I quickly turned to see a dramatic scene …

Chapter 95 An Ill Dream
Seeing the King Kong cannon crashing around the pond like a headless fly will be bounced back by a barrier whenever it is about to walk out of the stone pile by the pond.
I walked quickly to the king kong cannon. "What’s going on?"
"I don’t know. There seems to be a wall blocking me."
"No," I shuttled back and forth between the stone pile and the forest several times, but I didn’t encounter the situation that King Kong Bao said.
"Look!" Said the king kong cannon and rushed forward again, only to be bounced back.
I observed it carefully for a moment, and even lost my concentration, but I didn’t find anything unusual in my breath. What blocked the way of the King Kong cannon?
"Take off the old cow’s backpack," I said at King Kong Gun.
King Kong cannon obediently put the backpack to go forward again, and sure enough, there was no resistance. I grabbed his backpack and threw it forward, only to be bounced back. It seems that the problem is the backpack.
"Why are you old?" King Kong Bao ran back when he saw that I threw his backpack. "That nod is still inside."
I hit his backpack with a wry smile and took out the Ming Gong Dao wrapped by him. "You can’t take this Dao with you, Lao Niu."
"What?" King Kong cannon exclaimed at me.
I didn’t answer his question, and I threw my Ming Hong Dao out of the stone pile and it bounced back. "We can’t take it out here because it was trapped by people."
"Hey hey, don’t fool me, are you cheating?" King Kong gunner pointed at me and smiled.
"I didn’t do it," I replied primly. "Do you remember the scene we saw last night? The sword in the pool turned into a big bird, but it didn’t fly out and finally fell into the water."
"It’s really not you?" King Kong Gun still doubts my heart.
"You can pinch the tactic to see that there is a barrier here, but we can’t see that I have such a high way." I reached out at him with a wry smile
"Can’t you get it out after chasing the wind?" Said the king kong cannon, pulling up for Zhuifeng and stuffing the Ming Dao into her hand for Zhuifeng, struggling to reach that barrier and still being bounced back.
"Don’t say that Mu Zhuifeng is not awake now. I suspect that even if she is awake, she may not be able to take it out." I can’t help but see this barrier in front of me. This means that the person who arranges this barrier is very high, and may have surpassed the purple gas and entered the realm of immortals
"What should I do?" King Kong looked at me with a sad face and asked for help.
"I really can’t take the old cow with me." I stretched out my hand. "When we break through the purple gas Xuan, we may join hands and hopefully take it out."
"You’re going to break through the Purple Qi Xuan in your hand. I don’t know how long it will be." King Kong Cannon sat holding a Ming Hong Dao and rubbed it like a child. "I’m old enough to wait for you to pass the Xuan. Can you help me take it out?"
"It’s enough. This form of imprisonment is too severe. I suspect it may be from Dong Fangshuo." I shook my head. "He is a real fairy of Donghua Emperor Jundi."
"Didn’t you say that Zi Qi Xuan is a master?" King Kong Gun or I refuse to help.
"I’ve become a master, but I’m no match for others." I shook my head. "Besides, I don’t know if I can break the purple gas xuan. Maybe I’ll be killed by lightning."
"You really can’t take it away?" King Kong accepted the cruel reality.
"Can’t take it away!" I shook my head again and again and looked at the pathetic expression of the king kong cannon. I couldn’t help feeling sour. "Don’t worry, old cow, I will come and help you take it out when I have the ability."
"How long will that take?" King Kong looked up at me.
"Five years," I said with a strong brain. When I saw his disappointed expression, I quickly changed my mouth. "Three years is almost."
"Can it be earlier?" King Kong Cannon is unwilling to give up with a Ming Dao.
I shook my head again and again and said, "I blew the bull’s-eye for three years." But this can’t be said to make him angry. It must make him look forward to it.
"No one can take it away, right?" King Kong Bao finally walked to the pool with a Ming Hong Dao.