It was her turn to get depressed and slowly shake her head. "I’m sorry, big brother, but I haven’t found out what magic Jingjing is in."

Yang night smiled gently, "Don’t worry, I believe you will continue to check, and you must find out to save your mother." He held out his hand but couldn’t lift it.
He nodded and hurried to hold Yang Ye’s hand. "Eldest brother, I want to give you some medicine. You are badly hurt. When Phantom brought you back, your face was black and you kept vomiting blood."
"Good" Yang night smiled. "I have to get better soon. Because Mu Mingfeng knows about me and Nan Ronghuan, he will definitely take action. He is terrible now and it is already difficult to deal with that Peng day. You go first."
I nodded, got up and wiped a corner of my eye with tears oozing out. I nodded to Yang Ye and Nan Rong Huan respectively and turned out of the bedroom.
Yang night want to try to sit up, but I still don’t have the strength to look at the south glory illusion south glory illusion shook his head "you lie down well that punch should be my brother! You saved my life once and saved my father. I owe you two lives that time. "
Yang night pie pie raised his middle finger at Nan Rong illusion, but his expression slowly sank. "Nan Rong illusion now I think the problem is quite complicated."
"I’m worried," South Rong Phantom nodded.
Yang night slightly sideways a whole body expression and a little pain, body aches, and a slight movement of the head is a splitting pain.
"Don’t touch you now, you are seriously injured." Nan Rong Magic quickly put out his hand to hold Yang Ye and then shook his head. "I tried my ability to treat you when you were in a coma, but I don’t know if I am stupid or I don’t have this ability …"
Yang night smiled and closed one eye and said, "It’s okay. Now the focus is not on me. I’m worried about a lot of things. Listen to me." Yang night looked up slightly at the top of the shed. "How can the first Muming wind have the second half of White Sea Evil? Did he also take it from the Zhang family? Second, do you remember the small garden in Mu Mingfeng’s bedroom? How can this matter be related to Zhang Wenyu? The strangest thing is that I asked Mu Ming about Bai Jingjing. His inexplicable feeling is definitely not pretending. Is there anyone behind this? "
Nan Rong bit his lip and suddenly said, "In this case, Zhang Wenyu should have given the second half of White Sea Evil to Mu Mingfeng!"
"I thought so just now," Yang Ye nodded. "But why did Zhang Wenyu give Mu Mingfeng the second half of White Sea Evil? What’s his purpose? And if Mu Mingfeng doesn’t know about Bai Jingjing, is it Zhang Wenyu who gave Bai Jingjing witchcraft? What bothers me most is that Mu Mingfeng wants to make this place look like a few years old … Did Zhang Wenyu give him the second half of White Sea Evil earlier? "
"It seems that we have to ask the people of Zhang Wenyu before we can know." Nan Rong gave a malicious eye.
"Mom, this is my happy life!" Yang night consciousness raised my hand and scratched my head with a painful expression.
Nan Rong Huan shook his head slowly in silence. "I am most worried about the first. Neither of us is Mu Mingfeng’s opponent. Now everyone is in danger."
Yang Ye well thought for a moment and said, "Nanrong Magic Mu Mingfeng’s ability is obviously better than that of the two of us. The domain master also said that we are enemies. I think we must find a domain master, otherwise we will be completely annihilated!"
Nan Rong phantom lowered his head and didn’t speak. His expression became very ugly.
"What’s the matter?" Yang Yeqi took a look at Nanrong Magic. "Hey, do you remember the old lady’s teaching method? Connect with the domain owner! "
"The second thing I am most worried about is this." Nan Rong’s face is heavy and scary
"why?" Yang night one leng.
"Ha ha, when you were in a coma, I had contacted the domain master many times according to the method of red printing." Nan Rong grinned like a phantom cry. "But I don’t know what domain master and Xiupo have no reaction at all."
Face a few pieces of bruised red arm gauze bandaged with a pair of horror-hesitated.
Asked softly, "where is this?"
"Your Yang’s family" replied Nan Rong Magic.
"Ah?" Yang night one leng once again carefully looked around and finally recognized that this is his own bedroom. He turned to look at Nan Rong Phantom with surprise. "We are not Mu family … How can …?"
"You said you couldn’t beat it and ran away." Nan Rong smiled. "So I took you away."
"But how can we escape? I remember Mu Mingfeng and Peng Tian became … "Yang night was still in a daze and felt that Mu family was experiencing a game and a dream at the moment.
Yang night so ask south glory magic eyes a bright "this? Ha ha! I found a secret! I can’t say for sure that when you are better, I will let you see it! " Said the hand patted Yang night shoulder one.
Nan Rong’s illusion is no less than getting punched by Mu Mingfeng for Yang Ye. Yang Ye felt pain in his eyes and black expression and fell into bed again.
"Ah ah! What’s wrong with you! " South glory magic scared quickly close to turn over Yang night eyelid shouted.
"Nothing dizzy" Yang said at night, trying to pick his eyebrows and slowly opening his eyes. "I remember Mu Mingfeng punched me in the head. Hehe, I’m lucky I didn’t die." At Nan Rong Magic, I said, "Tell me how to escape. What else are you selling at this time? "
"Hush, you’re a little bit smaller." Nan Ronghuan held out his finger and pointed at his mouth. "Rich Uncle Yang Bobo didn’t tell you that we were injured when we both came back. I’m so excited for Yunxin and them to see it!"
Just then the bedroom door opened and came in with a piece of paper in his hand. When he saw Yang Ye’s expression with his eyes open, he was surprised and ran quickly and cried, "Eldest brother! You are awake! "
Yang night smiled and nodded and looked at the growing toilet paper and recognized that it was stolen from Mu Mingfeng’s bedroom. He paused and slowly raised his hand and pointed to ask, "Did you see growing toilet paper? South glory magic told you didn’t speak … "
"I told you all about Phantom Brother." I nodded. "I also read this piece of paper in the second half of White Sea Evil. This piece of paper is a terrible and advanced witchcraft!"
"What is it?" Yang Yewen
"Milk" seriously replied "is * * milk"
"It really is!" Yang night excited to sit up but don’t stay up again lying face angry "MuMingFeng that king egg! He really did! "
"Eldest brother, don’t get excited. Phantom told me about the frightening variation of Muming wind." I sat down on the bed and continued, "But I really can’t imagine that someone would put this witchcraft on himself and how could a girl do such a thing? And it’s not just any girl! "
"ah? What do you mean? " Yang night nasty asked