Not far away, Pepper looked around and lit up the spotlight. Suddenly, he came to Mark and Tony with a headache. He said to them, "The emperor is now in the new century. Can you pay attention to the influence? Do you think that Sky News is the director of the FBI’s angry Stark Industry?"

"He pot!"
"He goes first!"
Mark and Tony said almost in unison, then looked at each other and turned their heads!
Pepper glared at his forehead and tipped Tony off behind him, Happy.
Happy glanced at Mark and then said, "Tony asked me to call this guy as soon as I saw him approaching you."
"Tony …" Pepper immediately glared at Tony with a smelly fart face. "Mark and we are good friends!"
"Ha ha!" Tony laughed coldly. "I really regret knowing him at that time."
"Me too!" Mark said rudely, "I should have just shot you."
"Ha!" Tony couldn’t help laughing. "Then come on."
"I’m afraid you won’t make it?"
"Come on!"
"Come …"
The two men called each other through Pepper, but it was weird whether it was Mark or Tony.
Both of them were motionless as if they were glued together …
There are more and more people watching melons around …
At that time, Mark and Tony suddenly felt that it was difficult to ride a tiger, and they all looked at Pepper, clutching his forehead!
"Go on ….." Pepper couldn’t help but raise his head and make a sullen face toward the two people when he heard the call disappear!
There was silence for a while. Mark looked around the crowd who had gathered around to eat melons and touched their noses. "I’m going to give my daughter a present. See you later, Pepper!" "
Tony also brought the sunglasses back with a look on his face and said lightly, "I just came out for a cup of coffee at a new weapons research and development meeting."
Pepper "…"
Chapter 111 More and more clear auditory hallucinations
Mark’s eyebrows wrinkled slightly when he drove, and he turned to look behind him!
"What’s the matter?" In situ Pepper looked at Mark and asked!
Mark frowned. "Did you just call me?"
Pepper shook his head!
Mark looked around at more and more people eating melons and their hands flashing camera lights …
After thinking for less than ten seconds, Mark waved to Pepper behind him and got into the car!
Start driving fast towards the Julia community in Brooklyn!
Auditory hallucinations are getting worse.
Mark’s thought in his heart further affirmed that the elixir that Jiumei fed him was fake and shoddy …
Otherwise, why did Jiumei run away at this time?
She’s not trying to bite the Lord, is she?
Mark couldn’t help sweating at the thought of this possibility.
"Bang …" Shenhai’s nine-sister-body spirit beads directly hit the towering pillar in the middle of Shenhai!
Mark lost his mind for a while and almost bumped his driving Chevrolet into a hamburger shop not far away!
This Chevy hasn’t evolved yet …
In half an hour!
As soon as Mark got on the bus, he saw Julia with his arms around him at the door and said to himself, "Why are you so slow?"
"Meet an old friend!" Mark looked back while holding the door and said!
Although old friends have now become old enemies!
When he came to Julia, Mark couldn’t help raising his eyebrows and said, "Alice III!"
Julia gave Mark a dirty look and turned back to the house!
Mark shrugged his shoulders!
Alice perfume is a kind of perfume that young girls like. This perfume won’t look so social and cheap!
Looking at Julia’s back, Mark touched his beard and couldn’t help thinking of a question!
By the way, when I saw Julia a few times ago, she changed to Chanel.
"… what’s the matter?"
Turning around, Julia looked at her face and her expression wrinkled into a ball. Mark went straight to Mark and asked faintly, "Where does it hurt?"
"It’s all right …" Mark waved his hand and fought back the discomfort in his back ribs!
Maggi, that feeding elixir is really poisonous …
"Take off your clothes!" Julia said!
Mark’s face flashed a little weird and said, "No, Leslie is still in the attic."