Of course, the purpose of calling on these aristocratic forces is not to need their help, and I don’t want some wavering guys to drag Chinatown back. I also had a political meeting with the vice mayor Ogden gold family in the morning and determined their respective division of labor. I will be satisfied with Sparkle until the morning after tomorrow.

In less than seven days, the whole Chinatown was restored to the net coal potential in the morning. Although the team of Black Emperor * * was threatened, everyone lost one thing. If the Dragon Knight Lord didn’t die in the morning, then Chinatown would be guaranteed by Bianca!
For a while, people who don’t want to go through the war have moved to Chinatown if they are close to Chinatown. People from counties, nobles and other strata know that their families moved to Chinatown after the return in the morning. This prosperous scene has made Chinatown really a large city with nearly 2 million people to live in. The city is somewhat saturated. "My Lord, the arrival of a large number of people in recent days has increased the daily consumption of grain, and many people’s grain is not much. Stabilizing food prices has caused our grain depot to decrease sharply. If it is not solved, the army grain depot will be satisfied!" A logistics official in the China City Administration Department reported to the morning.
I almost thought about it in the morning, blaming myself for losing my head these days. I almost forgot this crop. Fortunately, I kept my manners and didn’t make these outrageous moves. As the logistics officials reported, I also faced up to this field of people’s livelihood.
About ten million grain logistics officials can’t believe their eyes have entered the warehouse in Chinatown, and in order to feed millions of people for several years, Chinatown will have to step up manpower to build many granaries in the coming days! And because Tianchen plans to increase the number of granaries by more than ten times.
He also handed over some magic cores to Bonn and put them in the auction house to raise a lot of money. The two plans of strengthening the city defense and increasing the number of troops in Chinatown were both launched!
A large city could have fed 10,000 to 20,000 local troops, while a marquis and a duke had the same five-man guard. In the morning, it was even more common for mainland China to train 10,000 people to be the dragon cavalry guard. In this way, the number of troops in Chinatown can be expanded to 35,000!
However, Lamy County is near the border city, and the resident force of Soderbilt has reached 100,000. The emergency law was launched in the morning, claiming that the Dark Empire threatened to expand the army to 50,000, so that it can really make Chenchen feel at ease. Of course, this training and reconciliation will be left to Hank and Achray, and Chenchen will be responsible for updating weapons and armor in the future. Moreover, this will prepare the Swiss military production line to produce weapons and armor, and it will not be ready to produce and send it to the army until the war really breaks out. Otherwise, even if you don’t want to rebel in the morning
Rebel according to the idea of the morning? It is better to talk more about things than to sell some weapons and food to make a fortune in war!
After processing, it is necessary to do some politics in the near future, and in order not to make Spark have the opportunity to intervene, he has re-appointed several important positions. The vice-mayor Li Tianchen is ready to go to the Dragon Canyon. No matter what reason Luo Li went back, there is always some uneasy feeling in his heart.
Luo Li’s contract with Tianchen made Tianchen able to communicate over a long distance, but perhaps the enchantment of Dragon Canyon was too strong. Tianchen always got the news despite his efforts to call Luo Li in his heart, which made Tianchen very unhappy.
Fortunately, although the Dragon Canyon is almost unknown to human beings, it does not include the morning light, but a little induction from Luo Li is enough to confirm the direction of the morning light.
Secretly dark empire around a corner to explore the specific combat readiness of a dark empire. In the morning, I drove the flying car straight to the Dragon Canyon in the west.
Dragon Canyon is located in the central part of the mainland, crookes Union, near the mainland. At ordinary times, the adventure of her death sea rushed to the sea of death with many treasures to explore, but ignored several large mountains next to the sea of death. No one even thought that the dragon married the earthworm Canyon and hid it in these bottomless canyons.
After several days of supersonic flight in the morning, I finally came to the mysterious dragon canyon at noon one day.
Get out of the flying car and get out of the morning. With the floating magic standing tens of thousands of meters high, the morning will be steady. Look down at the whole Cruz Mountain Group. Even if the person who is 10,000 meters high goes, it will still be bigger than the deep valley. Imagine that Luo Li often starts the Dragon Canyon, right?
The weird smile in the morning is huge, please ring as long as possible.
When the huge figure is about to approach the morning, it will smash the morning and the flying car with people and cars. When the huge figure almost collides for a moment, it will shrink sharply. A flash of light flashed. A beautiful girl has hung up the morning body like a bear. "Morning, are you back so soon?" Why didn’t you inform me that I was still running around? " It’s a long time since I saw Luo Li in the morning. Although there is an enchantment in the Dragon Canyon, the two people are separated by mind, but even if there is an enchantment, there is a way to get to such a distance. Even if there is an enchantment, the point in the two people’s furniture is connected. When Luo Li didn’t stop flying in the morning, she already knew the surprise of the morning arrival. She ran out directly regardless of the Dragon Valley, which caused Gu Luo Li’s parents to sigh that the girl was not left behind!
