The wing was covered with whiskers because of Huang Yinxuan’s cheeks, but his sometimes calm and gloomy eyes were particularly conspicuous.

And burn old see Su Ling and burn three-dimensional glass at the same time into the handsome outline slightly warm for a few minutes and then drink off with a glass.
Before Huang Yinxuan came to Juan Restaurant, he had never seen Huang Yinli, but at this time, seeing him in a red satin brocade robe slowly entering the line of sight could not help but fix him.
A strange sense of familiarity arose.
"This is …" Huang Yinxuan looked at him for a moment, but he didn’t blink. Obviously, some characteristics of his body caused Huang Yinxuan’s note.
Seeing this, Huang Lao just glanced at it at random and said in a weak tone, "acquaintance!"
Huang Yinxuan raised his eyebrows. "Don’t introduce me?"
Two people in this conversation burn three-dimensional glass has been sitting beside the burn old mask eyes looked at the table around the seven jars are not much words, pick up a glass and immediately make an altar of wine to fill yourself up and drink it off.
In doing so, Huang Yin-li made Huang Yin-xuan feel a little subtle. He felt that he must know him!
In the face of Huang Yinxuan, Huang Yinli is still self, while Su Ling feels a mysterious atmosphere in front of the three brothers.
I don’t know what Huang Yinxuan appeared this time.
Is it because she accidentally disturbed him in the suburbs? But it is obvious that he and Huang Lao are more familiar with each other.
Have they met before?
Su Ling’s mind kept circling in my mind and ended up as cool as a cucumber. Lao Huang asked Yin Xuan but smiled without a word.
Holding the glass gently shallow action eyes have already glued Su Ling a lost face.
"What happened to Xiao Xue?" Wing gas filled with wine aroma burn old see Su Ling in situ looked at the three of them immediately asked 1.
WenSuling gently moved to the other side of him during the lotus step and sat quite disappointed and said, "Ok! I’m more worried that Xia Fei Mian will be like dealing with Xiao Xue! "
"Enemies have means to resist bai! If you can save her from the palace once, you can save her for the second time! " Burn three-dimensional glass tone seems to be with a casual.
And a listen to this Su Ling immediately don’t want to across the burn old stare at him didn’t good the spirit said "hey! What do you mean? Do you want Xiao Xue to be imprisoned again or what? What do you mean, once there is a second time! Can you hope that she is good? "
Words fall with Su Ling gouged out the burn three-dimensional glass move sitting opposite them burn three-dimensional xuan suddenly pale smile eyes seemed to flash off "shinohara snow? Is she the woman in the room just now? Maybe she is the wife of the Southern Xia Kingdom? "
"Do you know her?" Su Ling setting small eyebrows asked the burn assumed the xuan.
I don’t know if she has been too nervous recently. Why do you always feel that something is wrong with Huang Yinxuan’s eyes just looking at Shinohara Snow?
What the hell is he doing? !
Burn Yin Xuan smell speech is still smiling, but his lips Hu blocked him. Most of him looked furry. Seeing Su Ling’s heart itching, he especially wanted to give him one by one!
"Do you still need to know? Who doesn’t know that a woman is too old in the Southern Xia Dynasty? A man has deserted the queen. I heard that the palace is considering cutting the woman. Guess which imperial woman will replace her? "
Burn three-dimensional xuan this tone how to listen to have a kind of watching!
This Su Ling is not happy!
Small hands with no doubt attitude directly to burn the old front was to end up, then looked up and drank a glass of bold and unconstrained, threw the glass on the table again and wiped her lips and looked at the burn three-dimensional xuan way.
"Two report, right? Do your family know that you are so fond of watching? Even if you don’t know Shinohara, you shouldn’t be sarcastic! But don’t tell me that I don’t want you to think it’s Shinohara even if it’s given to me. Would she still value her position so much?
Stop it! Just because the queen did something to her this time, if it were me, I would cut off my mother and daughter directly! "
Su Ling’s expression and posture show that she despises the queen more than she is greedy. This kind of thing will never happen to her.
But at that time, everything Su Ling showed seemed to have changed in Huang Yin-xuan’s eyes, and his eyes were slightly heavy, and his lip angle also drove his cheeks to slightly pinch his eyes, and he looked at Su Ling as if he were looking at others through her.
Such a scene may seem quite normal to outsiders, but if it is discovered by Huang Lao, it will be very angry!
How can his daughter-in-law be seen like this? !
He immediately blocked Su Ling’s front after such a thought, showing all that he had put his arm around Su Ling’s shoulder directly in front of Huang Yin Xuan and Huang Yin glass.
Toshihiko is indifferent, but the fingertip temperature reveals his intention to Su Ling!
After these actions are finished, the old one lifts his eyes, and as a result, he sees that the eyes of the old one are still parked in Su Ling’s face. This he Junyan Lengli grabbed an altar of wine and threw it directly across from the old one.
Firestone Huang Yin Xuan felt that a weak figure was hovering in his mind, and something seemed to drift in front of him in a trance. Out of vigilance, he didn’t even want to punch directly, and an altar of good wine was directly broken by him.
Broken porcelain and wine in the jar spilled on the table.
If you don’t want to burn the old *, he will throw an altar of wine directly to burn the three-dimensional Xuan and then seem to be able to guess his actions. In an instant, he will directly pull Su Ling to three meters away.
Is when burn three-dimensional glass eyes blankly twist eyebrow looked at burn three-dimensional xuan looked down at his wet a piece of mind and raised my hand and wiped her cheek this just realized that the whole mask kept dripping drinks.
Who did he provoke?
In addition to burn Yin glass natural burn home second child is no better!
He didn’t know that his punch broke an altar of good wine. Although the wine was full of fragrance, his half palm was still covered with intact jars, not to mention that his right arm sleeve was already wet. Isn’t this natural and man-made disaster a bit wonderful?
Su Ling sipped her mouth and looked at Huang Yinxuan and Huang Yinli’s embarrassment. Suddenly, there seemed to be some dull feelings, and there seemed to be a moment of mei.
She found that she would be in a surprisingly good mood if she had the old burn around!
This is … unscientific!