It should be the devil who cares for him
Mephistopheles is an exquisite realist.
Johnny Firecracker is his favorite toy. How could mephistopheles have the heart to let Johnny Firecracker retire before?
A little while
The performance is coming
The moment Johnny got out of the static state and stepped on the gas pedal.
The audience in the field held their breath.
"This is a suicide," Debbie, sitting next to Mark, muttered to herself, clutching her mouth and watching Johnny leap and explode.
Mark is thoughtfully looking at a certain direction.
Chug chug!
Although this stunt competition has been carefully calculated to ensure that Johnny’s motorcycle has enough power to leap to the other side.
But they’re missing a bit.
Turbulence was caused when the propellers of four helicopters turned.
Accompanied by a crashing exclamation
Johnny burst into flames and instantly fell from a place more than ten meters above the ground.
The audience in the field got up and looked at it and rolled for more than a dozen times, Johnny.
Even when the commentator just saw this scene, he was speechless for a few seconds.
Just this time when everyone’s lucky goddess didn’t take care of Johnny the Fire.
Johnny fell to the ground and burst into flames, and once again he got up askew.
The atmosphere reached its peak at the moment when Johnny got up again …
Supporters also rushed to Johnny’s side
The expression is exaggerated to the extreme.
"Oh, my God, he got up. Oh, my God, Johnny is angry. Get up and tell us, Johnny, are you okay?"
"I’m fine"
"Oh, my God, he says he’s okay. Johnny Firecracker has once again completed an incredible challenge. Let’s applaud him. He cheers. Johnny Firecracker …"
at this moment
The cheers in the field were almost deafening.
soon afterwards
Johnny got on his motorcycle once without being interviewed by the host, and roared away.
Mark looked back at Debbie and said, "Go back to the hotel first."
"Boss, where are you going?"
"Don’t ask, don’t tell, don’t know"
After leaving the stadium, Mark’s eyes fell on a mobile pavement selling meat dogs by the roadside.
After ordering a hot dog and a hamburger.
When mark was just about to move
The peddler in the moving car was startled when he was about to speak.
The light bulbs hanging on the mobile car surface burst in succession …
Mark shook his head.
When the peddler turned off the light bulb, he dressed like a medieval aristocrat, holding a cane, and mephistopheles took his hat and slowly sat opposite Mark.
Mark waved his hand at the hot dog and said, "This tastes good. Would you like some? My treat? "
Mephistopheles smiled.
Just as he was about to say no, Mark turned to the vendor and said, "Hey, man, one more like me."
Mephistopheles "…"
Chapter 577 Nearly 100-year-old Secondary School boy
quite a while
Dressed in a custom-made suit, the king of hell looked at the badly-selling hamburger hot dog in front of him and fell into a state of silence and melancholy.
His smile means that he never eats at a roadside stall.
Not what he meant.