Even Xin kept growling, but Yang Ye froze in front of her. How did even Xin know? I don’t know, it must be Yang Xu! But even xin angry like this now can’t be soft is equal to admit that even xin is absolutely unreasonable and tide wait for no man’s old way to strike first!

"You! What are you talking about! " Yang night fierce interrupt even xin words pointing to his shout "look at me! Look at that! Do I look like I’m hitting on a beautiful woman? You don’t know anything about what’s going on here! "
Even Xin was shocked by Yang Yeda before she noticed how wet and ragged Yang Yeda was wearing. My face is pale, dark circles are heavy, and my face and chest … There are faint scratches, as if I had suffered a lot.
Even Xin was in a daze for a long time before hesitating to ask, "What’s wrong with you?"
Yang Ye squinted his eyes, thinking that Xu Chenggong must not fail, and he must defeat the enemy with one move, otherwise he will be poor in the future.
Chapter one hundred and twenty-three "Three families get together ()"
I heard that the volume of Uniform Xin was reduced and I was angry. Yang Ye’s face became serious and then he became sad. He sighed in silence and turned to look at Uniform Xin.
"You women shouldn’t ask!" Yang Yemeng waved his hand and stared at the sound outside the window not far away, lowering his voice a lot. "Actually, my coming to Jinshi Islands is entrusted by my father to do a very important and dangerous thing! With Qian Bo Yang Xu, they are hiding their eyes and ears. I just don’t want you to be in danger without you! Be a man and protect your woman, do you understand? "
The room became quiet for a while, and the sunshine outside the window came in to set off Yang Ye’s resolute face. Even Xin’s heartbeat accelerated, and his eyes blurred. Looking at Yang Ye, he felt that Yang Ye was too like a man at this time, and he was so worried that he must have done something very dangerous and just dealt with a very dangerous person, but he was afraid that I would worry about nothing and silently bear everything, but I was mean to him and fooling around with him. I really …
Even Xin thought that she should shed tears and gently climb out of bed and go to Yang Ye’s side. She hugged Yang Ye from behind, pressed her face against his back and sobbed softly and said, "Husband, I’m sorry … I don’t know what happened. Don’t be mad at me. I’ll apologize to you …"
"Alas … you should be sensible!" Yang night face continue to resolute the in the mind a long sigh of relief.
At this moment, two people rushed in outside Yang night and turned to look at it. Yang Shan turned his back on him, dragging Yang Xu’s arm into the room and shouting, "Even Xin Jie, I caught Yang Xu! We can definitely find out my eldest brother’s king’s egg by torture! "
"Who is the king’s egg?" Yang night after Yang Shan gas big asked 1.
Yang Shan got a fright and let go. There, with eyes closed, he pushed back and Yang Xu fell on his back.
Yang Shan amazing look back and see Yang night face first surprise horse angry "eldest brother! Where did you say you were? You are so outrageous … "
Yun Xin turned from behind Yang Ye and put her hand over Yang Shan’s mouth. "Don’t talk nonsense, Shanshan." She turned her head and looked at Yang Ye affectionately. "Your eldest brother is the best man!"
Yang Shan looked at Evenly Xin and then at Yang Night, a face of inexplicable stupidity.
Qian Bo heard that after the gentleman came back with Xi Shi and Zheng Dan, he also came to the room. Yang Ye asked how Uniform Xin and Yang Shan came to this place, and everyone remembered that Sula had scared Zhang Wenyu away.
Yang Ye has never seen Zhang Wenyu, but listening to Yang Shan’s tone, I know that this Zhang family gentleman wants to pursue his sister Yang Shan, who keeps saying that Yang Ye has other goals, so he asked Qian Bo to send someone to find Zhang Wenyu.
Not often, Qian Bo and two hotel students came to the room with their legs weak. It is said that they were found behind a large decorative flowerpot in the corner of the hotel lobby
Zhang Wenyu saw Yang Yeqiang pretending to be restored. He held out his hand and smiled. Both sides looked at him loosely and held his hand. So Zhang Wenyu bent his horse’s leg and reached out and held him.
"Thank you. Ah, Master Yang has been gone for a long time. You are still so handsome!" Zhang Wenyu was Yang night hold embarrassed smile continue to stretch out his hand to shake hands with Yang night.
