The third is Yunying, who is surprisingly calm, which is also an abnormal phenomenon.

Although others are surprised, they are too obvious to laugh at the sea and have no intention of them.
The hall fell silent because of laughing at the sea.
After waiting for a long time for everyone to calm down, Yun said, "Laughter Hero’s words are guesses, but it is also possible that the wisdom of the master and his old man’s house will set up a chess game to confuse us. It is very simple. The thing is that this guess is likely but not necessarily accurate, which is hard to say."
Yun Lei agreed, "We have already analyzed this matter as soon as Yun Yi made a point, but it is really surprising and sighing that Master Laughter has such a keen eye just for one day."
Laughing at the sea, I put away my questioning expression and smiled indifferently. "Don’t mind asking now, but let Yunyang say something about this virtual hall."
Smell speech cloud nine even agreed.
And Liu Yunyang just smiled and pointed to the overhead light map. "There are a lot of mysteries hidden in it, but let me be clear. I don’t know. Simply speaking, this light cloud has three layers of defense, which are extremely complicated. After breaking through these three layers of defense, there will be a wonderful thing called illusion, which hides what you need to know."
Seeing that he stopped flowing clouds, nine people were slightly anxious. Six people immediately asked, "What is it?"
Liu Yunyang glanced at the nine people. There was no mouth. Yunzhen, Yun Song and Yunying stopped for a moment and said calmly, "Nothing. I saw the phantom left by your master there. He asked me to relay a sentence."
"Really you see the teacher leave illusion? What did he say? You are quick to tell us. "When you listen to a teacher’s message, it seems very meaningful. Yunlei is even more eager to look straight at Liu Yunyang and ask.
Liu Yunyang didn’t answer with a horse, but waved to silence everyone.
After everyone was calm, he said, "I have been through this alone, and there are some details that I can’t produce any evidence. Before telling everyone, I have to prove that what I said is true or not. I can rely on everyone’s trust in me. Who wants me to take him to the light map again to prove that I am sorry? Because it is also a coincidence that I can go in before, now let me go again. To tell the truth, I am afraid I can’t go in either."
Looking at Liu Yunyang’s face and thinking about his words, I feel ambiguous and it is difficult to judge whether it is true or not.
From entering the virtual hall, Liu Yunyang gives people the feeling that it is mysterious, which makes people confused about what is true and what is false.
At this critical time, he suddenly came up with this passage, although he could hear from his meaning that he was concerned for fear of misunderstanding.
But isn’t it more suspicious in private, though he seems calm on the surface?
Cough a little, and the silence has been broken. "Liu Shaoxia is young and aboveboard. Although she has only been here for more than a day, we believe that you are by no means a sinister person, so you will never be suspicious of Shaoxia. Now, please tell us that you are grateful to Liu Yunjiu for your message from your teacher."
Liu Yunyang smiled kindly and said modestly, "Yunxu Xia doesn’t need to bother to have your words. Yunyang will be at ease. Before that, the illusion made the teacher say little, except to tell me where it is and who he is. Leave a word for me to tell the teacher Liu that the cloud fairyland came from heaven and earth. If you save the disaster, you will read it and later he will disappear, and I will come out inexplicably."
Eyebrows slightly wrinkled. At his other disciples, it seemed a little strange to each other. It seemed that this was too simple.
However, Yunxu didn’t ask too much, but he thanked him lightly. "Thank you, Liu Shaoxia, for telling Yunxu now. One more question: What happened when I came in together, but you felt very similar but came in smoothly? Can you tell me?"
Liu Yunyang’s eyes fluctuated slightly, and a smile appeared on his mouth. "It’s very complicated, but it’s also very simple. Now, if you break into the virtual hall from the outside, do you think it will be relatively simple?" As he spoke, he led the crowd to a temple door and quietly looked at the changing map.
Some puzzled look at Liu Yunyang and ask, "Young Xia, are you showing us these star maps to tell us that it’s different to look out from here?"
