"Well," Yi Lin bowed her head with shame.

Mu Han is as happy as flying at this time (Mu Han is even happier than this! He held her excitedly and spun in place.
"Yi Lin, I am so happy." Mu Han’s face was filled with a happy smile.
Yi Lin buried her head in his arms and bumped around like a deer.
"By the way, Yi Lin, take a closer look at the roses in your hand." Mu Han said mysteriously as if remembering something.
Yi Lin looked up and studied the rose carefully. How beautiful! " It turns out that a couple are carefully carved in the rose.
"Thank you!" Yi Lin gave him a sweet smile.
"Just a smile off? I’ve been busy all night. "Mu Han looked at her very grievance.
"That" Yi Lin felt that it seemed a little unreasonable, but she didn’t know what to do. Suddenly, she got up the courage to stand on tiptoe and his lips skimmed over.
Mu Han hesitated for a moment and then reacted to kiss her lips.
be engaged
"Congratulations, all shall be well, jack shall have Jill." An inappropriate sound broke the sweetness of the two of them and the four of them came out of the grass.
"You have been hiding behind?" Yi Lin looked at them with some surprise.
"Well yes" YuanQing smile happily holding his bf hand.
"You, you" Yi Lin stamped her feet with anger and her face was red to the ears.
Mu Han smiled and took Yi Lin into her arms and pretended to stare at them angrily.
The four people smiled and ice Xuan woke them up. "We should get ready."
"Oh, oh, let’s go." Yuan Qing took Su Yu and left first (Mo Xing’s surname is Xia, pay attention to the image of a lady! Don’t destroy Yuan Qing)
"Yi Lin, let’s go." Mu Han patted Yi Lin on the shoulder.
"Oh" Yi Lin bowed her head and let him pull herself away (Mo Xing has changed completely). These two people are really-alas! Forget it. I’m afraid of hitting others.)
Three girls and three boys were dragged to the dressing room.
An hour later, three boys came out first, dressed in black swallowtail, dressed more gently than handsome Su Yu in white, and the purple suit made Mu Han more handsome and charming (Mo Xing, I’m going to faint, but I’m sick).
Yi Lin soon came out with a red veil just in line with her personality. Her lips were very delicate with lipstick and powder, and her eyes were looking at Mu Han with a smile.
Then Yuan Qing came out with a standard lady’s pace and saw her in a light blue bubble princess dress with a sapphire necklace and small and exquisite high heels.
Finally, Bing Xuan dressed up in a gray long skirt, which looks simple and elegant without complicated fancy. There are also a few diamonds at the skirt (Mo Xing, the boss, you are also very rich). A crystal rose necklace shines brightly, and her smooth neck just sets off her beauty, which makes people feel like a fairy. I have an impulse to hide her after watching the night shadow.
"Bing Xuan, you are so beautiful today!" Yi Lin opened her eyes wide with envy.
"You are equally beautiful." Bing Xuan smiled and said.
"You are the most beautiful in my heart." Mu Han leaned over and said softly to Yi Lin.
It’s such a simple sentence that we have always been careless and recalled that Lin blushed.
"Yi Lin, why is your face red?" YuanQing keenly found her strange.
"Is there?
Maybe it’s because it’s too stuffy here. "Yi Lin became tongue-tied.
"Is it very hot?" Yuanqing looked at all the people and there was no red.
"Well, let’s go first." Yilin pulled Mu Han away from the scene quickly.
"You can run so fast in high heels. Why didn’t you find it before?" Yuanqing watched them leave strangely.