I was stabbed by Lisa’s dagger, and Lisa’s face was twisted in pain. She became like her stepmother, sister and the bar owner.’

Look at the second page Goethe eyebrows a wrinkly.
Of course, he didn’t pay more attention to love rat’s self-report
It’s a name. Lisa
All Lisa?
Goethe looked at the third page with speculation.
I have been married to my wife Lisa for three years. This year, we have a baby of our own, a girl as beautiful as Lisa, and at the same time, my position has been promoted and I have become a regional manager.
What luck!’
I think this is from Lisa and my daughter.’
So when Lisa went back to her hometown to visit her parents on vacation, my horse agreed-I never saw my parents-in-law again except when I got married’
But that doesn’t stop me from thanking them.’
They showed enthusiasm for our arrival far beyond my imagination, which made me blame myself. Obviously, I neglected too much.
At that time, I swore that I would visit my parents-in-law at least once a year.
I am grateful to them until now. After all, at the last moment, they saved myself but lost my life.
My poor wife and children have also suffered misfortune. I still don’t know what happened. I know that the demon ate my child and I will kill it!’
The description on the third page is much normal.
Besides the appearance of Lisa, it is the’ ogre’.
But Goethe couldn’t help but come up with the term’ ceremony’ as he watched it.
Goethe has no horse conclusion.
He continued to look through it.
Among the last four lucky people, one Lisa appeared, mostly as an adult female, but once she looked like a girl, and this time it was very different.
My wife and I have been married for ten years, and we have no children. I lost my fertility because of an accident, and my wife really wants to have children of her own. I know this, so we adopted a girl after discussing with my wife.
"She’s cute and laughs like an angel."
But when we named her, she insisted on calling herself Lisa.
My wife and I didn’t insist on this.’
Especially when Lisa called me dad, my heart melted at that moment-I became a father? It’s just like dreaming!’
Lisa is obedient, clever and clever, and she is loved by all the people in the community, but I forgot that the world is not only beautiful but also bad, which makes people feel sick. A respectable guy in that community church actually accused Lisa of me!’
It’s my fault. My anger didn’t drown my reason. Reason told me what to do.’
"My wife doesn’t know this."
I can skin that guy alone.’
Why did you kill everyone in the church?’
Because they all deserve to die!’
They didn’t find the moth. They hurt my daughter!’
The victim?
Goethe watched it twice and finally shook his head.
If there is no pre-information, he will be sure of the identity of the’ Lisa’ victim, but with pre-information, Goethe prefers that this is a layout.
"From direct harm to instigation?"