But this machine gun is not rusty gold, but perfect gold!

Yunjin gatling!
Gun prophet Olion!
"Da da da da bang bang!" The dense gold, silver and bicolor bullets shot out like a rainstorm.
The golden bullet was cast from cloud gold. I’m afraid it blew up the largest cloud gold mine in the exile era-Taojin Town, not far away to be so extravagant.
The silver bullet is naturally upgraded to oversized gatling, which is the first time to appear.
Orion’s two cannons tilted wildly, and the cloud gold bomb and the hour blood bomb converged into a torrent.
When cloud gold can tear, blood can be manipulated
The two merge into a torrent, like the instantaneous detachment from time and the limitation of madness pouring down on the body
"Boom …" Min Yi was directly bombarded and flew out, leaving a deep trench in the ground.
"Want to win?" Old Brown stared at Fang’s being hit in such a positive way. It’s not like the physical strength of the owner of Weili Manor, which can resist everything. Isn’t that dead?
But old Brown was disappointed when he got up again.
His chest is a mess, and his mouth is full of blood, but it seems that he has suffered a flesh wound.
On the other hand, Old Brown found a very bad phenomenon.
The virtual shadow of Hongchuan behind the former man is behind him. At this time, Hongchuan figure has wrapped most of his body in it.
This is not good …
It seems that fighting not far from Zhuang made him stronger for himself.
And if his body is completely covered by the imaginary shadow of Hongchuan, does it mean that he becomes invulnerable?
Min Yi discovered this himself, and he flashed a trace of ecstasy.
Nothing is more exciting than breaking through yourself in battle and becoming stronger.
He can feel that his strength is getting more and more handy and stronger. Even the "energy heart" that was almost broken by the big dragon before is slowly repairing the cracks and disappearing.
I’m going to win!
Go to hell!
With a wave of his hand, dozens of tentacles pressed straight from the sky.
There was a loud bang, and Olion was hit and flew out of the circle and fell to the ground.
"Aha hahaha … eh?" The laughter turned into astonishment before it stopped.
Half-Central Europe Leon suddenly disappeared, and a long knife dragged all over the sky, and Kwang Jong Kim split his head from his head.
Wu Shen, the former sword god of Fusang!
I feel that I almost choked to death.
This hateful feeling is coming again!
Why can’t this guy be killed anyway?
Not far from Zhuang, the "second appointment" is really weird to the extreme. This power is like a dog skin plaster
How many people can this guy conjure up?
It won’t be a win if you have to circle all the members of this guy yourself!
Anyway, Zhuang was not far away when Qian Wu was beaten out just now, but he didn’t lose at all!