In fact, Shenyang is putting pressure on the remaining seven helpers. Now if they give up and leave, they will admit that they are cowards.

"Really?" Otherwise, Feng Yang caught a glimpse of Shenyang and immediately the seven people laughed. "I don’t mind killing a few more people."
"Shenyang, you are a coward. You rely on threatening a girl to knock down the cliff. Now the wind is blowing up to get revenge, but you dare not. You also try to rely on others to save your life. This operator technician is really a failure." Xi Yu suddenly walked beside the wind and said calmly.
Xi Yu is also a thoughtful girl. Seeing those teenagers seem hesitant, she immediately came out to expose Shenyang’s true colors and pointed her finger at Shenyang to increase the determination of those seven teenagers.
"If you win or lose, what’s wrong with using some means?" Shenyang strongly argued.
"The means can be used, but first, my brothers and companions will die to stall Fengyang, and then three operators will take this opportunity to seize a girl to the top of the broken soul cliff and coerce Fengyang to give in easily, and then they will save people and be humiliated and seriously injured by you. This means is too inhuman. Your brother Fan Li estimates that he still doesn’t know that he was sold by you."
Suddenly, a powerful sound came in, but Wu Hua squeezed the crowd and came in. He came in together with Michelle, Alex and others.
When they heard the news that Feng Yang came back, they immediately rushed over. Since the second big hunting, Wu Hua, You Xueer and Hua Tian have become familiar with many people and often fight together.
The three men have also assassinated Shenyang many times to avenge Fengyang, but Shenyang Yuan’s soul skills are not bad, and he is often protected by his followers.
Wu Hua, You Xueer and Hua Tianchao Fengyang grinned and walked to Fengyang’s side as if people had exchanged pleasantries.
"You can’t kill Xiaoqiang in Wynaut, and you can’t even fall off the cliff. I wonder if you are from this world?" Wu Hua curiously looked at Feng Yang’s mouth, but with a knowing smile, Wu Hua was also very happy to see Feng Yang safely returning to Feiyun Gate.
"I think I prayed to God. You think, I am such a beautiful, pure and lovely girl. I pray sincerely," said Euchel with a contented face.
Feng Yang turned to look at Hua Tian and Wu Hua and asked, "Have you eaten?"
"Eat" Wu Hua and Hua Tian nodding.
"Hey, don’t you think it’s bad for you to do this? People talk to such a pure, lovely and beautiful woman."
"Hey, it’s raining. Have you collected your clothes?" The wind Yang asked again
"Oh, really."
If there is nonsense, Michelle can really blow her eyes to shape now. Seeing these men see themselves again and again, Michelle can’t wait to strip them naked and then iron whip severely beats them.
The onlookers couldn’t help but feel stunned. The strength of Wu Hua and You Xueer Feiyumen may be regarded as the middle level, but their background is enough to make everyone fear that they and Feiyumen are the first in the billboard. It is already a secret of Feiyumen. Wu Hua and You Xueer Feiyumen are also famous. Generally speaking, even Wu Zun’s strong people have to give them some meager sensibilities.
"So busy, our dog men and women also came to participate."
Suddenly, another sound came, but the words were really human.
When I heard the sound of the wind blowing, my heart sank, and then I looked back at Wu Hua and Michelle blowing, and the end of the world finally came.
Soon I saw Rowling and Yun Rouneng coming out of the crowd to form themselves and their loved ones. I’m afraid I can’t find the second one except Rowling Feiyun Gate.
Yunrou is ashamed now, but being dragged by Rowling forcibly, she can’t accept the baptism of hundreds of pairs of eyes and can’t wait to find a hole to drill in.
"Hey Fengyang, I knew you weren’t so easy to die." Rowling walked over to Fengyang and smiled. "What have you been doing for more than half a year?"
"Cultivating" the wind and keeping calm forcibly.
"Strength progress is pretty." Rowling looked at Feng Yang with an elder attitude and patted Feng Yang’s shoulder. He just didn’t say words of encouragement for children to continue their efforts.
The "average" wind keeps calm.
"Right" Rowling seems to suddenly remind of something.
"What?" Feng yang asked
"Do you love me?" Rowling asked
"I love your sister." The wind vomited blood for three liters, and it was no longer stable.
Hearing these two people’s questions and answers, everyone can’t help but look at Feng Yang and Rowling strangely, thinking that there is an affair. There is definitely an affair that can be deeply explored and revealed to everyone.
However, people’s hearts are also quite surprised. It is an accident that Rowling is the top 30 strong people in the billboard, but others don’t often show their landscapes to compete for the top 30 nouns in the billboard.
It was because at that time, one of the top 30 guys on the billboard molested a cloud of softness that genius doctor was beaten by Rowling for seven days and seven nights to recuperate and was beaten for half a month until the guy who molested the cloud of softness collapsed and apologized to the cloud of softness. Rowling spared the poor child.
Since that incident, Rowling hasn’t fought for the ranking of the billboard, and has been living a carefree life, worrying about himself and practicing life. It’s a timely situation. Rowling’s appearance seems to bring a piece of laughter. No one has ever seen Rowling keep that smile all the time when he doesn’t laugh, but it makes people want to beat him up.
Although Yun Rou has been verbally annoyed with Rowling, many people find that Yun Rou is bound to be there if Rowling appears. It is not clear whether these two people are inseparable when they go to bed late.
Suddenly, I saw so many people appear one after another. After Wu Hua said this, the young man was hesitant, but now he has resolutely put away his weapons and said to six brothers, "Guys, let’s retreat."
"You?" Shenyang couldn’t believe it. Looking at the seven helpers around him, his face was full of anger and shame. "What are you afraid of?"