After saying his word, a series of guns sounded, and a dozen warships and cannons roared to see them. They wanted to directly kill the ship and its crew and sink into the deep sea forever.

Seeing that several shells are about to fall off the ship, Mo Lin leaps up and touches his mind. He flies past Ling as he pleases, grabs the black smoke shells and throws them out.
"John boat!" Molin drink a way
John, who had been scared silly, woke up and immediately shouted to him that the sailors were in a daze and set sail.
The ship ran in front and followed by more than twenty warships. The sea played cat and mouse.
Unfortunately, the speed of warships is much faster, especially the commander is very resourceful. He divides the warships into three teams, one chasing the ship’s ass, and the other two teams are faster. They flank from the left and right sides and then use artillery to force the ship to escape to their expected route.
Chapter 17 Make a scene in the palace
Chapter 17 Make a scene in the palace
One to two, warships surrounded the ships again, and this time it was surrounded by groups.
Drenthe was almost desperate. He shouted from the side of the ship, "I’m Drenthe. You don’t want guns!"
I don’t know if his propaganda worked or if the warships ran out of shells. This time, there was no gun, and the flagship put a boat and three people rowed straight to the ship.
Kofunagoshi is getting closer and closer. Molin can see clearly that there is a middle-aged man dressed as a civilian in the boat. Behind him are two boating sailors.
The boat came to the official avenue of the ship, "Marquis de Moura asked Ali Delong to meet Princess Rowling and Marquis Drenthe."
"Let them come" Mo Lin motioned.
John asked someone to hang a rope ladder. The civil servant climbed the rope ladder and two sailors climbed up with protection.
"Arideron, what the hell was that just now?" As soon as I saw the civilian coming to Drenthe, I roared at once.
Alibaba Delong gave Drenthe a white look and ignored him. Instead, he said directly to Princess Rowling, "I have been ordered by Marquis de Moura to formally protest against the Kingdom of Kuranyi."
"Protest against what?" Rowling Zheng
"Marquis Drenthe is the princess behind the bribery and collusion with foreign countries to sell information. Isn’t that enough to trigger a protest in our country?" Alidelong avenue
"I colluded with foreign countries to sell information?" Drenthe flew into a rage and grabbed Ali Delong’s collar to give him an old punch.
Molin stretched out his hand and stopped him. Drenthe is not a good guy, but it seems that the opponent who is competing for a duke position with him is more vicious. This move is really unexpected, and Drenthe is cornered.
"There are two roads before the princess. One is to immediately return the criminal Drenthe to our country, and we will severely punish him. The other is that we will take military action." Arideron probably felt that the encirclement of more than 20 warships was a shoo-in.
"Who are you talking to!" Rowling went on the rampage and said that no princess in any country should be a lady.
"I … I’m the Marquis de Moura …" Arideron forced himself to calm down.
"John cut off his ears and nose and told him to go back. I’ll see what Demura dares to do to me!" Rowling, regardless of the image, raised her foot and severely kicked Alideron’s knee.
Alideron screamed and was dragged out by John. Several sailors pulled out their knives and quickly completed Rowling’s orders. Then Alideron, whose face was covered with blood, was thrown directly from the boat to see him. He was soaked and fished out and fled in a boat, which seemed to be back to the flagship.
The sailors of the seagoing ship burst into laughter, but after a short and refreshing time, everyone was silent.
Humiliated the other messenger into the encirclement, and the ship chose a road of no return, surrounded by more than 20 warships, leaving no gap, and once they covered the ship with artillery fire, I’m afraid it wouldn’t last five minutes.
"Give me a little energy and rush out. If I can return to the kingdom of Qurani, each of you will have a hundred gold coins!" Rowling promised a big reward.
The sailors have gone through several tests of life and death, and they are brave. Anyway, they have been surrounded, and they have forgotten their fears and rewarded them. They encouraged the sailors to raise their sails high and the ships jerked towards the west where the encirclement was the weakest.
There was a gap between the two warships, which was enough for the ships to rush through, but it was still a long way off when the warships roared and burst into flames.
At this time, warships also seem to find that there is something wrong with the tactics of encirclement and encirclement, that is, once the ship is close to a warship, his warship may be mistaken, and his warship is silent except for the fierce guns of several warships facing the ship.
John also noticed this. He personally took the helm and looked at the rumble of guns and shells on the opposite side of the warship. More than ten meters of water splashed on the side of the ship and drove the seagoing ship crazy. The closer you got, the safer it was.
"What a strong wind!" John exclaimed excitedly. The bigger the wind, the faster the speed of the ship. Compared with warships, ships are much smaller and have better maneuverability. If they are lucky and properly manipulated, it is not impossible to break through.
As we get closer and closer to the opposite warship, we can see clearly the artillery of the warship. The gunners are scrambling to fill the ammunition, but their accuracy in aiming is blocked by the idea of Mo Lin at the bow.
Mo Lin was absorbed in the roaring shells, but his protector Linghu purple eyelids jumped up. She wondered and looked around and felt that there was something wrong with the wind.
A strong wind blows the sails, and the ship rushes at full speed. But why didn’t the hair of Yueyao and Rowling blow up?
This discovery surprised Linghu Zi’s heart. The green snake at the bottom of the sleeve twisted its wrist and rushed to the mast. She said to Yue Yao that she would "protect the ink forest" and gently clicked the mast and jumped to the top.
The wind howling at the top of the mast made Huzi feel a little difficult to breathe as soon as she went there. She was surprised to bear the wind that swept across her face at a high speed and knew that someone must be playing tricks on this strange sight.
Sure enough, the fox purple saw a chase from the rear, and there were four men in black at the bow of the warship. They were doing neat things in direct proportion to the strokes.
"They must be playing tricks," said Linghu Zixin. Although I don’t know what the other party is going to do, I can imagine it won’t be to help.
Just thinking that the wind speed has increased, the fox purple lips are like a blade that almost leaves a wound on her delicate skin.