Hang up communication Nyirabu a long time!

If the Eldar smoke poses and kills people to the second source, it can overflow the war zone.
Two medical warehouses can arrive in 20 minutes!
Obviously ready!
It’s still no problem for Nyirabu to get medical support from other joint transaction requests.
But it may be an hour later or even longer.
And the seriously wounded wait. No!
After getting the data of Yanzi battle in the Indo-China area, the azimuth research was carried out, and three experts also appeared at the second source energy surge channel.
The breath of these three people is very strong, especially the fluctuation of spirit
Is uniting the Xu back also sensed the arrival of the three experts.
But Xu tui ignored it.
Continue to concentrate on cultivation
This practice opportunity is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!
Exercising one hour is equivalent to practicing dozens of source crystals, which is almost impossible at ordinary times.
After more than an hour’s retreat, the ability of radiation to affect other genes has been strengthened into a secondary gene chain
The original plan is to strengthen the second tertiary gene base point.
However, I wanted to think about withdrawing the enhanced gene Gu Wuda and carrying the gene chain on Sunday.
At least one-third of the gene base points in the large and small gene chains have been strengthened to the second level when the diamond tide force field was strengthened before.
There’s not much left.
However, this will strengthen this retreat mainly because I had an idea when I looked at the counterattack ability of the former Cui Xi King Kong tidal force field.
Xu tui now has a very strong long-range attack.
The king kong shield is also very powerful in defense.
But being close to the enemy means a lack of strong attack.
Then the counter-attack of the diamond tide force field, that is, the diamond tide, is very worthy of consideration
Everyone thinks that if you are close to each other in the middle and long range, you can kill and retreat!
Then the king kong tide gushed out!
The picture should be beautiful.
And there is a more important reason.
King Kong mask has a strong defense ability, but it also needs the support of powerful energy field!
In addition to the accumulation of energy, the growth of energy field force is the increase of gene chain in large, small and small days.
First stabilize the diamond mask and then strengthen a three-level gene base point.
Although Xu tui tries not to be influenced by three experts.
But the discussion among the three experts still affected Xu’s retreat.
"Have you found that this red light beam is more like a strong red light source?
Look at my palm. The square column of my palm is crimson.
But my palm turns light blue when it is isolated from the source energy, "said one of the experts."
"You mean artificial?"
"Millings! Didn’t millings throw something into it? I think it may be that thing that caused the red light beam! "
"This is very likely!"
"So the question now is whether not taking out that thing will have an impact on the safety of our curing source energy surge channel?"
Chapter three hundred and ninety-three What else?
"Must be taken out.
This thing is an unknown bomb unless it is taken out!
No one can guarantee that it won’t explode!
If the channel is solidified and it explodes again, the loss will be too great.
Can’t afford it. "
Ma, three experts from Huaya Mars Base, agreed on this.
Must take
Take it out to continue the construction of Mars base.