After a while, everyone arrived. A brother saw a group of people’s hot eyes at breakfast and immediately stuffed the breakfast department into his mouth.

Seeing this, Jiraiya thought that these people are all monkeys.
"Ahem, now that everyone is here, strengthen the boundary outside all the dark parts of the meeting and don’t let a bird fly in to discuss the implementation according to the highest confidentiality regulations."
"Today’s meeting mainly has a theme, such as holding the first school-enduring competition. I will introduce in detail what I didn’t say to discuss. You have to keep silent and eat, and don’t send it out. Let me talk about the reward mechanism of this competition in detail …"
When the three generations introduced the hegemony competition, the whispering increased obviously. When I heard the secret license function, my eyes were hot, but I didn’t eat the three generations for breakfast. When I heard the last word of mouth, I was crazy! Yes, they are all crazy. Three generations and Jiraiya have shown that their eyes have become hot, and they feel that they are going to be stared at by a group of people. Of course, this is impossible
"Well, now when you think about it, see if you can hold such an activity or not. If so, when and where will it be held? Do you want to put the audience in front of the villagers?"
"Lord Huo Ying, what secret players don’t give up?" Uchihiro Fuchu asked this question directly.
"Well, Fuqiu, it’s good for you to ask this question, so I ask you, are the students in your school ninjas?"
"Of course not!"
"Is that school to train ninjas?"
"Of course!"
"So what is a ninja doing in a non-ninja activity?"
"Well …" A handful of rich hills asked speechless.
"Lord Yu Huoying said that members of the dark side are forbidden to participate in this article. I think it can be changed to that at present, all people who have won the title of ninja are not allowed to participate. In addition, all students who have not left school are not given the title of ninja because of that special reward. In other words, only students who have graduated from Endurance School can be called ninjas. Of course, those families train the dead as usual, but they can participate in the competition." Tuanzang directly put a spell on this article
"Is there anything else?"
"Then I want to ask Lord Huo Ying if he wins the first prize?" A small family heads got up and asked.
"That’s right, but I think there will be many ninjas who have no brothers to watch the game. If they want to accept disciples, I won’t stop them, will I? Of course, if you want that child, you will be willing. "The third generation is to tell you that it is also possible for your little ones to behave well in the competition and be taken in by others. Of course, to prevent some vicious means, the third generation has also put a spell on this.
"It is said that all ninja teachers can be specified, does it not include dark ninjas?"
"Yes, this is an affirmation that all members of the secret department can’t instruct their teachers to avoid being leaked. Of course, if he retires and you know their situation, that can be specified."
Chapter 17 Discussion on Hegemony (in)
"Son, the super star medal is there, so what’s the family banner?" This is Lu Jiu asking the heads of extended families to see something definitely different.
"Well, it’s very simple. The selection of the first family depends on the number of pennants. If you want to be the first family of Konoha, it depends on how many pennants there are in your family. If your little ones can win three pennants in each competition, then the first family belongs to your family. This is not even the glory of Uchiha."
"Are there any special rules?"
"This really has special rules. It’s very simple. The first referee is the student. Second, no dead hands, that is, no killing each other; In the third competition, if the challenge system falls out of the challenge, it is also a loss; Fourth, the child did not admit defeat and the game continued; Fifth, do not make the attack endure the illusion; Sixth, it is not allowed to make props such as detonators specify that there is bitterness and shuriken; The last point can be cross-age registration. "
"Who will be responsible if the students come to be referees?"
"I still tell you the special rules in detail! First of all, I can tell you who this student is now. He is Shu Mao. You have already had his breakfast. In addition, in addition to being the referee during the competition, I also appointed four forbearance to ensure that he will not be disturbed by the outside world. If necessary, I want to be patient. Can those children be the only ones? "
"Second, don’t kill people. If you don’t want to be exterminated, it’s better not to move those small thoughts. You know, children are the foundation of the village. If anyone hits those children, I’ll take the lead in killing you."
"The teacher’s argument counts me in!" Jiraiya followed the teacher’s general direction closely, and he was still very just in these big issues.
"The third point is the challenge system, which is also a good place to deal with children’s contradictions. I decided to build a school. The challenge department is made of mountain granite, one cubic meter in size, and then one block is built according to the standard of length, width and width. Every stone is blessed with enchantment, and all endurance is forbidden. Finally, the challenge system is integrated, and the whole enchantment sealing technique is made more stable. After the game, the challenge will not be cancelled. After the children’s school has a conflict, it is ok to fight in the challenge. Of course, no one is allowed to die."
"Fourth, parents should not give up for their children. Some people’s fighting potential is discovered in the battle. If you want your children to win, you can let your children stun each other and throw them into the ring. This is also a victory. It depends on whether your children can do that."
"Fifth, the attacking ninja illusion is very simple, and the children can’t control their own attack power. How can a ninja burn each other to ashes? In addition, the illusion battle can’t be seen by outsiders unless outsiders can see it one day. This is to prevent parents and audiences outside the ring from attacking the children. "
"Sixth, this is also related to the explosive power of an initiator. The grain pill child can’t bear such intense chakra at present. It is a ninja specialty. Once it is discovered, it will be the first place forever."
