Two dog remained motionless as if he hadn’t heard him. He continued to be busy with himself. He knew that these old oil companies were deliberately finding fault. Although he had never been in the number, he also heard that he was not even afraid of killing people. Can he still be afraid of these old guys? He just didn’t want to be as knowledgeable as them, because Brother Gan once taught him that men should learn to be patient.

"fuck! Are you fucking deaf? ! I keep calling you. Did you hear that, 13-year-old? !” The prisoner couldn’t stand it any longer. He cursed and walked towards two dog, and several of him followed him.
Two dog corners of the mouth gently raised and glanced, but his mouth didn’t even turn around, but he stopped moving his hand. This fierce battle was inevitable, and he was bound to suffer from the five strong men by himself. He thought about how to suffer for himself and do more harm to the other party. He suddenly left the toothbrush that he had just brought back, so he smiled coldly and quietly held the toothbrush head in his hand and the tip of the toothbrush handle leaked out.
"Mom is 13 years old. If you don’t teach you a lesson today, you don’t know what a man is!" The rascally prisoner scolded and gave two dog a kick in the waist.
This kick is strong. Although two dog felt the danger in advance, he didn’t dodge. He wasn’t stupid. He just dodged it. This beating is inevitable. In this case, just let him play two cool games. When he relaxes his vigilance, it’s time for him to show his arrogance. two dog was kicked down and fell into bed. He held a toothbrush tightly in his hand and looked back at insidious smile coldly.
"Yes, small 13 pups seem to know some rules! Answer quickly, old man. How did you get in? !” The rascally prisoner found that two dog didn’t dodge, which surprised him. If it is the first time to enter the number, raw melons and eggs usually have to dodge and resist. Those old oil who often enter the number know that when they come in for the first time, they always have to get hurt and the more they hide, the more they look at two dog, that is, when they are fifteen or sixteen years old, they don’t like entering the palace twice!
Two dog is still coldly stared at him and slowly got up and continued to spread bedding. The prisoner was really confused by two dog, saying that he knew the rules and didn’t know that he didn’t understand. Ya, did you know what this bunny meant? So he cursed, "Son of a bitch is always asking you questions! What did you do? Come in. You didn’t give it to your sister, did you? Ha ha ….. "Scold the cell to a yin laugh.
Two dog didn’t have any relatives since childhood, and grandma lived with her. Later, grandma died. He was taken to Li Hushan by a dry elder brother. His elder sister was the best to him. Every time he had something delicious, he gave him half of it. Now this group of dogs insulted her. two dog suddenly stopped moving in his hand and turned to be cold. His bloodshot eyes stared at five aggressive old oil prisoners. Instead of fear, his eyes increased a little bit, which made them shudder.
"Hey, you little 13 pups staring at us? Did you really forget your sister? Hey, hey, tell me about your sister’s taste. Is it fresh? " Although the rascally prisoner got a cold war with two dog’s stare, he still teased with a full face that he didn’t take this thin kid seriously.
"I’m not angry. Get out of my way before I get angry, or don’t blame me for being rude!" Two dog coldly scold scold finish clenched his toothbrush in his hand.
"Ha ha what did you say, rabbit cub? Say it again, uncle. I didn’t hear you clearly just now! Did you hear that? You guys, this novel is to be rude to me … "The rascally prisoner laughed and teased with disdain after hearing two dog’s words!
Passing 18-wheeler, I’ll see that dog day laughing. Suddenly I rushed to two dog and slapped two dog with a big mouth and cursed, "The dog day is 13 cubs younger! How dare you threaten the old man without asking who is in the old prison! It’s a waste of time if I don’t kill you for so many years today! "
That dog day this slap two dog is not light to see two dog corners of the mouth oozing blood to the half blush red blink of an eye is swollen up two dog still didn’t speak Pei disdain vomited blood and then sneer at that guy without fear is more disdain than before.
