Su Wan thought slowly, "Linyang Princess, if you want to win the trust, we must have a strong certificate, otherwise we can’t believe you."

It is also because of her affection for Muqian that she will wake her up.
If Mu Qian has no certificate, they won’t believe her casually.
Mu Qian’s eyes are red. Isn’t it enough that she has done so much? They don’t believe her.
This made her very hurt and she really wanted to turn around and leave.
But when I think about it calmly, I think Xiao Huang and Su Wan did the right thing because Xiao Huang and the old emperor are fighting fiercely. What if she has ulterior motives?
Mu Qian’s face was dull for a while, and she looked thoughtfully at Xiao Huang and Su Wan on one side of the bed. If she didn’t come up with something today, they wouldn’t believe that she was on their side.
Mu Qian looked at Xiao Huang and said, "Okay, I’ll tell you what you want Yu Ge to quit."
Xiao Huang waved YuGe quietly back out. He knew Linyang Princess must have something top secret to tell the world and Qingling County Lord said.
Mu Qian looked at Xiao Huangshen and said, "I want to kill the emperor."
At this moment, she has never been serious and cautious.
The room was particularly quiet for a while. Xiao Huang and Su Wan squinted at Mu Qian. What did she do to kill the emperor?
Xiao Huang looked at Muqian with a cold and calm face.
This time, Mu Qianqian didn’t hide anything. If they want to win the trust, they naturally have to tell the truth. Only when they tell the truth will they join hands with her to kill the old emperor and avenge their father.
Mu Qianshen said, "Because he killed my dad."
I can’t tell you my heartache when I think of my dad, because her dad is the best dad in the world.
He will take her on his own head and travel all over the streets to buy her something delicious and interesting. He will praise her for being a female general when we grow up in Sandy.
He also said that dad must choose the best man’s home for Sandy.
But he didn’t see all this, and he didn’t choose a man’s house for her.
She knew that dad would die unsatisfied when he died, because the last thing he worried about was his mother and her, and he must have been worried about them until he died.
Mu Qianqian couldn’t say how sad he was because he thought of his father’s heavy heart and his eyes were slightly wet.
Xiao Huang raised his eyebrows with an incredulous face and said, "wasn’t Master Xu killed by bandits?"
He remembered that when the magistrate of Hancheng reported to the court, the emperor also sent courtiers to Hancheng to appease the princess royal Temple. I heard that the emperor meant to take princess royal back to Beijing, but princess royal did not come back and lived in Hancheng until her death.
It’s impossible for the emperor to kill him now, isn’t it
Xiao Huang looked at Mu Qianqian doubtfully. "How could the emperor be so kind to this eldest sister that he wanted to kill Xu? Are you wrong? Your father was killed by bandits?"
MuQian eyes immediately put out a malicious light to gnash her teeth and drink, "No, my dad killed the mountain root. There were no bandits. Those people were court soldiers who disguised bandits, and then an imperial edict was issued to let my dad kill bandits. Finally, he was killed. If ordinary bandits were not weak, it would be impossible to kill him. There must have been many masters who robbed him at that time."
The thought of his father being robbed MuQian chest is a cavity hatred.
Su Wan immediately scolded 1, "How can animals do such a thing as things?"
Su Wan believed Mu Qianqian’s words, but Xiao Huang didn’t believe it. Because the emperor had any reason to calculate Master Xu like this, he couldn’t get in the way of the emperor.
"It is unlikely that the emperor will kill your father."