"The last point is simpler. If the child feels that his strength is very good, he can try leapfrog fighting. It can be said that he can leapfrog 6-level fighting, that is, the first-year students can participate in the graduating class competition and win. People can directly get a master’s order to cross 3-level fighting, and they can also get the qualification certificate of forbearance. The so-called cross-level 3 includes the third grade to participate in the graduating class, the second grade to participate in the fifth grade and the first grade to participate in the third grade fighting; Cross-level five battles can also directly get the opportunity to enter the dark department. This is the first grade to participate in the fifth grade and the second grade to participate in the graduating class battle. Train your little ones well! "
"Just now, Lord Huo Ying said that it was for the villagers?" Akai asked
"Oh, it’s certain that the competition will be held. Then I want to put a viewing platform facing the villagers. The viewing platform is higher than the competition venue, and the siege circle happens to be all around the competition venue. All villagers can buy tickets to enter the venue with their resident cards. Foreigners can apply for temporary resident certificates, and they must be guaranteed to be issued with permits and guarantees."
"hokage adults really can make shuriken and bitter? If you make the knife and hammer half? "
"It’s easy to do. There are weapon racks in the ring, which can make surface weapons. Those are specially made wooden weapons. As you all know, Yamato made those weapons on the spot. Metal weapons are not allowed to be brought in. We should minimize the danger and rest assured that the weight of those weapons is ok for the children."
"By the way, can the super star badge and the cross-grade victory badge be combined?"
"Do you want to cross the third grade and then accumulate three super nova badges? It can be used at the same time, but it is limited that people can make Huo Ying issue those badges, and the medalists will engrave their names. What do you think? "
"Just now, Lord Huo Ying asked if you had any ideas when it was held?" Tuanzang asked a crucial question at the right time. If it is held now, it will be a surprise to everyone. If it is not delayed for a long time, it will give them room for manoeuvre.
"I think for the first time, just wait for the venue to be built and hold it immediately. It will take 7 days and 7 days to build the venue so that everyone is not ready. Isn’t there a final assessment behind it? Just put it behind the final examination so that everyone can prepare the same. This way, we can find out which children are more talented and unprepared to see the potential of children, right? What do you think? " Nara Shikaku gave the answer directly.
"Well, that’s a good idea. I agree with it." Ding Zuo immediately applauded and was afraid that others would not know that the slap was loud.
"Oh, Brother Lujiu, this idea is really good. You should say that you should be prepared when you are young. What do you think?" Akai immediately praised it.
"Well, when the war came that year, I was unprepared, too. I completely agreed with Brother Lujiu at the battlefield. Besides, isn’t there still seven days to build? For children, giving them a seven-day training can also increase a lot of strength, right? " Kakashi glanced at Akai. Obviously, he just took over the words and felt uncomfortable. He felt like being shot.
"Lord Huo Ying, I also agree with Lu Jiuren’s statement!" Asma and three generations have obviously not been eased.
"Ape fly, I think it’s ok to do this. That kid Lujiu has a good idea!" Speaking elders’ group Xiaochun
When I heard Xiaochun speak, Tuanzang knew that the tide was over and the time base was set.
"So is today the first day?" Ask questions directly on the difference of day.
"The sun only rises a little today, so of course, we will build the challenge ring and the audience after the meeting," Jiraiya replied.
"There is a problem which held? Is the school playground not big enough? " Sunset asked.
"Well, it’s true. Let’s cut down those trees at the back of the school. It’s just enough to build an audience. The venue is set to be 15 meters long and 15 meters wide, so that more audiences can be built."
"Who will build this venue?" Hai asked the key.
"I’ll tell you about this. At present, nothing is given to Tuanzang, right? What do you think? " The three generations immediately ran out to answer questions. Obviously, they were unhappy with Jiraiya’s answer just now. Seeing that no one objected, then the problem was settled. The three generations immediately wrote a paper meeting place by the roots of the group.
"Our child has graduated from the class, and his grandfather is in terrible pain. He has found a psychic for the child. I want to ask if the psychic can play?" A small family patriarch asked.
And then he regretted asking, obviously seeing everyone looking at him like a fool?
"What kind of competition is this? Can psychic attacks pose a threat to children or endanger their lives? You know, all children’s lives are not allowed to appear in that field, remember? " Fuqiu immediately retorted that it was obvious that the three generations had just asked him those words, which made him angry. At this time, he was complaining about what the old things of the Presbyterian Group had stuffed the skunk into the dark, otherwise the graduating class super medal was not firmly in his hand. Don’t you just get the banner?
Everyone saw that Fuqiu was upright, and when he saw that Lord Huo Ying could not speak, he acquiesced in the rule that he could not make a psychic beast, while the meeting recorder faithfully recorded this rule.
"Lord Huo Ying, I have an idea. I don’t know if it’s ok?" A pommel horse home endure asked.
"This is the seminar. Tell me about it. If the suggestion is good, then adopt it."
Got the hokage affirmation that endure immediately said.
"Well, first of all, I think the podium should show respect for the past generations of Huoying Rock. On both sides of the sub-venue, the first generation of adults and the spotted adults should be set up to reconcile handprints. Finally, those children have never been to the battlefield, and the dolls have never seen the blood. I wonder if the podium can be changed to the left and a large bronze gong can be set up on the right to stimulate the students’ desire to fight and end the battle order."
"What do you think of what he said about this question?" Huo Ying threw the ball to the soy sauce maker, and everyone was obviously dissatisfied with their soy sauce maker.
"I agree with this construction requirement." Tuan Zang first agreed to this idea. After he wanted to come, he was Huo Ying. It would be great to sit on the podium and watch the game and see his own Huo Ying Rock, right?
Chapter 10 Discussion on Hegemony Competition ()