Liu Zhen nodded and took a deep breath. He took a purse from the body and handed it over through the window.
"Give it to Sun’s adult and let him bend the rules."
Wu Bo should immediately step away.
A little while
The night closed, the gate slowly opened a gap, and a humble carriage passed through the gate and went straight to the western hills.
Today, the moon is bright and the stars are thin.
Bright moonlight shines all over the earth, even in the dark and deep forests of the past, there is a sense of daylight.
The carriage stopped at the foot of the mountain. Liu Zhen came from the car and walked towards the mountain accompanied by the housekeeper Wu Bo and the nurse Wei Changli.
A broken temple halfway up the mountain loomed with fire.
Three people glances Liu Zhen hands clenched step toward the ruined temple line came near far away.
"But Liu, a strong man from Danyang Army, is polite!"
"Hey hey …"
Taper from the temple
"It turned out to be a little doll. Are you the owner of the Liu family now?"
"It is" Liu Zhen’s face remains the same.
"Liu has come over. I wonder if several strong men can let me go?"
"Courage is not small, so a few people are brought here." The ruined temple figure shakes two bruisers from the Bank of China.
They are two meters tall, shoulder-wide, body-wide, and dressed in thick fur, like two black bears hanging their heads and sweeping their eyes, and the three of them show disdain in front of them.
"Can you bring the money for releasing people?"
"Wei Huyuan" Liu Zhen motioned.
Wei widely surly threw a purse of cutting mouth drink a way.
"Where is the money?"