After a muffled sound, Zhouyi was compared with Francisco’s fist, and then the horse was divided. Zhouyi took a half step back, and Francisco took two steps back to stabilize his body. His thin and dry body seemed to be vibrated by distance, and his shawl and long hair floated automatically by the wind.
"Help the Lord come on"
"Help the Lord bravely fight the enemy!"
"Wang killed this arrogant Chinese!"
"Killing him and dying is revenge for the brothers!"
As soon as the brother of the flying car gang arrived at Zhouyi and played against Francisco, they all shouted one by one. The whole flying car gang headquarters shouted loudly, and the flying car gang around the headquarters and the houses would surely attract many people’s views.
Come out, Francisco Dunn should be a guy who likes to listen to flattery. His hands worship him blindly, too. Everyone is clamoring for the roots. No one has noticed that Francisco Dunn and Zhouyi have retreated a step and a half more than Zhouyi after their first official confrontation.
Don’t be a step and a half short. This is the real gap. Because Francisco’s right hand is shaking slightly at this time, it is obvious that Zhou Yi just sent out that spiral strength that made him feel bad, otherwise his hair wouldn’t wind automatically.
"A foreigner has actually practiced hard to come to the United States, and the Chinese have spent a lot of time in the United States."
Zhouyi and Francisco thought to themselves after a trick, because there is no way to practice hard in foreign fighting. The way to practice hard is that national boxing has its own way of exerting strength. However, with the development of the times, many Chinese have gone to all parts of the world, and some masters have been apprenticed in foreign martial arts schools, so many fighters from all over the world have mastered some methods of practicing hard.
Zhouyi at this time is to know that the strength of the flying car gang Wang should still be inferior to his own, so he can rest assured.
Zhou Yi was relieved to come to Francisco, but he was more shocked than before. Zhou Yi was at best equal to him. He should be able to kill Zhou Yi with the help of home court advantage. He didn’t expect the first move, and he suffered a small loss in front of Zhou Yi.
"What is this Zhouyi before San Francisco can not have such a powerful kung fu master? Did he come to the United States recently? Long Aohai can invite such a master to stop us from going to Chinatown to collect protection. The background of Long Aohai is not as weak as I thought. "
Franceston thought to himself, he turned his face slowly around Zhouyi, showing an unprecedented dignified color. At this time, he knew that Zhouyi’s strength was too strong to attack easily, but he prepared himself for rich fighting experience and slowly searched for Zhouyi’s flaws. Once he found the opportunity, he made a breakthrough and killed Zhouyi
Zhouyi stopped talking and went straight for Francisco’s shot, which was a slap in the face. Before others got there, Francisco’s face changed greatly.
As soon as the expert made a move, he knew whether Francisco knew that Zhouyi was strong enough to resist, so he didn’t dare to collide with Zhouyi hard, but took the initiative to dodge. His intention was obvious, that is, he was prepared to fight a defensive counterattack. He evaded and resisted Zhouyi’s attack and dealt with Zhouyi slowly, and then he found the right time to fight back to work.
Advocating extreme boxing is to attack Francisco, and this evasive attack of Zhouyi is even more fierce. He goes close to his body and combines extreme boxing with Xingyi Boxing to attack continuously. From time to time, some special forces also carry out fierce attacks on Francisco.
This attack is like a storm, which is daunting!
Zhou Yi’s attack is the real meaning. The combination of fist, leg, knee and elbow can be described as a three-dimensional attack. Although Franceston is flexible, he can’t avoid Zhou Yi’s attack by sheer evasion. He is forced by Zhou Yi to play hardball from time to time to resolve Zhou Yi’s fierce attack.
However, Francisco’s attack was not as strong as Zhouyi’s, so he was defeated by Zhouyi, and he had defensive ability and could not find a chance to fight back.
"Wang killed him."
"Zhouyi, you’d better throw in the towel. You weren’t born when our Wang was in the underworld. Just because you want to fight our Wang!"
Many people in the speeding gang also shouted that Zhouyi and Francisco Dayton fought very fast, and they couldn’t figure out who occupied the wind. They shouted blindly and called Francisco Dayton to increase their momentum.
However, Smith Bond is a master. He has left his eldest brother, Francisco, and has been in the wind. He has been suppressed by Zhouyi, and he can’t hold it fast.
"Brothers, everyone killed Zhouyi together."
Smith Bond was afraid that Zhouyi would defeat Francisco Raton and take Francisco Raton hostage. He immediately ordered ten elites to rush into the encirclement and besieged Zhou with Francisco Raton. Chapter 19 He was the only one for me.
Francisco was beaten under the pressure of Zhouyi, but it was miserable. Because Zhouyi’s fist and fist were too strong, he was shocked and numb every time he blocked Zhouyi’s move. Previously, he wouldn’t let Smith Bond join forces with him to deal with Zhouyi, but now he is eager for someone to help him, because he will definitely hurt Zhouyi’s hand if he hits again.
In addition to dealing with Francisco and Smith Bond, this book of changes has to guard against the fact that the flying car helped ten elites to attack from time to time and missed a draw. However, Zhou Yi still seized some opportunities and seriously injured several flying car help elites, making them afraid to get too close to him.
The flying car gang and the assistant Wang led a group of people to besiege the headquarters of the flying car gang in Zhouyi, and it was quite noisy to shout loudly.
Lying on the sofa, Alice turned over at this time. At this time, she seemed to be disturbed and couldn’t sleep well.
"Who yells and makes people unable to sleep? Who yells and disturbs the young lady to sleep again? I’ll whip you and seal your mouth."
Alice said vaguely that she seemed to be sober, so she naturally couldn’t sleep well in this environment
Alice turned over after half a sentence and went on sleeping. Maybe it was because the noise around her was too loud. She suddenly sat up sleepily.
"Miss, no one listened, right?"
Alice continued in a daze
However, the sound of Zhouyi has increased or decreased because Francisco Bolton and Smith Bond are fighting with Zhouyi to help everyone cheer for their two Wang.
Alice wiped her eyes with her hand, and then she opened her eyes and saw what was happening.
Alice slept in a daze for a long time before she realized what was going on around her
Alice realized that her father and assistant Wang Smith Bond had besieged Zhouyi with several people, and in addition, hundreds of people surrounded Zhouyi inside and outside, and these hundreds of people were shouting and shouting, which made people simply unbearable.
"We are not the seaside? Why did Zhouyi come to our flying car to help the headquarters and fight with my father and them? "
Alice thought to herself that she was still dreaming, and she pinched herself to make sure she was not dreaming.
Alice finally woke up after a night’s sleep. She thought about it and finally remembered what happened tonight.
"Is it that Zhouyi sent me back but my father detained me? How can my father do this?"
Alice thought of this and saw that seven people died. As soon as she got worried, she finally understood that her father had put on such a big battle to kill Zhouyi.
"Stop it!"