"Hee hee, Brother Tianlu is so nice." Little giggled, and she pointed to the greedy beasts all over the mountains. "My big friends seem to like you very much. Please help me take good care of them. I’ll go and play first. Bye, Brother Tianlu!"

"Oh, my God!" The shrill scream resounded through the whole grassland again.
When Xiao came out of the secret room, Yao Yuan and Yao Husheng both looked quite surprised. Tianlu, a big living man, was just lost. Of course, Xiao was not so enthusiastic, and the two masters could watch him leave.
Xiao Yun and other daughters are anxiously waiting at home to see Xiao unexpectedly come back with the clear water toad. One by one, they are amazed and look around the clear water toad. Be careful and worry about Xiaozhu. "Okay, Xiaoxin xiao yue, let’s get the human blood jade."
Small hin face gave me a little hesitation, "master if there is no humanoid blood jade … we fox family …"
Small one leng laughs "don’t worry, I’ll give it back to you when I’m finished."
Xiaoxin just smiled. "I knew the master wouldn’t ignore our fox family."
Light rainbow stretched out his hand and threw the seven treasures golden boat. Everyone sat there and asked, "How can I get there?"
Small hand pointing east "this way"
Xiao yue pointed out "this way" to the west
Light rainbow surprised. "Which side is it?"
Xiao yue looked at the crowd and turned to the trail with a slight red face. "The owner’s ten-hole demon family has migrated for a long time."
Xiaoqi said, "Why do you want to change places?"
Xiao yue sighed and shook his head. "It’s not because of the aura of heaven and earth."
Xiaoxin explained, "Because the aura of heaven and earth is getting thinner and thinner, it is becoming more and more difficult for the demon family to live. Although our fox family has human blood and jade, his demon family has no way out. If the king wants to sit still and wait for death, he might as well take the initiative to attack. After careful discussion by the ten-hole demon family, he finally decided to go to the 100,000 Yungui Mountain first, where many people have never been before, and perhaps he could find some miracles."
Xiao yue also said, "The original heavenly king wanted to quickly become a heavenly king’s tablet hand and then to find some right ways and third-rate sects to grab a piece of territory, but his last layer could not be refined, and the second master played against him, which also made the heavenly king disappointed with his stunt. Now the heavenly king may not have the courage to grab territory."
Light rainbow, Ningxiang and Xiao Yun are younger brothers. This is the first time they have come into contact with the true side of the demon family. They can’t help but be shocked. "Has the demon family fallen to this point?"
"That’s right," Xiao Xin said with a wry smile. "If you go like this, I’m afraid there will be no demon race in this world in one hundred years. That’s what you call Lang Lang Gan Kun."
Small also sighed the in the mind not some sad way "you lead the way"
The seven treasures golden boat rose to the west and went straight to the 100,000 Yunnan-Guizhou mountain. All the people were in a heavy mood, even talking less. The spacecraft flew all the way over the city and the water for a while, and the department was covered with lush trees. From the surface, the eyes were full of black and green, and the people were in a better mood.
In the deepest part of the forest, the seven treasures golden boat landed and walked out of the spaceship. I couldn’t help but look around. It was really a lonely place. At the moment, it was late summer and early autumn, but it was still hot. Several hundred-year-old trees were intertwined. The whole forest was impenetrable, but the air was full of moisture. The nose was full of plants transpiration, and the moisture breath was covered with a little fragrance and a little stench. I don’t know what it was. xiao yue explained, "This is the excrement of birds and animals left because of accumulated dryness and dehydration."
Xiao Yun nervously pulled out his sword and pulled the path with one hand. "Be careful of snakes, younger brother."
Ningxiang smiled and took out a sachet to ling. Suddenly, a piece of fine dense water mist spilled out of the sachet. Everyone felt refreshed as if they had been showered with perfume. They generally listened to Ningxiang. "This is my unique secret medicine Tianxiang Powder, which can banish all wild animals and insects. Don’t worry about snakes, insects, rats and ants."
Xiaoxin and xiao yue couldn’t help sighing slightly at one another.
On that day, the whole fox clan was almost wiped out by the head of Yukikaze. If there were no small heads, I’m afraid the fox clan would have been destroyed on that day. Now, the top secret medicine "Tianxiang Powder" of the six schools is the same, but it was spilled by the younger brother of the Liuyun Shuixie. The gap between the demon clan and the right path these days is like beggars and billionaires.
Just then, I heard a hoarse surprise, "Hey, it’s the chosen one!"
As soon as I turned my head, I saw a skinny Han cracking his mouth and laughing at him. I couldn’t remember when I saw this man and couldn’t help scratching my head. "Who are you?"
The thin actually blushed and said, "I … I’m a king."
Small startled gather together in the past carefully look at the eyebrow eye, the face was vaguely familiar with it. It was really not long ago that the tall and mighty king was very strange in his heart. If you ask again, listen to xiao yue and sigh behind him. "Master, don’t you wonder that it’s time for us to cut off the blood. The king hasn’t eaten for many days since he came here."
"It’s not so exaggerated." Xiao Yun was dumbfounded. "Even if you can’t absorb the aura of heaven and earth and get something to eat, you can still do it. How can you be so hungry?"
The heavenly king looked at her and suddenly felt a little nervous. "Are you … the one who fixes the truth?"
When he looked back, he saw the light rainbow and Ningxiang again. These two are really noble disciples. It’s not a heavenly king to come casually. It’s a good eye for the heavenly king. Suddenly he became more nervous. "What are you doing here?"
"Don’t worry, they are my friends." Trail "This is my senior sister, and neither is an outsider."
The heavenly king looked at the three girls and nodded, "I believe in your problem of course …" The heavenly king wry smile said, "We monsters eat or not, so we need to practice after all."
"Then don’t you also have ice crystal and humanoid blood jade?"
"That thing is not for the tiger family," Tianwang said. "Ice crystal and humanoid blood jade are suitable for water-based physique. Our tiger family has a bad temper and belongs to fire physique. Ice crystal is meaningless to us."
Trail "what should I do?"
"What else can I do?" The Heavenly King said, "I originally wanted to join forces with the ten-hole demon clan to rob a famous mountain and great river, and I didn’t care if I would be retaliated by the fix-true world when I came back. But now that I have those two treasures, many ethnic groups can reproduce. Of course, I can’t drag them to death again. I will take my tiger clan to have a vigorous battle later!"
Trail "Did you make the tablet of the heavenly king by hand?"
Tianwang shook his head. "It’s not so easy to practice without Dan."
Trail: "It’s not a terrible thing for you to come here with the heavenly king tablet. Now you haven’t even practiced the past robbery. Isn’t it for nothing?"
"Of course, it’s not worth anything in the eyes of the heavenly king’s stele master," sighed the heavenly king. "But I always feel that it’s much better to die vigorously than to die slowly."
Small also don’t know how to comfort him and asked "he demon race? I didn’t see anything. "