Further inside is the KV package.

If you want to enter the Red Chamber, you don’t have to pay for it yourself. It’s a star group to entertain important guests and government officials.
In addition to eating, drinking and having fun, the so-called "entertainment" is mainly that these important guests and dignitaries enter the Red Chamber, eating, drinking and having fun, including whoring and staying in prostitutes. All the guests are paid nothing by the Star Company. Almost no amusement places in the Red Chamber need to be booked. Everyone can go in and play. After that, it is only necessary to fill out a form for the personnel to hand it in. Of course, it will still be reviewed by the competent manager and handed over to the Blue Moon, and then the Star Company can reimburse them.
Chapter two hundred and seventy-five Box storm
Ouyang Qian is the manager of the restaurant department on the second floor and the housekeeping department on the fifth floor, and the manager of the sauna department on the third floor and the presidential room on the fourth floor and the sixth floor is Sister Li.
Lena pulled the waves to a KV box where no one was there. The guests in this box may have just left and just finished cleaning, which is just right for them.
When the waves were pulled into the box by Lena, she looked back and saw a woman staring at her in the shadow not far away.
The waves knew that when he was dancing with Lena on the stage just now, this woman was staring at him in the shadow. He noticed it at that time, but pretended not to notice it. Because this woman’s position seemed to be deliberately hiding her place, Lena didn’t see it. If it weren’t for the sharp eyes of the waves, it would be hard to find this woman staring at him.
The waves faintly guessed the identity of this woman, and he had been pulled into the KV box by Lina.
Sensitive to the waves, I felt that the woman outside had reached the front of this box, but she didn’t show her head to see the waves. I didn’t know what the woman wanted to do, so she frowned and pretended to sing with Lena.
Lena first sang "God, do you still love me?" Then the waves sang "Forgetting Water".
When the waves sang the water of forgetfulness, Liu Yifei always appeared in his mind. Liu Yifei was covered in blood, smiling at his mouth, looking at him with desolation and tenderness in his eyes. The waves distressed him. He took the tragic essence of "water of forgetfulness" to the extreme and sang more.
Maybe the waves sang too much into his face, and the sadness and pain shocked Lena. She forgot to applaud and stared at the waves. She knew that the waves were a woman, but she felt that this woman was so happy, but she didn’t know that this woman was dead.
The wave song just sang "… even if my heart breaks, even if I cry-"
"Bang" a box door was kicked in by three drunken men. The first man was in his twenties with a proud face and a red face like a crab door. When he kicked in, he glared at the red eyes and shouted at the waves, "Who the fuck is so short-sighted!"
The other two people seem to have had enough to drink, pointing to the waves and swearing, "You are a bird. Your mother just took our place when you went out for a while!"
"Birds are tired of living, so get out of here!"
Scold came to the waves with a flood of abuse and surrounded them.
Lena was frightened and hurriedly stretched out her hand to pull the wave arm to get out of the box quickly. She pulled the wave without pulling it. When she looked at it, her face was even more scared. Because the wave was grim and blue, her eyes shot coldly and suddenly, and Lena had never seen such terrible eyes. She just stared at the wave and forgot to pull him again for a while.
The waves have been so abused? He stared at the three people in his heart, thinking quickly. He knew that all the guests who could come to the Red Chamber were Lan Tianxing. It can be said that each of them was a person with status and status. The identity of these three people was even more unusual. He was new here and didn’t want to get into trouble, but now he is afraid of things. Hey hey, you three little bastards are unlucky. I’ll take your knife and shake my prestige first. If something goes wrong, Lan Tianxing won’t carry it for me. I’ll play with you to the end!
The waves thought of this and fixed their eyes and quickly swept the room.
They are a luxurious small box decorated with a thick carpet, a leather sofa and a marble desktop. On the desktop, there are people and waves, two people bring fruit snacks, a bottle of Hennessy wine and a bottle of French wine, and the waves are staring at the Hennessy bottle.
