Zhou Yi’s eyes lit up.

Dingyang pile!
Proficiency determines the rapid operation of Yang pile to refine the drug power
Time goes by slowly
Skin refining (2/1)
Proficient in setting Yang pile (47/1)
"One experience a day?"
With your eyes open, Zhou Yi’s heart jumped wildly and then shook his head gently.
"It’s been a while since I advanced skin refining, and I haven’t slackened off during this time, even if there is no mushroom soup, I should quickly gain experience."
"This time, the experience value should be changed to two, and the real drug power should be accumulated before it is verified."
But even so, it’s still good
In particular, it is not allowed to fake that the speed of refining medicine by operating Dingyang pile is almost visible to the naked eye.
A few days later
Skin refining (3/1)
"Three days to add an experience, 300 days to refine the skin successfully, and you can refine the dirt in advance in one year!"
Cave Zhou Yi’s fists are empty.
"The avenue can be expected!"
Yuxian mushroom soup raw materials …
Mushroom cultivation is becoming more and more mature, and even in the cold winter, it can be produced in this cave that can keep warm.
Climb the mountain successfully!
Climbing the back of the mountain in a satisfactory state and the experience value should be that there is no potential for further growth, but two more remarks.
(The moving speed of climbing mountain increases by 5%, and the posture of complex terrain decreases by 5%)
Chapter 22 News
The most important thing is that people will not change their feelings.
Go to Qiu Lai in spring …