What should I do?

At the last moment, no one knew what to do. After a few words, they were silent …
"That …" Lin Han suddenly looked up and wanted to say something. At this time, a black shadow suddenly came out of the darkness next to him and grabbed Lin Han. "You little bitch, it was you!"
Sequoia center!
He smelled of alcohol and his eyes were red, panting like an animal.
"I’ll let you know that bih is bih tonight!"
"Stop it!" Zhuang was rudely pushed to the ground by the man not far from the front. The physical gap between ordinary people and professional athletes is too big.
"Brother Zhuang!" Lin Han struggled desperately, but in a one-on-one situation, she simply broke away from the black center who was twice as powerful as herself.
"Lin Han closes his eyes!" Zhuang not far suddenly way
Chapter 315 Manor owner’s "kindness" obliteration
Although the situation is critical now, Lin Han still closed his eyes.
She is not far from Xinzhuang.
Although I couldn’t understand Zhuang’s words, I saw Lin Han’s black center close his eyes and laughed. "It’s still smart. Since I have to break free, I have to close my eyes and enjoy bi…… …"
His words did not fall, but he suddenly looked up and looked not far from Zhuang.
I don’t know when Zhuang has got another card in his hand.
On a painted card, there is a mystery written on it. He can’t read the words at all.
And that card exude a force of resistance to that law.
"Give it to me … give it to me!" He consciously loosened Lin Han and grabbed the card in Zhuang’s hand not far away.
Moments of information flowed into his brain, and he suddenly turned to stare at Zhuang not far away.
"What are you witchcraft what things get out of my head …"
When the black center accepted the identity card not far from Zhuang, the manor also woke up not far from Zhuang. "Servants are loyal and rebellious! Do you want to erase it? "
The center swung his fist and hit Zhuang’s head not far away. "Go to hell!"
Then he saw Zhuang not far away and smiled.
The street lamp and the tree shadow village are not far away, and the smile is particularly ferocious.
"What the fuck are you laughing at!"
Zhuang not far from a grin.
It was a smile, but at that moment the center felt that he was in front of a monster.
Half dragon, half tree, perfect silvery white, is like knowing all the gods.
Then he heard Zhuang say a word "Yes!"
What is it?
Nothing can save you!
His fist has hit Zhuang not far in the face.
But nothing happened. He found that his fist went straight through Zhuang’s head.
It’s like his body is a virtual shadow
Zhuang’s body is getting bigger and bigger not far away until it becomes a totem of indomitable spirit and terror.
Not far from Zhuang, when his eyes look down, they fly like a torrent, and everything washes away his body. He is there
And in this terrible torrent, his body escaped like a light spot and merged into this torrent.