Wei Yixiao said, "Since Mr. Chen is here, I won’t bother to leave."

Ulrich waved to Wei Yixiao and let him leave.
Teacher extinction and Daisy slept through the night.
Chen Yan said to them, "You slept soundly late. You have no vigilance at all. Do you know that Wei Yixiao came last night? If I hadn’t come forward to send him away, at least a few people would have been sucked into mummies by him."
Teacher extinction’s face changed.
Daisy quickly asked, "Wei Yixiao, the king of green-winged bats?"
Zhou Zhiruo, Ji Xiaofu and Zhang Ji all showed a little embarrassed expression on their faces.
They will have a reliance on their hearts if they have the Yan Yan. They will naturally sleep soundly if they don’t worry about the sneak attack.
However, they also know that the fighters have come to the Kunlun Mountain boundary to destroy the demons and put their hearts on guard.
Chen Yan said to Daisy, "Let’s go our separate ways with Emei Sect."
Daisy nodded "yes, sir"
Doing looked at Yin Li and said, "Aly, if you don’t follow me, you and Zeng A Niu can follow the Emei Sect."
Yin Li said, "I listen to Mr."
"Big Brother" Zhou Zhiruo went to Chen Yan. "Aren’t you going to Yixian Gorge?"
Chen Yan said, "If I don’t go, it won’t do you any good if I follow the practice. It’s a very good experience opportunity for you to come to Guangding this time. If you grasp it well, maybe you can become a master. If you have me in your heart, you can’t achieve the experience effect."
Practice is to cultivate the mind.
Only when people learn to be independent can they really grow up.
Zhou Zhiruo may never "grow up" with Ulrich.
Zhou Zhiruo asked, "When will you show up again?"
Chen Yanxiao said, "When the time comes, I will naturally appear. If you don’t put killing enemies first, you should learn to guard. If you can protect your teachers and sisters this time, you will really grow up. Otherwise, even if you kill more brothers, it doesn’t make any sense."
Zhou Zhiruo nodded, "I know, big brother."
Chen Yan grabbed Daisy’s arm and said, "Let’s go!"
Yan Yan took Dai Qisi’s speed to the extreme and left a ghosting image in situ, which quickly disappeared from the sight of everyone.
The extinction teacher was shocked. "What level has Chen Yan’s martial arts training reached?"
Chen Yan followed the Emei Sect and always looked like a born Emei Sect. They all doubted whether he could fight martial arts. Chen Yanlu completely intimidated them with his flying skill.
Daiqisi was galloped by David chan, and she felt that the scene around her was rapidly retrogressing, and the strong wind blew her cheeks and hurt, so that she could hardly keep her eyes open.
Chen Yan is twice as fast as her.
About ten miles away from Emei Sect, Chen Yan stopped.
Daisy asked, "Sir, where are we going now?"
Chen Yan said, "Find the secret passage exit. We can go in there and maybe find the Great Move of Gankun."
Daisy’s heart suddenly quickened. Are you finally looking for "The Great Move of Gankun"?
But Daisy doesn’t know where to teach the secret passage exit.
Daisy said, "But sir, we don’t know the exact location of the exit. It’s like looking for a needle in a haystack to find a secret exit in Kunlun Mountain."
Chen Yan said, "It’s not that difficult. The exit of the secret passage will definitely not be too far away from the total altar of the ceiling. If we determine the orientation of the ceiling, the scope of our search for the exit of the secret passage will be much smaller."
Chen Yan is not familiar with the light ceiling, but Daiqisi is familiar with it.
She knows the exact location of the bald spot.
Dai Qisi took Ulrich to the top of the light.
Just as they were going to the top of the light, Chen Yan suddenly saw a monk two miles away.
Chen Yan said, "Daisy really helped me, and we may find the secret passage exit soon."
Chen Yan and Dai Qisi came to the place where the monks disappeared just now and found a very hidden cave after careful investigation.
Chen Yanxiao said, "This must be the place to teach the secret passage to export Daisy. Let’s go in."
The monk who disappeared just now is "Cheng Kun", the thunderbolt of mixed yuan. He has now entered the cave.
His footprints are still on the ground.
Chapter 127 The old man in the mountain
The bare-headed secret passage of the teaching altar is very complicated, and there are criss-crossing passages in it. Without a map, you will not only get lost, but also trigger various machines, even if you do it carefully.
Chen Yan made a torch to look for Cheng Kun’s footprints by the light. It is certainly not wrong to follow them.
Doing one leng "footprints disappeared"
Without footprints, it is difficult to find the right road.