"Jiang Xiong?"

"Well, when he liked my mother, he made an appointment with my uncle. After he lost the duel, he left the tribe. He was very ambitious and had something to do. Zhinv Pavilion Jiang Qingcheng was his niece."
"Then I never knew that there was such a person in Huadu in these years?"
"He should have been seriously injured when he ran into the battle of life and death. No matter what happens, he can’t afford the storm. He is waiting for the right time."
"So … he’s here?"
"Maybe. Warm son and I analyzed what deal he should have with Lin Mei and Wen Liang. It is still unknown that they entered the tribal Lin Chuchu at the beginning."
Fu Yunyi or tone acid "you and warm son said a lot"
"My cousin knows a lot. For example, after Warm Son returns to Huadu, she will solve this problem and enter the entertainment circle in one step, right?"
"You also know this?"
"Well, eldest brother guessed."
"fortuneteller, what is really annoying?"
Be fascinated by not expressing opinions.
Someone who is hated is standing on tiptoe at the window to look at the office area behind him, or more than a dozen doctors are staring at his back and looking at each other.
That’s a floor-to-ceiling window. You still have to stand on tiptoe? You said you had to stand on tiptoe and put your hand on your forehead to look out? When you say look out, you have to walk back and forth? It’s just pacing. You said you’re still mumbling. It’s so urgent. Why don’t you run back and meet someone?
It’s already done, okay?
If you say you don’t go back, forget it. Why do you want to keep them all?
Whoops, that’s the point, and what about teaching? It’s been two hours since I’ve been busy with the patient, and it depends on you waiting for someone. It’s too eager to look too emotional. They want to do something else, but they can do it with them.
That’s all. Who calls somebody else a mentor? Who call waiting for someone is Miss Wenda? Who told them that they had not seen each other for six days? It’s been six autumn days in Sanqiu. They showed their understanding with an open mind, but … why not give them food?
They didn’t say it was a crime to let him treat you and pay for your own meal.
But the somebody else is no reason to firmly "you eat that I do? I’m in Bigu. Do you know that people around me are the most taboo to tempt me with food? If I fall short, how can I let Warm Children pity me? "
Everyone is a face of capitalization.
It’s no one to take it for granted to cheat people out of pity.
It’s past nine o’clock. It’s really unbearable for everyone to touch their bellies. So they winked at Qin Zhiqiu. Qin Zhiqiu was looking at the mobile phone information. He looked like a happy face and saw hope like despair. "Fu Lei said that Miss Wen is coming soon."
Smell speech all like the night finally wait for the light Qiqi breath a sigh of relief.
Sacred is excited to turn around "really? How many minutes and seconds are there? "
Qin Zhiqiu’s mouth was smoked. If it weren’t for her full expression of joy, she would still be like them. "Ahem, I’m not that accurate. Fu Lei means it’s coming soon."
"You ask him where he is, and I’ll calculate."
"… all right"
Qin Zhiqiu sent a message in the past. After Fu Lei received it, he looked out of the window and saw that it was a hotel, so he named it. Qin Zhiqiu reported that the horse was sacred and pulled his fingers for a moment, and then he said, "There are still ten minutes and twenty seconds."
All "…"
Qin Zhiqiu was drunk and turned to look at those hungry doctors who tried to discuss "imperial doctor should not let them leave?" Big miss is coming. It’s not convenient for them, is it? "
It will affect your show of love!
Those people are grateful and looking forward to looking at the sacred.
Sacred, but don’t you think, "But they’re all gone. Who will tell Nuaner that I’ve been busy until now? They are witness to my hard work! "
"Ahem, I’ll leave it with the big lady. They can’t say anything now. You see, all the patients are gone now. The big lady has a bright eye. You played that … well, it’s too much."
The sacred eyes flashed and asked everyone, "Is it really fake?"
They are busy nodding.
Holy this just waved "all right, you all go"
With this lifting of the ban, everyone rushed to the door in ecstasy for fear that he would go back on his word again. As a result, he was stopped before he reached the door.
Everyone turned their heads stiffly.
Holy smiling way "hungry chest stick back? In fact, hunger is also a health therapy. Well, you don’t seem to like it. Well, dinner is on me tonight. I have booked a table in the private restaurant opposite the hospital to soothe your stomach. "
I heard that everyone was surprised. Oh, it turns out that the imperial doctor can deceive people in addition to abusing people. Although it is not a good feeling to slap a sweet jujube, it is better than pure torture.
Everyone is busy thanking.
Who knows that there are more benefits behind?
"Don’t start walking." Holy finger rack "There are notes sorted out by my usual visits on that floor. Maybe everyone in some places will take one as a reward for accompanying me today."
When this was said, everyone was almost grateful to shed tears. The notes of the imperial doctor were absolutely valuable. One by one, they were more excited than rushing to the door. Soon they all chose the kind they wanted to see. They were excited like holding an imperial edict.
Qin Zhiqiu looked at him and smiled slowly. That’s how the imperial doctor looked at it. Sometimes it was unreliable. In fact, his heart was full. At first, almost everyone who was with him could not stand his torture, but the longer he got along, the more he benefited.
He is like a treasure that keeps giving you treasures without charging a cent or asking for anything in return. Only a saint can have such a state in this world, right?
After those people left, it was sacred to see that Qin Zhiqiu had not moved the sidewalk "You also go."
Qin Zhiqiu leng "I don’t want to help you give big miss …"
Sacred but serious, "Don’t let us be alone, I’m afraid of misunderstanding."