the last stroke!
This fifth blood trail hit the kingdom in the palm of your hand, and the kingdom shook violently and gave a creaking noise, which seemed to have reached the brink of collapse!
Even if you are not an emperor, you can see that it is necessary for the temple keeper to write the sixth stroke to write this complete word’ kill’, which will inevitably destroy the kingdom in the palm of the god emperor!
But this last one, the temple keeper, can’t write anything.
The fifth stroke is already his limit!
The temple keeper holds Ren Huang’s pen, and the line of sight is blurred, so he can’t hold on.
"Ha ha ha ha!"
God emperor face upwards laughed "temple keeper give up! This life is not ancient! "
"Don’t say that you are a dog around Ren Huang. I can suppress it even if Ren Huang comes in all ages!"
God emperor has this confidence.
Ren Huang is so powerful in the past, and it was also the realization of six peerless magical powers.
And now his combat power is equivalent to understanding the six peerless avatar Terran Emperor!
God emperor’s voice just fell in the sky, and suddenly there was a thunder crashing and cracking. All the creatures felt the ears buzzing, and a piece of white in their minds was stunned by the earthquake.
Don’t say it’s them. Even the emperor turned slightly and frowned.
The god emperor was hit harder, his body shook, his ears stung, and his face was painful!
This scene is like the God Emperor provoking Ren Huang to be punished by some kind of scourge!
All the people looked up.
See the sky crack a huge gap in generate with a road blazing white light filled with terrible coercion!
This kind of coercion doesn’t seem to belong to the wild continent but comes from another plane!