Lena’s eyes were terrible when she saw the waves, and she was afraid that something would happen. She quickly said to the three guests, "I’m sorry, you have already left before we came in. This is a misunderstanding. Let’s go …"
"Go …" The first guest saw Lina’s sweet and lovely color heart and smiled to Lalina’s little hand and said, "Let this bird go by himself. You are new. Hey, hey, old people have played all over the red chamber. I haven’t played with you tonight. Let the old people have fun with me." The guest saw Lina wearing a red chamber system and knew that she was also a miss in the red chamber. She reached out to touch Lina’s face and leaned in to make her mouth stink.
The other two guests laughed and reached out to push the waves. "Why don’t the old people spare your life and get out?"
"You’re lucky today. This horse won’t beat you. Go and find a little girl. Leave this …"
Push the body of the waves with one hand, and the feet of the waves don’t move. Suddenly, I quickly grabbed the bottle on the desktop and slammed it on the head of the first guest-
Everyone in the room was shocked by the wave. I didn’t expect him to really dare to hurt people.
The guest shook his eyes, which probably woke him up. He held out his hand to touch his head and looked at his hands full of blood and drinks. He stared disbelievingly for two seconds before he was sure that he had been beaten.
This also got? This guest has been beaten by others since he was born, and no one has ever dared to beat him. Today, the Red Chamber was beaten by someone. Don’t say that this face can’t be lost!
The waves still stared at the face coldly, and looked at the guest with a cold sneer in their eyes.
It took five seconds for the atmosphere to condense before the guest uttered a sharp strange cry, "Give me a waste of him!"
The other two guests were also impatient and quickly surrounded them. These two people are like the guests. The bodyguards are all good at moving and moving quickly. They are all quick, fierce and poisonous. If someone else had a life today, it is not certain that they will walk out of this door.
The waves are none other than the waves!
Two bodyguards rushed back and forth faster. They came running with their feet, but when they went back, they flew out sideways!
The two bodyguards were violently erupted by the waves, and each of them kicked and flew away, slamming against the wall obliquely and slipping from the wall like two Taobao sacks.
First, it seems that the guest just blinked and his partner flew behind him. He was lonely, and the front was less than three steps away from the waves. Only then did he know that he had met the expert in speaking. Although he hated and feared in his heart, he had never been so angry. He was afraid that the waves would attack him and screamed, "Somebody, somebody …"
As soon as they started to move their hands, they went out to watch a game, and the bodyguards heard the movement and rushed over, but the waves moved too neatly, and the two men were already lying down before the bodyguards arrived.
Several bodyguards rushed over and rushed into the room. I was stunned at the situation and I didn’t know what to do.
These bodyguards all know this guest, because this guest is very important and a frequent visitor to the Red Chamber. If it were someone else, these bodyguards might be biased towards this guest, but they also recognize the waves. They not only recognize the waves, but also the red man who just arrived, and they have heard about the waves.
It’s hard for several bodyguards to know how good it is. The guest also shouted and urged several bodyguards to clean up the waves.
A bodyguard reacted quickly and said to the guest first, "Zhao Gong, don’t worry yet. This may be a misunderstanding …"
"Misunderstand your mother a fart! I’ve always been beaten to see if my head is bleeding. Is this a misunderstanding? You also let me break your head. I also say it’s a misunderstanding! " This Zhao Gong seems to be really not the average person who dares to scold bodyguards.
The bodyguard knew that Zhao Gong could not be embarrassed and said with a smile, "This is Hai Ge …"
"The sea is a fucking fart!" Zhao Gong’s fierce scold the bodyguard Zhao Gong dare not scold him coldly. The waves can take it out on the bodyguard. "Lin San, do you fucking want to be mixed up in this field? The first horse asked someone to kill this little second horse for me and asked you to come over and give me a statement! "
Lin San-nan looked at the waves and said, "Hai Ge, look at this matter. Why don’t you accompany Zhao Gong with a sin …"
Instead, the waves sat leisurely on the sofa and reached for the bottle of wine. They poured a glass of wine themselves and took a sip slowly. They said, "Ringo, it’s wrong. I picked a fight as soon as he came. I won’t accompany him. If this makes it difficult for you, you can take your brothers out of this room and handle it by myself."