A black bear, up to five meters high, stood upright again, raised his hand not far from Zhang Yangfei’s direction and patted Wu Yushen on him.

"Bad luck this time there is danger! What should I do if I just stopped chasing the enemy and came to the beast? " Zhang Yang is aware of the danger!
In a few seconds, I can’t figure out that he is not afraid of being attacked by a black bear, even if he is slapped back by a black bear. If he is beaten back and falls into the group of martial artists again, there is absolutely no living head.
Zhang didn’t pay attention to the situation. Wu Yu glanced at the black bear, lit a black flame with his eyes, and a strange god knowledge formed a root. Everyone didn’t notice the virtual shadow, and fine needles penetrated into the black bear’s eyes.
In a moment, the black bear trembled and whimpered, holding his big head and quickly fled to the distance without leaving a group of people behind!
All fighters stayed for a while and Zhang was stopped. I was just about to be happy. I didn’t want the black bear to suddenly go wrong and run away!
Without the black bear to stop Zhang, there was no time to think about the reason. His feet fell to the ground and he hugged Wu Yu and ran forward.
Suddenly, a beautiful image flashed across the almond eyes with a melon face, but Zhou Yan took a blue dagger in his hand and calmed down in front of Zhang!
"Let!" Zhang shouted that he could feel that this place belonged to this place, and there was still a bit of beauty. The female strength was the strongest and the scheming was not weak.
"The vice captain is coming! Zhang is dead. "After Zhang, a group of martial artists are all thinking like this. My heart can’t help but show joy and kill someone. After a long time, I can finally kill someone. I always feel refreshed.
"Let!" Zhang Yang roared and threatened Zhou Yan. He wanted the other party to let him go automatically, but the other party didn’t let him stay calm.
Zhang’s running figure is approaching Zhou Yan, and the strength of the other side is approaching the master’s territory, even if Zhang is not injured, it may not be better than the reality.
Finally, the two sides are close! Zhang Yang’s one-legged black awn emerged with double dark strength hidden in his leg, and then he quickly kicked a foot. A tiger took a line of virtual shadows and flew to Zhou Yan. At the same time, Wu Yu’s dagger wrapped around the black awn and stabbed Zhou Yan.
Zhou Yan smiled and didn’t panic at her.
Three people to hit Zhou Yan a handbreadth against Zhang kicking hands dagger block Wu Yu attack.
Suddenly, Zhou Yan’s face changed and he spit out one mouthful blood. His face turned pale and he flew out!
"Lieutenant!" Many fighters are frightened to disgrace. I can’t believe that Zhang’s eyes are seriously injured, but he can still hurt Zhou Yan, the top martial artist. This strength is simply strong enough for the master to offset.
"release water?" Zhang Yangxin flashed an idea. He looked back at Zhou Yan, whose mouth became warped, and then everyone didn’t realize that the situation was once again seriously injured and weak.
Zhang knew that the other party was interested in helping him, and he instantly turned to hold Wu Yu and continued to run to the periphery.
Because Zhou Yan was kicked by Zhang, but now no warrior dares to stop it again. They all seem to be hiding from evil stars and fleeing around, which is almost a wide way for Zhang to escape!
The group of martial artists saw that the vice captains were all injured, and the speed of rushing slowed down. They were afraid that they would be killed by Zhang, and they couldn’t help but think of Zhang’s hand killing scene, which was even slower.
First, the martial artists were attacked by wild animals and blocked their way. Second, Zhang Yang and Wu Yu fought back crazily, and finally Zhou Yan was injured.
Finally, Zhang Yang escaped from the encirclement with Wu Yu, leaving a sentence that the figure has disappeared into the forest. "I will definitely visit Shi Tian another day!"
Escaped from the crowd to kill Zhang, but didn’t escape from the herd. These beasts all came to kill Zhang. How can we let Zhang go?
Zhang Yang escaped again!
With Zhang Zhou Yan looking rather pale, he seems to be injured.
A six-star jack heart way "vice captain injury can be heavy? I have two jade dew pills here to help heal. "
Beautiful, strong, resourceful and tall, many martial artists have a love for Zhou Yan. This six-star martial artist is one of them.
"No, I still have Yuludan here. Zhang Yang is not easy to provoke. He has developed a double dark attack. Generally, only a master can realize multiple attacks, but he really regrets that he didn’t pay more attention and let him run away."
Zhou Yanyan is very high, and almost all the martial artists have heard about it. The martial artists also know why Zhang Yang killed the six-star martial artist so quickly. It turned out that it was because the other side’s double dark attack was too strong.
In recent years, some martial artists still suspect that Zhou Yan deliberately released water. After what she said, naturally, many martial artists have lost the reason, and there is a lot less doubt about Zhou Yan.
"Ow …" The wolf king howled and summoned his companions to rush to Zhang’s direction, and those who stood in the way were all slapped by a claw.