Yip hon turned around and spread his hands. "There is nothing, no yolk and no embryo."

"Is it too short to grow?" Bai Xiaoting guessed.
"Impossible," said Yip Han. "Trees grow so fast. If there is something in them, how should some of them grow?"
Wu Rui secretly pie mouth alien tree hatch? You can think of it!
"Then what is this thing for?" Bai Xiaoting wondered.
Yip Han suddenly thought of a possibility: "There are many asteroids behind before the soldiers and horses move. Could this thing be alien food?"
"It’s possible!" Xi Fu’s eyes lit up.
"So it is possible that this thing was intentionally thrown by aliens to improve the environment," Wu Rui said in a normal tone.
He is telling you the truth just because he wants to tell yip hon that he is as good as yip hon.
Although he took the initiative to give in, it was because Bai Xiaoting put his horses and chariots on Yip Han’s side, and it was meaningless to tie up the roots, but it would arouse Bai Xiaoting’s disgust.
This kind of retreat can leave a good impression.
It’s said that a fierce woman is afraid of pestering her husband. Anyway, Ye is a soldier. After the end, two people will score points. When he has plenty, he will pry the corner slowly. There’s no need to rush for a while.
Xi Fu also agrees that "it is also possible."
"Why is this getting messy?" Yip hon sighed, "it’s getting dark for the group leader. We’d better hurry up."
Chapter 414 Close to
Go back to the armored car and stop the team and move on. Wu Rui found that Xi Fu’s state was a bit wrong. He had to do a good job with the leader. Wu Rui asked heartily, "Team leader, do you seem to have something on your mind?"
Xifu reluctantly smiled "I’m fine"
He didn’t have something on his mind, but it suddenly occurred to him that if he sent the received standard back to the laboratory to test the ingredients in the same sample, he might be able to find out what was in the strange tree.
Moreover, the bond is likely to shed liquid from the crown of the tree. If the composition is similar to egg white, it is very likely to cultivate or hatch something.
On the contrary, if the sugar or real energy substance is high, it is very likely that aliens will further invade the earth to prepare food and grass
To improve the earth’s environment … It seems equally reasonable that this thing can kill all nearby plants.
He can’t wait to go back because he hasn’t finished it yet.
Xifu couldn’t help but take a look at Wu Rui, wondering if he could make a return suggestion through Wu Rui’s mouth, but the thought of Wu Rui and Yip Han’s bad behavior immediately dismissed the idea.
At this time, the team is not far from the impact point, and there are more and more strange trees around, and the strange trees are very adaptable. In addition to the soil, Ye Han also saw several parasitic trunk strange trees, and he couldn’t help but sigh that this thing was strong and fertile.
The closer to the impact point, the higher the vigilance of the soldiers. Ye Han did not hesitate to slow down the speed and expand the warning distance by a few minutes to ensure safety.
Just before the impact point, the right-wing soldier suddenly shouted, "Captain, there is a giant bug!"
"What worm? Is there any danger? " Ye Hanma asked
If there is a dangerous giant bug, the soldiers will not shout it out but shoot it directly.
"A little beetle shows no signs of attacking … it’s going to your side!" The soldier replied
Little beetle?
Yip hon blinked in disbelief and suddenly saw the grass moving not far away, and then a unicorn with a length of about 50 or 60 centimeters climbed out of the grass.
The horn alone can account for half of the body length, with a total length of 50-60 cm. It was really put by the little guy before the outbreak of insect pest, and this unicorn will definitely fetch a good price in the pet market.
Yip hon didn’t intend to tell the soldiers that the beetle had drilled into a clump of grass near the armored vehicle because there was no threat from the giant bug gun.
At this time, the situation suddenly changed, and a few tentacles suddenly leaned out of the clump of half-human and messy grass, quickly tying the shell to a solid one.
Yip hon which have seen this consciously end up rifle held his breath aimed at the clump of grass.
The beetle bound by tentacles struggled hard and twisted its horn constantly, but no matter how hard it worked, it could not get rid of the tentacles.
But after a while, the beetle stopped struggling and seemed to be dead.
Yip hon moved a few steps to change the angle, so he saw a white egg with a diameter close to one meter in the messy grass.
To prevent accidents, Yip hon gave up the idea of approaching observation and made a line saying, "All units should be careful not to approach the grass as far as possible …"
"Ouch … hey, what is this?" The line suddenly to such a sentence
"What’s the situation?" Yip hon heart a surprised heart said it wouldn’t be so clever?
"Captain, you said it was too late. Something caught my foot … why is it an egg?" In-line sound surprise ratio
"Don’t touch my horse yet!" Yip hon ran quickly to the scene of the incident and soon saw a soldier fall to the ground with his feet tied by white egg tentacles and a thicker tentacle constantly armored.
Those tentacles are very similar to those in the canopy of strange trees.
Yip hon suddenly remembered that the first strange trees were all taller, but the closer they got to the impact point, the shorter they became. It was hard to see the strange trees growing up in this place, but they found white eggs hidden in the grass.
That is to say, the farther away from the impact point, the sooner the strange tree takes root, and it is associated with the hobby of catching giant worms with white eggs. Ye Han suddenly has an idea. Is there any white eggs in giant worms that must absorb nutrients to take root and grow?
This thought can explain why the height of the strange trees around the impact point is closer to the impact point, and there are fewer strange trees-the giant worms are all caught by the white eggs around the impact point. How can the white eggs take root near the impact point without the giant worms?
But how did the white egg grow to the tree?
But these ideas are yip hon mind a flash and his horse came to my mind and laughed, "did you win the lottery?" What are you waiting for? I don’t know how to cut with a knife? "
The soldier pulled out his saber and cut off his tentacles one by one, but he didn’t know how to retreat. Even if he broke off from the main body, he would continue to wrap around the soldier’s ankle.
"how about it? Is this thing strong? " Yip hon asked curiously
"Not small, at least not earned," said the soldier.
Do you still earn power armor? This is not only a matter of strength, but also the tentacles should have enough strength.
Ye Han pulled the fallen soldier up. "All right, keep moving. All units pay attention to stay away from the white egg!"
This time, the warning was still timely, but Yip hon soon found himself warning superfluous.
Excess is not a warning body, but the closer to the impact point, the more white eggs are entangled in white eggs, and more and more soldiers. Yip Han had to order the soldiers to board the armored vehicle and ride on the top of the armored vehicle to move on.
Not only the soldiers were entangled in white eggs, but even the wheels of armored vehicles failed to escape the entanglement of white eggs. However, the strong power support entangled the tires and the white egg tentacles were easily crushed by armored vehicles.
When there are hundreds of meters away from the impact point, there are so many white eggs that you can see one every five or six steps. Until then, Ye Han and others found that the size of white eggs is also large and small, and most of them are 70 cm to one meter, and occasionally you can see big guys that are more than one meter straight.
Ye Hanyuan also wondered how the white egg grew to a tree.
At this time, a large area of lodging trees can be seen in the distance from the impact point, but through the dense crown of the original forest, you can see that the tree has many tentacles to hold the branches and white eggs
How on earth did this thing grow to a tree? There is no need to guess.