"Well" Purple Pupil took a deep breath and walked towards the village with him. After crossing this fence, they could leave the sealed village.

As they got closer and closer to the fence, when they were about to step out one step at a time, there was a rumbling sound, and their feet seemed to kick the iron plate, so they jumped out unexpectedly.
As soon as the pupil shrinks, the two try again, this time with their hands.
"This is Qianman, and there seems to be a wall blocking our way." Purple pupil exclaimed and then a cold hum. "No matter what enchantment this is, I can’t believe my pupil can’t break him! Chasing! "
After a light drink, the shadow-chasing sword appeared in his hand, and he seemed to be going to move the real chapter. This was his first time to make a shadow-chasing!
Sammul He’s brow wrinkled more and more tightly, and he stopped the purple pupil. "Don’t be lang. We really can’t get out here. It’s a bit weird. Look at the villagers around. They don’t seem to see us."
"Hey, it was so wrong. They were so enthusiastic that they couldn’t see us as if they didn’t see us." Purple pupil was shocked to put away the shadow-chasing sword
"Go back, the old village head must know what this is" Sammul He wry smile.
"There is also such a saying that the old village head looks so kind but he is an old fox. It must be his mischief."
The two men just turned around and it wasn’t long before the picture of the village entrance behind them disappeared strangely, revealing a street in the village, and I didn’t know whether it was necessary or not.
"Hey, look, the two little brothers are back, and they were really right by the village chief."
Wang Ma and others came to He Tianhe and Zi Pupil and returned to the front of the cabin.
"Come back and come in. Ahem." The old village head became out of breath again.
He Tiantong purple pupil glances into the room again.
"Old diablo iii! Are you messing with us! " An enter a door purple pupil roar loud.
"Er, young people speak a little less, my heart is bad." The old village is short of breath.
"Bah, you old godhead, don’t want to lie to us again. Tell us what happened. How do you know we can’t get out! Don’t, I don’t know if it’s you. We didn’t get stopped by the enchantment when we came in, and we can’t be stopped when we went out. "Purple pupil has always been very hot-tempered.
"Oh, I have something to discuss. Let’s talk about how young people are so angry."
What else does Purple Pupil want to say? Sammul He stopped him. "Let’s not beat around the bush, old village chief. Just say how can we bring your village back to life?"
"Little brother, do you mean you promised to help the old man?" The eyes of the old village flashed, and the face was not red and the breath stopped. What an old man who likes acting.
"Sammul He, you promised him!" Purple pupil surprised
"We can’t get out if we don’t promise him, so it’s better to promise." Sammul He nodded.
"Aye, or this baby is sensible! I like it! I like it! Ha ha "old village head burst out laughing.
"Bah! You old godhead, you’d better laugh a little less or you won’t get up in one breath and suffocate you! " Purple pupil cold hum
"Well, old village chief, since I promised you, let’s be honest with each other. You have to tell me something about the stormy sea first before I can believe that you know otherwise." Sammul He’s eyes shot two cold lights and the surrounding gas seemed to drop a lot. Whoever stopped him from saving Avril Lavigne was the enemy to the enemy. He was never a soft-hearted person!
The old village head looked at Sammul He with a shrinking pupil and narrowing her eyes in detail. His fingers seemed to be counting something. Suddenly, he shivered and exclaimed, "Yamaraja! I cann’t believe you’re honoring Yamaraja’s life! I didn’t expect someone in the world to have such a life. "He is not calm for the first time." In this case, the old man will tell you about the storm, but this has to start from our Wang Jiacun. "
"I learned in Wang Jiacun a long time ago how early I am. The old man doesn’t know that the ancient ancestor Wang Xiaotian doesn’t believe in heaven and earth, and he doesn’t believe in ghosts and gods. His lofty sentiments and heroic spirit can’t be pushed by heaven and earth! If he is angry, the earth will shake him, if he is angry, the sky will be pale, if he kills and bleeds. "
"Okay, okay, nobody listens to you bragging about how powerful your ancestors are. Let’s get down to business." Purple pupil mouth.
"Well, ancestors since the number of the world called Wang Xianren! He is an ancient saying that he founded our royal family, but no matter how great a man is, he will succeed in history. I don’t know when my ancestors never returned to Wang Jiacun. Since then, I don’t know how to live or die. Because no one found his body, he returned to Wang Jiacun for the last time and handed it to the village head at that time. The first one was stolen from me, the second one was born in the middle of nowhere to avoid water droplets, and the third one was condensed by his own magic to produce a seal bead. "The old village head sounded high and low.
"Seal bead? Don’t "Sammul He eyes shekinah flash seems to guess what?
"For my little brother, as you think in your heart, our village is sealed by ourselves and isolated from the world." The old village language is not surprising, and it throws a blockbuster endlessly.
"Seal yourself?"
"Yes," sighed the old village head before continuing. "The ancestors left us three beads, each with its own stolen beads, which can make us steal the picture of heaven and earth. If someone is bad for us in Wang Jiacun and gets close to the surrounding ten miles, it will be discovered. This is still the function of stealing beads. Stealing beads can also truly show the stolen picture before our eyes, just like you didn’t walk to the village entrance just now. It is because I moved the picture of the village entrance to cover the original picture that you can’t get out."
He Tianhe purple pupil one leng this stealing dzi beads have such ability to appear picture is not more real than illusion!
"This second bead avoids water droplets," the old village chief continued. "I don’t think you know what this bead is."