"Why? Aren’t you happy that I came? " Luo Li, who smiles in the morning, entered the car and surprised Luo Li. I don’t know what this floating monster is. I gave Luo Li a safety belt and started the flying car in the morning and asked, "Can I enter the Dragon Valley?
Is excited about new things Luo Li heard the morning question is a don’t "come, I’ll take you in to it doesn’t matter is that these two dragon valley some things are very hemp …
I immediately heard some unusual "What’s the matter?"
Luo Li twitched and secretly looked at the serious expression in the morning. "Hee hee, there are several stupid dragon ladies fighting these two days!"
The morning is startled! Left right to see Luo Li a burst of uncomfortable "feed feed can’t? Miss natural beauty some handsome boy to propose is normal … "
Morning remained smile this time seems to be some trouble to is ready to see Luo Li parents engagement, by the way, should touch this thing shook his head. "Why don’t those stupid dragons go to their princess duel for such a chat? Actually you duel 9 "
"Princess, the duelist is much less than me, so two guys are begging for it!"
Luo Li’s sly smile has made the morning realize something. Those two guys, Princess Dragon, are too powerful. It feels that the dragon is not an opponent and has come to Luo Li. But isn’t it that Luo Li is the first beauty of the dragon? How do you feel that the waste residue from these two guys has been thrown to Luo Li?
It seems that this horse-attached temptation is also beautiful! Sighing in the morning is beneficial to compete for this dragon, and it can’t be avoided.
Luo Li to the so-called anyway, her brother Tianchen has come back, and those flies and dragons can also be driven away quickly. It’s important to go to see the dragon’s two masters compete. Tianchen said that after the so-called Luo Li instructed Tianchen Dragon Enchantment Crossing Method, the flying car smoothly entered several human adventures and looked forward to Buron Valley.
Chapter one hundred and twenty-seven Forbidden magic field
Chapter one hundred and twenty-seven Forbidden magic field
When the flying car "thumped" into the dark than the Grand Canyon, it was doubtful whether it would directly crash into waste residue. Good morning, the mind was firm and not blinded by superficial phenomena. After a strange "distance", the car directly entered a huge valley like a transformation.
The valley is not as dark and humid as it seems in the sky, but the sunshine is as charming as a fairyland, which makes the morning even more surprised. According to Luo Li’s explanation, this lake is still connected to the sea of death. There are all kinds of aquatic Warcraft living in it, and at the same time it has become a lot of people who need to eat juvenile dragon food as their source.
Parked the flying car next to a big cave near the lake. This is where Luo Li’s parents live.
"Li is back?" Kindness sounds from the cave disturb the appreciation of amorous feelings or are affectionately following Luo Li in the morning.
Some shyness left the arms of the morning, and Luo Li flew directly to the cave and bumped into a middle-aged belle who just walked out of the cave. The shyness in her arms did not follow the imagination of the morning. This is the mother of Luo Li, Lise Montessori, who killed a fire dragon. When she heard that Lori lost her temper, she was like her mother. Whether she didn’t know it in the morning.
Then the day after tomorrow morning, I met Luo Li’s father, Rodax Lyle, who walked out of the cave. A top golden dragon is now a tall middle-aged human image.
I don’t know if Luo Li’s father almost turned Tianchen into Longkou ashes. When Rhoda talked, Tianchen felt that Rhoda’s momentum was instantly enhanced and he was not ready for himself.
In the morning, it is clear that Rhoda wants to give herself a Mawei, and she insists on this powerful mountain momentum without weakness.
It’s a pity that a Mawei Rhoda who was going to kidnap her daughter Tianchen was disappointed. Although he was powerful, he was rooted in Tianchen’s eccentric talent. Although he felt the oppression of the momentum, a little exercise completely isolated Rhoda’s momentum.
Rhoda was really surprised by her performance in the morning. At present, she met her father Yu Tianlong when she was a baby. Although she used to be a swordsmen all day, it was nothing to Rhoda, the top golden dragon. Even the real holy class of human beings had little chance of winning against a top golden dragon. What’s worse, a top swordsmen? And Rhoda learned from Luo Li that the morning was already a great swordsman, but he was not assured that this age of human beings could reach this level. It can be said that it is an elite and a genius, but Rhoda’s eyes are nothing. Perhaps a small momentum generate is enough for the great swordsman to vomit blood and live and die? If it weren’t for her daughter and Tianchen feeding contract with this scruple, Rhoda might kill Tianchen directly.
Ignoring Luo Li’s warning expression, Rhoda’s imposing manner has not weakened Huang Jinlong and Rowen!
Step by step, I went to Rowen to pay a noble courtesy to Luo Li’s mother, Liz, next to me. Only then did Rhoda say, "Hello, Luo Li’s father, I am only a junior, and I am like a member of the Golden Dragon. Please say hello!"
Rhoda this just put away the momentum "hum" a noncommittally nodded in return or Luo Li mother Liz lifted the embarrassment of both sides and warmly invited Tianchen to enter the cave residence.
Rhoda’s dissatisfied expression Luo Li entered the Dragon Cave with his hands on the floor in the morning.