Qin Yuduan stepped out of the ward with a bowl of meatballs and told Ding Guozhen, "If you can’t think straight, don’t try the other two suspects first, and Zhu Weiban will let him go to trial."

"I’m white," Ding Guozhen nodded and asked, "Did anyone throw up inside?"
"It’s not that easy." Qin Yu shook his head and replied, "If you want them to vomit, you have to eliminate their concerns. I’ll think of some way to do it when Zhu Wei finishes the trial."
"Ok, then go back to rest early and I’ll wait for you to relieve the guard."
After Qin Yu nodded, he ate meatballs in a bowl and stepped away.
"Didi Lingling!"
Just then the bell rang.
"Wei … Wei Zhi body?" Xu Yangyin trembling drink asked
Qin Yu was silent for a long time. "The police station hospital is the second peaceful."
"Where are you going to wait for me!" Xu Yang gritted his teeth and replied, "You can’t leave until I see you!"
"good!" Qin Yu nodded
More than five o’clock in the morning
When Qin Yu was lying in the car and resting, he came to hit the window outside. He opened his eyes in a daze and pushed the door conveniently. "Come … Come?"
Xu Yang punched in the past "mom! If you don’t believe me, then why talk to me? My brother let you kill him, do you know? !”
Chapter III The cause of death is bizarre
Qin Yu was a little stunned when he was beaten, but Xu Yang still didn’t fight back. "Listen to me …!"
"I listen to your mother!" Xu Yang tearing Qin Yu Boling drink asked "the two drivers is false? ! Did you deliberately lure Pei Deyong into a trap? "
"Yes!" Qin Yu hesitated for a while and admitted frankly.
"Do you suspect that I am a false traitor and partner with Pei Deyong?"
"Did you tell me the news of these two drivers?" Xu Yang pressed again.
"In addition to you, there are some core personnel on my side who know" Qin Yuzhi responded without saying anything.
"I’m going to Nima!" Xu Yang theory of fist "you don’t believe me! Then why should I go to Pei Deyong to sell human evidence? If you don’t serve the wisdom of the Northern Wei Dynasty, you won’t die! "
"That’s enough!"
Qin Yu reached out to block Xu Yang’s fist and responded coldly, "Wei Zhi’s death was an accident!"
"Accident a fart! This accident will not happen if I want to go home! "
"But have you considered me? !” Qin Yu push Xu Yang "when you are so long with LaoPei! Why don’t you wait until my side has just occupied a little advantage and take the initiative to seek harmony, and also promise me that you can help kill Pei Deyong behind my back! Would you doubt it if it were you? "
Xu Yang gritted his teeth and froze his fist in situ, and his chest fluctuated.
"You are not stupid, and I am not!" Qin Yu stepped into the car and said huskily, "Before closing, it must be a letter. I can’t see whether you are a person or a ghost. That is to try! I thought that if Mr. Lao Pei didn’t come to kill him, you would be fine. If he came, I would definitely get you and him together! But I didn’t expect Wei Zhi to be suddenly killed by them. "
Xu Yang trembled and looked at Qin Yu. There was still no reply.
"Wei Zhi spoke to me before he was killed," Qin Yu explained urgently. "Wei Zhi told me that Pei Deyong also had friends there. When they were drinking together tonight, Wei Zhi accidentally learned that Pei Deyong was going to send someone to kill me before he drove here to help!"
Xu Yang heard that one leng.
"Just now, I was wondering if you ordered Wei Zhigan. I wanted to make it clear that Pei Deyong sent someone to kill you. When Wei Zhi didn’t talk to you, there was already a gunshot in the compound." Qin Yu spread his hands and continued to explain, "I didn’t expect that I just arrived at the scene and heard a gunshot in the street next to me. When I arrived there, I just saw the gunman chasing me, but they had a helper … I didn’t stop him."
"Did you just say that Wei Zhi told you that he was drinking with friends at night?" Xu Yangyin trembling asked.
Qin Yu didn’t understand why Xu Yang asked this question, but he nodded and replied, "I told him so."
"Are you sure?"
"I’m sure!"
“……!” Xu Yang clenched his fist and forced himself to calm down, then asked, "You said you saw the gunman who killed Wei Zhi?"
"It’s still a fire for us," Qin Yu nodded. "At that time, both my police officers were on the scene!"
"Are you sure … killing Wei Zhiren has something to do with Pei Deyong?"
"Sure" Qin Yu light explained that "the case process was that five thunder entered the hospital to kill them, but they were aborted by my ambush department, but they arranged a driver in advance. At that time, the old cat thought that the car was parked too far away, and it was not an important person to add the driver. He didn’t move the car, but after Wei Zhi was killed, I chased it to the corner of the street to see that this was the car! Wei Zhiren was sent by Pei Deyong. "
Xu Yang coldly looking at Qin Yu didn’t answer the words.
"You don’t doubt that I secretly killed Wei Zhi and deliberately forced you to turn against Pei Deyong?" Qin Yu paused and immediately woke up. "First of all, this van appeared in police car monitoring and street monitoring. If you don’t believe me, I can pull out the image for you. No one can hide it because the suspect of the famous car has run away. If you want to inquire, you can definitely find out that it’s meaningless for me to lie to you."
Xu Yang’s eyes eased a few minutes when he heard this.
"My personal feeling is that Wei Zhi was a little anxious when he learned that Pei Deyong was going to send someone to kill him." Qin Yu added again that "Lao Pei knew he was going to fight back and tipped me off, so he did it conveniently."
Xu Yang bit his teeth. "Wei Zhi, no matter who dies, I will definitely kill him."
Qin Yu looked up at Xu Yang in silence for a long time and said, "Come to our side and let’s move Pei Deyong together!"
"Qin Yu you dare to lie to me? ! I don’t want anything, I have to get you! "