Today, Zhuo Wenhao’s home is more lively than yesterday. When Zhuo Qiang entered the house, he saw that there was no place to sit. All of them lived in the village. When he saw people in Otawa, the guests said hello, they would drill into their bedroom.

However, these guests didn’t let him go, dragging him around and asking questions, and repeatedly boasting that Christie around him was beautiful and that he had found a foreigner as a girlfriend for something.
Zhuo Qiang was bored, but Christie enjoyed it. Everyone greeted him and talked endlessly.
She seems to be highly praised by others and has a strong girlfriend, which makes her more happy in Fukashi.
Zhuo Qiang doesn’t understand that she is such a great beauty, and it’s not that she hasn’t heard flattery from others. Why do you love these compliments so much?
Besides, Zhuo Qiang is not a handsome guy. Is it an honor to be his girlfriend?
Can’t help it, he has to pull out a small stool from the corner and sit and watch Christie talk with these uncles and aunts.
Until near noon, these talents slowly dispersed, and Zhuo Qiang finally got rid of it and got into his room.
While Christie went to help prepare lunch. Without Ye Chuchu, a kitchen expert, lunch will be waiting today.
Call Zhuo Qiang by remote control to see what zz in the mailbox wrote again.
After hitting the mailbox, he saw two zz emails in it. The first one said, "When can I talk to you?" The second email directly said, "Let’s meet today to talk about your conditions!"
Zhuo Qiang knew that the other party was in a hurry, of course, but he didn’t reply directly.
There are too many things happening during the Spring Festival, and he needs to relax.
At lunch, the atmosphere was not as warm as yesterday because of the lack of people, but Christie still drank a lot. Zhuo Qiang felt that if he went to Christie for a long time, he would have to develop a drunken cat.
On New Year’s Day, Zhuo Zhiqiang ran out to find friends to play. At home, there were also several Zhuo Qiang who chatted with Zhuo Wenhao and his wife for a while. After that, Zhuo Wenhao suddenly took out a pair of mahjong and asked everyone to play mahjong with him.
Christie has also heard of mahjong, but she has never really played it. After hearing all kinds of rules, she barely played a few laps at the table.
Sometimes she thinks mahjong is very simple and there is nothing to play with, but as it gets longer and longer, her interest becomes higher and higher.
"Give me another thousand!" After losing all the money in Christie’s hand, he stretched out his hand and asked Zhuo Qiang for it.
Mahjong tables include Ma Yuanhang, Liu Xiaolei, Zhuo Wenhao and Christie, and Liu Xiaolei, two people with super computing ability. They both won a lot of money, while Zhuo Wenhao is experienced and lost a little money, but Christie can’t. She won a few games purely by luck, so she lost the most.
Although I lost a lot, Christie’s interest is getting higher and higher. Every time I touch a good card, I am very excited. Although I don’t want to yell, I am always happy with my face.
Although Bai Xia Yun also loves playing mahjong, she looks at these children and has a good time. She is also happy to look at them next to her. The Spring Festival picture is lively, and it is naturally very comfortable to have so many people with her.
Zhuo Qiang’s interest in playing mahjong is just a matter of watching and chatting.
But Christie’s mahjong table sat down and never wanted to get up again.
Everyone saw that she was so fond of playing and took care of her mood. She didn’t put away mahjong until she was about to cook dinner.
Although I don’t play anymore, Christie still remembers "buy me a mahjong one day and let’s play together on the Long Yun".
Zhuowenhao listened to Christie’s words and asked, "Long Yun? You bought another boat? "
If my son buys a boat, he has to go through all kinds of formalities. It is reasonable to say that it is easier for him to go through the formalities in the name of Long Yun Company.
However, it is a bit strange that Zhuo Qiang didn’t go through all the formalities of crossing the ship through Long Yun Company.
Zhuo Qiang is so angry in his heart. This Christie is good everywhere, but he always reveals something in front of others that he shouldn’t.
Zhuo Wenhao and his wife are not strangers, but Zhuo Qiang doesn’t want them to know about the Long Yun incident, which will not only help them, but will worry them.
"Long Yun is the ship I know that friend, and a cruise ship is also very profitable for guests to play." Zhuo Qiang felt that his ability to make up lies was becoming more and more perfect.
"Yes, yes!" Christie seems to know that I put my foot in my mouth and hurriedly catch up. "The boat is so big that it has ten thousand tons of super luxury! When will you buy me one for fun? "
ZhuoWenHao this just dispelled doubts in the heart smiled and said, "that cruise ship is afraid of hundreds of millions of yuan! How can we have the money to buy it for fun? "
"That’s it!" Zhuo Qiang nodded again and again. "Although our family has two little money now, I think it will take ten or twenty years to buy a cruise ship!"
Christie made a face and the horse ran to the kitchen to help white Xia Yun.
Zhuojiang dark sigh and hid in his room.
After supper, Zhuo Qiang hurried back to his residence.
He was anxious to see how Liu Yaqi was recovering.
After coming to Liu Yaqi’s room, Zhuo Qiang was surprised to see that she had been able to sit up. It seems that the recovery speed is quite fast.
Ye Chuchu also accompanied Liu Yaqi in the house to see Zhuo Qiang come back. He got up and pulled Zhuo Qiang to the door.
"What are you doing? So mysterious? " Zhuojiang puzzled to ask
Ye Chuchu looked at the door left unlocked and said to Zhuo Qiang, "Yaqi, she has changed!"
Zhuo Qiang got a fright and changed? Did she become an alien?