Want to want to go Ye Han couldn’t help but burst into a wry smile. At the end of the day, this Ye Ping still helped himself to slay Qi Feng. If you really want to say who killed Qi Feng, she can’t get away.

But think about those things that have passed, and think a lot is meaningless. Ye Han finally didn’t think much about how Qi Feng died, but focused on hitting the star cold tactic with his mind.
Nai shook his head Ye Han suddenly looked at the place where the wind died and finally locked his eyes on the crushed ice. He hesitated for a moment and then slowly walked past.
These broken ice leaves naturally know that this is still caused by their own congenital cold, which is a means to imprison Qi Feng’s vitality and block his meridians everywhere. It can also be seen that this Qi Feng died when it really exploded, leaving these broken ice pieces.
But Ye Han didn’t think about it at this time. He wanted to leave these crushed ice because his star cold tactic was so powerful. Don’t even qi feng, the master of yuan soul realm, have such a poor physique? Not as good as some ice cubes?
After thinking for a while, Ye Han nodded his head and thought to himself, "I don’t understand, because what I did was that Han Xingyuan didn’t have much influence on these broken ice?"
In other words, from a certain point of view, his star cold tactic skill not only didn’t hurt these ice, but also strengthened them a lot, and the fragmentation of these ice cubes was purely caused by the energy of Qi Feng blasting body, because all the energy of the body also broke out when he exploded, which shattered the frozen ice cubes of other bodies.
It can also be seen that the strength of this yuan soul realm master is obviously extraordinary, otherwise it would be impossible to send out such a strong force when blasting, and even the ice can be shattered.
"It seems that I have to find a time to study this star cold tactic. Now it’s too scary to be suppressed. If those old guys know about it, they might regard me as a murderer!" After a while, Ye Han seemed to wake up and knew that his means were too cruel, so he wry smile way
After that, he turned his attention to Ye Ping and saw that her whole body was converging. At this time, he got up and walked slowly towards her. At this time, he also realized that the seventh star had already appeared in the sky and knew that it was the time for Ye Ping to accept nine stars.
That’s why he had to get close to Ye Ping. After all, she has just accepted nine planets’s orders, and everything is still very unfamiliar. In case he can choose to guard from the side and give her some advice at the right time.
Naturally, it is not difficult to receive nine stars, and it is even more unnecessary to give directions. However, there is a contingency in everything. Although everyone did not encounter any danger when they received nine stars, after all, everyone’s experience is different, and no one can guarantee that the accident will be eliminated this time.
Soon, the sky suddenly flashed a light in the star, and at the same time, Ye Ping’s vitality suddenly disappeared, and then his body suddenly rose from the ground and hung in the middle.
See this Ye Han suddenly some worry now lost nine planets spirit jade protector Xingyuan protection this Ye Ping is in a semi-coma and is being baptized by Xingyuan. If she unwittingly loosens Xiaoxueer, what would it be like?
However, when Ye Han rises, this kind of worry miracle suddenly happens. Ye Ping’s arms suddenly flash out a figure. Look closely at this figure. It is light snow. At this time, her whole body is covered with a layer of stars, and she will be protected.
Seeing this, Ye Han realized that his worry was so redundant. Owning Xingyuan Stone Tablet and Light Snow is just like owning nine planets Lingyu himself. Why are you worried about these low-level dangers?
"My little girl’s father is getting more and more jealous of you. I got this Xingyuan stone tablet without any effort, but I have to spend so much time looking for nine planets’s successor. Even when I got the cold jade, I went through a lot of hardships!"
Think about yourself. It took me nearly ten years to suffer from the congenital cold to get the jade of the Great Cold Spirit, and now Xiaoxue has just been born with this opportunity. Even Ye Han, a father, is not jealous. Naturally, he still regrets more.
Naturally, I have realized the Taoist priest Yuan, and he should also know that everyone’s opportunities are different, and his own light snow is no exception. All this can only prove that this light snow has a good chance, and this newly published Xingyuan stone tablet is predestined.
At this moment, a sudden loud noise attracted Ye Han’s attention.
Ye Hanwen busy stretched out his hand and held the little snow in his arms and immediately looked up at it. He instantly understood that the loud noise was just the sound made by the road flyover who broke the starry night city when Xingyuan entered the starry night city.
At this time, the enchantment attached to the starry night city suddenly disappeared. When Ye Han first entered the city, he found that it was directly ignored by people such as Lengling. Now, when he thinks about it, he can’t help but smile. "If I had known this, I should have taken her outside the enchantment first!"
Originally, although Ye Han had previously led Qi Feng to the starry night city, it did not leave the sphere of influence of the starry night city, but the enchantment of the starry night city was to wrap the whole sphere of influence of the starry night city, which was not the capital city. Therefore, it accidentally caused such consequences that the enchantment of the starry night city was broken for decades.
[519] 【 Give me your heart 】
Looking at the enchantment burst, Ye Han suddenly felt a little in distress situation. He broke this enchantment, so it is necessary to arrange it back. This enchantment looks obviously unbearable, but he can arrange it at will, but wouldn’t it insult his knowledge of law?
All he said was to decorate this array better, so that this starry night city was very unbearable, but in the end, it took more effort to make the repair more perfect, and it was not worthwhile to think about it.
Ye Han looked at the day and had already broken the law. There was a wry smile. This just slowly took back your eyes and noticed Ye Pingshen.
At this time, Ye Ping has already got the sky and Xingyuan is at this time, but her eyes have not been opened. Obviously, she has not been baptized by this Xingyuan, which means that she is refining this Xingyuan.
Is it so simple to refine the stars? Ye Han soon thought that Ye Ping was being baptized by Xingyuan now. If the strength of Xingyuan stone tablet was transported at this time, it might be better to transform her vitality into vitality.
Ye Han couldn’t help but turn his eyes to Xiao Xueer in his arms. When he thought that this little girl could help himself now, he couldn’t help but smile at her and immediately said, "It’s time for Cher to help her father!"
Little Xueer’s nest Ye Han’s arms seem to understand Ye Han’s meaning at the moment. Little eyes blink and blink, and there is also a moment of joy in their eyes. Then they see that she exudes a strong star energy and immediately breaks away from Ye Han’s arms and flies to Ye Ping.
Ye Han looked at him and couldn’t help but be surprised. Can this little girl really understand adults? Otherwise, how could she really do it as soon as she heard herself say that? But isn’t that incredible? A man who has just been born for less than two or three days can actually understand adults.
"This girl is bound to achieve a lot in the future. Maybe I will be overshadowed by her as a father!" See light snow at this time has come to Ye Ping’s side, circling around her and sending out a strong star energy at the same time. Obviously, Ye Han, who is transforming into a star in Ye Ping, can’t help but burst into a wry smile.
"Ha ha cold brother will be so again? This little Cher is your daughter after all, no matter how powerful she is. Is it really so unbearable for you that she will achieve so much in the future? " After listening to Ye Han’s remarks, the little fox couldn’t help laughing and asked.
After listening to Xiaoli’s remarks, Ye Han felt that it was also reasonable to give up all psychology and continue to look at Ye Ping. Seeing that his whole body was really changing slowly, Ye Han suddenly rejoiced that his previous idea was true. This light snow can really help everyone transform the stars.
Just then, the light snow figure suddenly left Ye Ping’s side and soon returned to Ye Han’s side. Ye Han looked at him and was suddenly surprised. When he had previously transformed Xingyuan, he not only had to go through so much pain, but also didn’t know how much it cost. I didn’t expect this Ye Ping to be so simple now.