"Let’s chase after evil."

"Well," Lin Yun ryukyu said at ease at the same time to display posture toward the mountains and some JiaoChen mouth at the same time.
"I didn’t expect you to have a wonderful knife method?"
"Hey …" Liu Mengyan chuckled.
"Learn from a friend of mine and always take precautions."
Lin Yun ryukyu jiao hum joy also show a little don’t like.
"You know you’re not a good friend."
Lin Paner took back the palm of your hand and swept your eyes. The dignified and elegant face of the pulp refining practitioners is no longer cold and cold.
"Really be my Lin family?"
"How dare a mere red-violet cult come here to run wild?"
With a cold face, she stepped forward, sometimes waving her sleeves, and her hands turned into fierce strength. Even the stone was broken with one blow.
Whether it’s skin refining, dirty refining or pulp refining, the fighters turned out to be an enemy in front of her.
Yelling and killing sounded three shadows, and Qi Qi rushed to the bearer. More than a dozen hidden weapons were already shooting first to cover the surrounding area.
Lin Paner’s face is full of disdain, and his figure is unchanged. hidden weapons’s body is not enough, and he hits the objects and falls one after another
Protect yourself!
This is a sign of great success of qi.
In today’s Jianghu, except for a few innate masters, having strong protectors means standing on the top of fighters.
The three men rushed over and looked at it, but they were already full of despair.
Tieguanyin Lin Paner!
Master Lin and aunt Lin Yun Ryukyu once used an iron sword to swing more than a hundred times to kill Huangshan bandits.
It is precisely because of this that women are ruthless, even if they are extraordinary in appearance and excellent in temperament, they are not married until they are over 30. It is said that their in-laws are extremely unhappy.
Long-sleeved brandishing gang is like an iron plate crashing on three people, and the horrible force directly shatters the dirty parts along the meridians.
Three dirty fighters were vulnerable in front of her.
Stepping and sprinting, Lin Paner is like a statue of a fierce beast, and it is hard to level a road by itself.
Even a red-violet church owner who was pregnant with true spirit failed to insist on ten strokes in her hand and was slapped on the head.
Beside Lin Paner, there is an old man with an iron sword.
The old man’s beard is white, and his body is burly. The iron sword in his hand is actually a shock wave of the enemy, waving the stump and splashing the meat.
Iron sword tenon!