The ice stone is not strange, but there is a huge figure behind it. This figure is not moving at the moment, unless it is asleep, it will be dead.

Slowly marching Lengling came to the front of the ice stone and looked at it carefully. She still lay still behind the ice stone and got a huge body.
Without hesitation, a vigorous palm cold ling hit a palm toward the place where the huge body was located.
After the palm wind, there was a loud bang, and the huge figure suddenly flew out and suddenly hit another ice stone not far away.
Not far after the loud noise, the ice stone suddenly broke and hit the ice stone, but the huge body still didn’t move, so it fell in front of the ice stone.
Lengling’s palm looks like snow, but it hides a strong vitality. Lin Jie felt a sense of awe when he saw it.
The only expert in his heart is his father Lin Fu, and since then he has changed this view, and it is obvious that Leng Ling is the expert in time, while her father is very different.
Awe is when I feel cold eyes coming to Lin Jie’s busy face, which is awe-inspiring.
"How can there be a third-order yuan beast in this ice sheet?" Glanced at Lin Jie Lengling did not detect Lin Jie’s abnormality, but he turned to look at the nearby Yuan beast with a face of horror.
The third-order yuan beast has not been seen in this ice forest, but now it appears here, and it still looks like a dead yuan beast. Although it is nothing in Lengling’s eyes, it is not the case now.
Judging from the blood at the foot of the ice stone, it is obvious that it was left by someone, and it was here before Ye Han that the trace was lost. It happened that this third-order beast appeared here again.
All these signs show that Ye Hanqian was seriously injured here again, and his hand was obviously the third-order beast.
But if so, how did this beast die? Ye Han such a repair is obviously impossible to kill such a yuan beast.
For Lin Jie, such a third-order beast will naturally not look around, but he is not a silly cold ling who can think of it and naturally want it.
Feeling that the situation was serious, Lin Jie didn’t dare to be careless. However, he was not as anxious as Lengling, but comforted appropriately. "Mrs. Ye, maybe these are all coincidences?"
"No, it can’t be a coincidence. One or three yuan beasts died here just after we left here, and Han Er disappeared at the same time!"
Listen to Lin Jie comfort LengLing heart didn’t feel better, but also to quickly hesitated for a moment before sure said
See LengLing so Lin Jie naturally also inconvenience to say more words, silence and all LengLing action behind LengLing.
"Don’t worry, he will be fine!" After a long time, Lengling never found a clue to Ye Han. The only thing she saw was to take a blood trail, which made her even more worried about Ye Han.
"Mrs. Ye, please listen to me. Since all the third-order beasts are dead, say that Brother Ye will be fine!"
Seeing Lengling’s pain, Lin Jie didn’t want to say anything, but at the moment he had to speak out and pointed out some evidence that things probably didn’t develop to the worst.
Said Lin Jie paused and then added, "Think about it. If this man can kill the third-order beast in such a short time, it will prove that he is not an idle person."
After listening to Lin Jie’s explanation, Leng Ling suddenly froze, and then she smiled with peace of mind. "Yes, if Han Er meets any master, it will be fine!"
Seeing Lengling get rid of the previous pain, Lin Jie is naturally very gratified, but he also thinks from time to time that if Ye Han is really taken away, that’s fine, but what if he is taken away?
Although Lengling didn’t finish thinking about this aspect, she also realized that it was not time to lose her mind. She must always stay awake when looking for Ye Han.
So she is willing to believe that Ye Han has not had an accident yet, and she is not willing to imagine the result that Ye Han was in great trouble.
After looking for the fruit, Lengling decided to go back to the Cold Forest School with Lin Jie first, to help Lin Jie solve the danger of the Cold Forest School, and to help find Ye Hanluo with the help of the manpower sent by the Cold Forest School.
Whether nature can find Ye Han in the end is also inconclusive in her heart. Now she can take it one step at a time and silently pray that he will be fine! ~
[17] 【 Back to Cold Forest School 】
It’s another afternoon, and the ice sheet is full of sunshine, but it’s not so warm. It’s even more warm to be in the cold ice sheet.
Perhaps Ye Han’s sudden disappearance has pulled her heart into the iceberg heart. Although she is profound, she can also resist the whole body cold.
Before walking with a shiver, Lin Jie naturally saw Lengling’s move behind him, but knowing that Lengling was in a sad moment, he was not good at disturbing him at the moment.
Leaving Ye Han’s missing place, Lengling’s footsteps will become very fast. She may still make Fei Yuanji reach the Cold Forest School without Lin Jie.
However, she didn’t do it now. On the one hand, he didn’t want to leave Lin Jie like this, no matter after all, he was also chilling Lin Pai’s safety.
Another point is that she once said that she can’t exert too much strength by force, otherwise it will definitely bring harm to the children in her stomach.
Therefore, although he is very worried about Ye Han’s safety, he also wants to help the Cold Forest Sect solve the problem quickly and then ask the Cold Forest Sect to help him find Ye Han together.
Walking all the way south, watching the night approaching, the two of them also came to an iceberg not far from the Cold Forest School. After an afternoon, Lengling naturally did not feel tired, but Lin Jie was an exception.
The original Lengling didn’t mean to rest either. For Lin Jie, she also believed that the other party could hold on, but when she thought of the child in her belly, she forced out the idea of going on.
Choose the tip of the iceberg to rest for a while until the night falls completely and the sky is covered with starlight, and the two of them will continue to walk south by starlight.
Due to the slow journey, after several days of trekking, they finally arrived at the foot of the Cold Forest Sect. Looking at the cold scenery of the mountain, they couldn’t help feeling deeply.
Think about Ye Han when I first came to this cold forest school, but now when I come here again, Ye Han is still alive and dead, and Lin Jie is no exception. At the same time, he also knows that Lengling must have remembered Ye Han at the moment, so it is not good to disturb him.
Miss Lengling broke out completely in her heart. Although she has been worried about Ye Han’s safety these days, she has never missed her so much. Perhaps the quiet scene around her is about to be shrouded in night makes her feel particularly clear, so miss Ye Han is also increasing dramatically.
After a long time, seeing that the night has already come, Lengling’s mind has just moved back from missing Ye Han, and has been waiting for Lin Jie to show an embarrassed smile, and then he first sent a line to Lenglin.
Lin Jie didn’t dare to neglect him when he saw him. He seemed to lead the way to Lengling, but he always followed her as if Lengling was the master at the moment. He was a guest.