Kill the horse!

45 Chapter 45 Toffee frightened (3)
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In modern times, Yunzui was a powerful mercenary, but in ancient times, it was a weak explosion of ordinary people.
Sneaking in the water, 30 people were drunk and didn’t notice it at all.
On the contrary, Chi’s eyelashes trembled slightly and the tone became faster. It still sounds harmonious.
At the end of the song, Chi Yi put Yu Di’s income sleeve on the bow, and looked at Yunzui with a faint smile and asked, "Are you still angry?"
Cloud drunk slowly open your eyes for chi’s thinking rhythm is obviously some can’t keep up.
However, Yunzui knew that Chimie meant that he had done mean things to her yesterday and immediately replied, "Have you thought of letting me get rid of the gas?"
"If you don’t get angry, you can kick the king out of here."
Yunzui was surprised by Chi Mi. Is this looking for abuse?
I cann’t believe I let her kick him out and asked her to be Japanese?
"Do you think I really dare not?" After Yunzui provoked his eyebrows, he looked at each other from the bow, which was very provocative.
Chi Mie’s mouth is full of fun and says, "You are different from ordinary people. Others dare not do anything, but Wang firmly believes that you dare to wait for the king to accept your anger and fall into the lake. Don’t worry about jumping to save the king."
Yunzui rolled his eyes and then gritted his teeth and despised, "I never relent!" "
Smell speech pool what chicken eyes flashed thick smile really went to the cloud drunk front slender back then turn your back on the cloud drunk mouth way "kick".
Yunzui was startled again. Chi Mi’s request is abnormal, but does he really dare her? Or did she have the heart to stop? That’s all wet!
No matter who you are, what happened to Chi Mie? Although she is strong and powerful, Yun Zui is not a vegetarian!
Ever heard of it in the 21st century? Does Hyundai know? She’s a traveler. What is the evil king?
Yunzui moved in the same place and kicked it naked, but it took a lot of effort or it was deep. Chi Mi didn’t know if he would be kicked after Yunzui’s kick!
You have to use enough force to get drunk, or you won’t!
The corners of the mouth evoke an evil smile, and the beautiful eyes are drunk and kicked out immediately!
It can be said that she used all her strength to listen to the "splash" and was really kicked by Yunzui!
Yunzui looked at the splashing lake and raised her eyebrows. Then she put her hands around her chest. She will be interesting to see what Chimie is trying to do!
The boating couple dared to kick the pool when they saw Yunzui, but it was the others who asked for it, and they didn’t intend to save the pool with water!
Moreover, they all think that the pool will be very good and will not need their rescue!
The surface of the water gradually recovered, and Yunzui’s eyes flashed a trace of worry, but then it turned indifferent. If Chi was really afraid of the water, he wouldn’t have asked for it himself. Yunzui felt that there was no need to worry about Chi!
So Yunzui quietly looked at the water at the bow and stared at breaking the surface.
And the other side
In the lake, the pool is as leisurely as walking on the ground, and the roots are not affected by the water. There is a deep chill in his phoenix eyes.
46 Chapter 46 Toffee frightened (4)
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There are a lot of dead people who want him, but it is really not so reckless to work against him.
I cann’t believe I tried to assassinate him and delay his date with a beautiful woman
Thirty people came to follow the bottom of the painting boat, but they didn’t think their whereabouts were discovered, and they didn’t even think that Chi Mi actually took the initiative to find them!
The mainland’s strong people really have the style of the mainland’s strong people. How can they be pussies?
Without verbal communication, the two sides immediately approached each other, showing murderous look under the water and rising!
Why hasn’t the bow cloud drunk and put his arms around his chest and sat on the bed looking at the lake yet?
Waiting for her to jump to save him?
If that’s the case, isn’t it a little naive?
Yunzui can’t help but frown. Maybe things are not as simple as they seem?
Chi Mi Yu Di is used as a weapon in the water, and thirty people seem to be playing some array to surround Chi Mi, and everyone holds a silk screen in their hands. The silk screen is almost invisible in the lake, and it penetrates through the blue sky and the sun shines on the surface, only to find that it is there.
In the water, they are very good at swimming, and they are all alone. They can capture the pool as a fish, so it is not easy to shoot it, and they can kill it!
Wouldn’t it be much easier to break through the imperial city of Mochi without Chi?
Moreover, 30 people are wearing tights close to the color of the lake, and it is even more difficult to determine their position with their eyes.
In the face of a strong opponent of 30 people, Chi Mi doesn’t seem to be worried that he will slowly close his deep phoenix eyes and slightly raise his lips.
In water, the eyes are not good, then he can hear.
There is a little movement and you can hear the sound in the water, so it is much easier to confirm the position of the person.
Apparently, one of the 30 people made a killing gesture at him, and the others immediately moved quickly towards Chi Mi.
I found that the joints of the micro-motion pool in the water turned with my fingers, and the bright green glow of Yu Di crossed very beautifully.
Although everyone knows that Chi Mi’s strength is not underestimated, 30 of them are not waste!