Liu Yunyang smiled and shook his head and pointed to the map. "Don’t you really know this map if it’s the same on both sides?"
Yunxu’s look changed slightly and his tone was slightly heavy. "Did Liu Shaoxia always admit that what we said was untrue?"
Gently shaking his head, Liu Yunyang took a look at Yunyi, Yungang and Yunyan and said indifferently, "Master Yunxu misunderstood me. I mean, these six temple doors are actually hidden in the first, second and third halls of the cloud, so some of you may have seen them, so I’m just asking casually."
As soon as this statement came out, nine faces were different, and their eyes were all gathered together. Yun Yi, Yun Gang and Yun Yan’s face was full of doubt.
And laughing at the sea also looks weird. It seems that Liu Yunyang reminds him of something.
Looking at the questioning eyes of the other disciples, Yun gave a wry smile, "Liu Shaoxia’s words are natural but I have never seen them before."
Yungang also chimed in, "I guarded the Second Hall of Liuyun like a younger brother for many years and didn’t know these things were hidden in the Hall."
See him two people look anxious but don’t panic and they will look to YunYan body.
Yunyan’s expression was indifferent and displeased. "The two brothers have never found me, so how can I know?"
Yunlei looked at Liu Yunyang thoughtfully and asked, "Liu Shaoxia, can you tell me that this map is hidden in the temple?"
Liu Yunyang slightly hesitated to consider a "this matter is not important at present, but since Master Yunlei asked me, let’s be honest. This map is hidden in the square of the main hall of Liuyun Temple, where there is an invisible cloud, which is a strange and fascinating illusion. Everything comes from the changes in these two maps."
Yunlei said nothing, but Yungang asked, "So Liu Shaoxia found this secret when she went to my second hall of floating clouds?"
Liu Yunyang said frankly, "Right or wrong, because I first discovered that I came to you in the first temple of cloud, and I wanted to confirm it."
Yun Yi suddenly said, "No wonder I asked you if you could go to the third hall of Liuyun at that time. You couldn’t say that you had guessed that the situation in the third hall should be the same."
LiuYunYang nodded and immediately looked around light way "it’s getting late, do you have anything to ask? If not, let’s go out. "
Cloud nine mostly silent slightly bowed their heads to their own things.
However, Yun Hua, who has been silent, said, "According to Liu Shaoxia, the star map hidden in the cloud temple is the same, so we should find what we see in front of us, and at this time, the change of this star map in front of us is not complicated. Shall we crack it?"
Liu Yunyang gave her a look and looked at others. When she saw that everyone was puzzled, she couldn’t help laughing. "I don’t know much about this. I can tell you that finding the map can crack the outermost layer of the virtual hall. I have already told you that just as the enemy attacks itself, it is necessary to be able to temporarily stop it from changing at the same time. At that time, there will be a gap. This is the middle key."
Yunhua Xiumei slightly raised her eyebrows and wanted to ask the ridiculous sea, but she interjected, "What we said yesterday was to crack this virtual hall and defend everyone from coming in. Even if we succeed, we should be satisfied with this step now. Because of his details, you are in a cloud wonderland and I don’t want to intervene, so I think our first transaction has been successfully completed. What about you?"
Chapter 33 Teasing Yunfeng
The nine exchanged glances and said, "What Master Laughter said is that you have already completed the previous agreement. We want to enter here again to understand the situation in No.1 Middle School. Don’t we have to trouble Liu Shaoxia from time to time?"
Laugh at the sea and say with smile, "It’s easy. At present, we are here. Anyone who wants to enter the hall can come to us at any time. In the future, if we leave, I’ll ask my cousin to figure out a way to enter here, and everything will be solved."
Seeing that he is so committed to Yunlei, it is inconvenient to say more about what it is to look at the rest of the people. Some Nai said, "Now it can be like this. Let’s go out and talk about what happened after dinner."