Yang Ye really met Zhang Wenyu, the gentleman of the Zhang family for the first time, and realized that men also have vases, and then shook hands with Zhang Wenyu insincerely. "Long time no see, I didn’t expect Mr. Zhang to be so weak."
Zhang Wenyu didn’t pay attention to Yang Ye’s pronunciation and smiled heartlessly. "Hehe, yes, yes, I’ve always wanted to find you. I heard that you are on vacation here in the Jinshi Islands. My horse came here with Shanshan and Miss Uniform. If it weren’t for me, Shanshan and Miss Uniform wouldn’t be here!"
Yang night also smiled and held Zhang Wenyu’s hand, but secretly added strength to think about you * * * and let me thank you?
Looking at Zhang Wenyu’s expression became ugly, Yang Ye didn’t let go of skin to smile but meat to smile and asked, "Have you been looking for me? Why are you looking for me? "
"Let’s learn from each other!" Zhang Wenyu secretly rubbed his hand. "You lost to me every time. Don’t you want to get back at me? Ha ha ha ha ha … "
Yang night looked at Zhang Wenyu inexplicably and didn’t know what he said, but he was afraid of make a fool of oneself, so he laughed "Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Find a chance and let’s have a good discussion! "
"Don’t look for opportunities, let’s just tonight! I’ll treat you to dinner later! " Zhang Wenyu excitedly turned his head and looked at Yang Shan as if he had the chance to show his talents. "Don’t hesitate, Mr. Yang, it’s not so easy for us three families to get together."
"Three families? Young master? " Yang night leng next to people are leng.
"ah? Oh! This is the case. "Zhang Wenyu saw that everyone was stunned and explained." Just now, I was in the hotel lobby … um, when I was enjoying the vase, I met the cold end of the world and the cold sunset of the second young master. I told him that I came to see the young master. The cold young master seemed to know the sample, but the cold sunset of the second young master was quite surprising. You too! " Zhang Wenyu said with a smug face as if he had done something great.
….. Yang night heart gas surface still pretend to be surprised "? Cold family gentleman and second young master? What a coincidence! " Hate me in my heart. If I don’t give you a good whole miserable time, I won’t be surnamed Yang!
"Yes, I didn’t expect the cold master and the second master. I told them that they would be happy to have dinner together tonight!" Zhang Wenyu heartless talking excitedly at any time to look at Yang Shan suddenly noticed that Xi Shi and Zheng Dan beside Qian Bo immediately lit up their eyes and approached Yang night and said, "Mr. Yang invited these two ladies at dinner, too? Busy! "
"Good" Yang night, of course, I can see the meaning of Zhang Wenyu’s eyes, cursing and sliver in my heart and hitting my woman’s body, hehe, this is for you!
After Zhang Wenyu happily returned to his room to change clothes, Qian Bo nervously pulled Yang Ye aside and asked in a low voice, "What should the gentleman do now?"
"What should I do?" Yang Ye asked
"Cold brothers already know our Jinshi Islands! What should I do if I take it? " Seeing Yang night like nothing happened, Qian Bo was so anxious that his forehead sweated.
"Ha ha Qian Bo don’t worry, it is estimated that the two brothers have nothing to do at the moment to make waves again. They are understaffed." Yang Ye smiled and said meaningfully.
"Gentleman, what do you mean …" Qian Bo was a little uneasy when he saw this expression of the gentleman.
"It’s okay for Qian Bo to know, and they may already know that we are here. It’s better to take this opportunity to meet the cold end of the world and the cold sunset." Yang Ye said comforting and patting Qian Bo.
Qian Bo nodded and turned to go. Yang Ye stopped him and hesitated. "Are you still going to that dinner party last night?"
"What’s the matter, young master?" Qian Bo asked
"I mean, if you don’t worry about me, don’t go if I’m measured to be late, or Sura will have an accident in her room." Yang Ye, I’m sorry, smiled. "Why don’t you take Yang Xu to the room late … Yang Xu? What about Yang Xu? "
Without the shadow of Yang Xu in the room, he had already rushed out to his room to dress up in great excitement, ignoring all these things. He thought he would invite that late night to dinner together later, otherwise there would be so many women around him, and none of them would be too embarrassed.
Qian Bo glanced around and asked softly, "Gentleman, that little Shi and Xiao Dan …"