"Still see? ! Okay, I’ll make you stare! I told you to stare! Old today to dig your eyes! " That guy cursed and raised his hand and drew toward two dog.
Two dog didn’t dodge or resist this time, but he was waiting to bear the slap. But when the slap was coming to his face, he saw a sneer at his mouth, and then suddenly he held the toothbrush hard and slapped it at the dog. After a few seconds, he heard a heartbreaking scream echoing in the prison room. The toothbrush handle in the hand of the second dog had penetrated the dog’s palm. Blood dripped down the toothbrush handle and toothbrush head, just like gum bleeding when brushing teeth.
"Ah … you … you’re getting old!" The goods are in pain, and the brotherhood of the Wolf consciousness will raise the other hand to resist, but when two dog and insidious smile split their right hands to hold the toothbrush at both ends, the goods’ right hand was stirred with blood and kept flowing down his hand, and the goods had already been in pain with a cold sweat. His four reform-through-labor prisoners just wanted to rush when they saw this scene, but they were shocked when they saw the sneer on two dog’s mouth.
"Small don’t his niang seniority in two years is the eldest brother, you his niang is squatting a generation is also a coward! To tell you the truth, people who always kill people come in. Now that they have killed one, they are not afraid to kill more! Do you know how that man died? " Two dog sneer at a howl of the goods in the left hand grabbed his neck scold a way.
"Ah … no … I don’t know …" When the goods heard that two dog was a murderer, they suddenly became unintelligent. You know, these people are petty thieves, that is, they can’t afford to play with death row prisoners for more than ten years.
"I can’t find any meat from stabbing his penis. It hurts to watch him die! How’s it going? Do you want me to serve you like this? !” Two dog said coldly as he pulled out the toothbrush and brushed the palm of the goods from the toothbrush handle. It hurt, and the coward almost fainted! After pulling it out, put the toothbrush in the crotch and sneer at this question.
"Big … big ye … I … I was wrong … I was wrong … you give me a break … give me a break …" The goods looked at two dog’s cruel eyes, and he really believed that two dog dared to castrate him, so he quickly knelt down and begged for mercy, clutching his right hand.
"He niang a group of unintelligent goods! Dare to mess with the old man! Bah! " Two dog cursed and despised the cargo face and vomited thick phlegm!
"Yes, yes … uncle forgives … uncle forgives …" The goods didn’t even dare to wipe it, but Sun also begged for mercy.
"Scolded the soft next door! Get out of my way! Don’t bother the old! " Glared at two dog scold a way and then threw the toothbrush away to continue to make the bed.
"What’s the matter? ! What’s going on? ! Why howl in broad daylight? !” Before the cargo got up, two prison guards heard the cry and rushed over with batons.
"Nothing, this old guy just wanted to kill himself with a toothbrush and let me stop him!" The goods just want to report the change of cell? He doesn’t want to share a room with this little devil, or he can’t sleep at night, but before he can say anything, two dog glared at him and said coldly.
"Niang! If you are still dishonest in prison, you still want to die. If you want to die outside, you can’t find your mother for us! " The two prison guards turned white at first sight, but they still slammed the prison door and cursed them. They were surprised at how the new kid cleaned up the old oil!
Just as two prison guards were about to go in and teach these disobedient prisoners a lesson, Gan Ge Li Hushan, assistant director of detention center Ma Gang, accompanied him to the cell. Gan Ge glanced at the toothbrush that was bleeding blood and the director of detention center asked coldly, "What’s going on? !” You know, it’s not an ordinary person to look at people today. It’s brought by the assistant director himself. If it’s an ordinary person, the director can just make a call, so how can he not be angry when this happens?
"The director of the report wanted to commit suicide, but he was stopped …" One of the prison guards pointed to a prisoner with a face of phlegm and a face of grandchildren and reported to Chapter 396 that there was a small future!
The prison guard is not stupid. He looked at the director and accompanied the middle-aged man in police to see that the epaulettes are one level higher than the director. Then look at the two young people who are tall and short. You can see from that look that they are not ordinary people, so he doesn’t want to make trouble for himself. Although he doesn’t know the background of the young man who just arrived, he knows very well that these old oil men in the cell are poor and white, and they have no background. Otherwise, they would have gone out long ago and suffered here!
"Want to commit suicide? ! Is his detention center his home? ! I still want to kill myself. I want to kill myself. Go out and kill myself! I can’t spare you two if something goes wrong! " After hearing this, the director of the detention center reprimanded him that he didn’t want to live in this prison for the rest of his life, and he wanted to climb. Finally, he came to several giant buddhas. He was trying to seize the opportunity to curry favor with them. I didn’t expect a few things that were not long-sighted to make things difficult for him!
"Yes, director, we know …" The prison guard hurriedly replied that he couldn’t wait to slap the goods on his knees and commit suicide. How can he not know that it must be the goods that want to bully the new guy, but stealing chickens and costing money has also been stabbed by others? Niang didn’t have any eye strength and didn’t weigh how many pounds she had!
"Ha ha, Mr. Wang and Assistant Chen made you laugh. Don’t mind!" At this time, the director of the detention center looked at the dry elder brother and Ma Gang assistant with a smile and made an apology.
"Mr. Wang, you see? Is the little brother all right? " Ma Gang’s assistant didn’t say anything, but looked at Gan Ge and asked, the director of the detention center doesn’t know the background of Gan Ge, but he knows that he can let the municipal party committee remember to go out in person and kill people and it seems nothing. This boldness of vision is not comparable to that of ordinary people.
"It’s okay, it’s okay. It’s not difficult for these little beggars to be my little brother …" Brother Gan said generously with the wave. As he spoke, he stared at two dog, who was doing his own thing there, and nodded approvingly.
"dry brother!" Two dog heard this familiar sound and immediately turned around and looked at the elder brother who was laughing at himself and shouted.
"Ha ha you little pretty ability! How come these cowards bully you? " Dry elder brother laughed and said when see two dog corners of the mouth bloodshot coldly asked.
"Nothing to do elder brother is I let them play if you don’t give them some sweets, how can I make cheap! So what if you fight? Now you’re not a grandson! " Two dog wiped her mouth bloodshot and glanced coldly. She knelt there and dared not move. The prisoner said with disdain.
When he said this, everyone in the place was shocked except Brother Gan and Li Hushan. Assistant Ma Gang thought to the director that it was true. This guy is really a malicious horn. Give him a knife, and he won’t dare to kill anyone! The director of the detention center is wondering where this young man came from. He can say such things at such a young age. He has seen a lot of tricks, but this is the first time he has seen a small one!
Not to mention the two prison guards, they are glad that they haven’t come to clean up this small room yet, otherwise I’m afraid that bloody toothbrush will be stuck in their hands, while several old oil people who are honestly squatting in the corner will have been burning incense and worshipping Buddha there. If they had just done it, they wouldn’t have dared to imagine what consequences they would have!
"You little listen up to me, two dog. You are a brother of Loyalty Hall. People in Loyalty Hall can’t be bullied when they get there! How did he hit you? How did you call me back! Mom gave a ba and turned against him! " Dry elder brother looked at two dog lesson way
"yes! Brother gan! I am white! " Two dog said, and went to the coward who was kneeling. He wanted to get the slap back from Brother Gan.
"Mr. Wang, look at this …" The director of the detention center looked at two dog’s murderous eyes and looked at the dry brother and asked.
"Ha ha, you can rest assured that the director won’t have anything …" Brother Gan smiled and replied that he could beat my brother for nothing!
The two prison guards watched nervously as they approached two dog and knelt down. The goods were almost frightened, and their legs kept shaking. It was like two dog was coming for his life. Looking at the step-by-step approach to two dog, two dog came to him without saying anything. Without saying anything, he slapped the front teeth of the goods with two mouths full of blood and whined, leaving a few old oil squatting in the corner trembling for fear that the slap would slap their faces.