Lanlin is a daze when four people fall to the ground and cover their faces. Chapter 8 I want to beat you up!

Chapter 8 I want to beat you up! chapter
Four people were put down by Zhang Yang []
Zhang Lanlin took a step forward with a smile.
Lan Lin couldn’t help but take a step back and rely on the table behind him. He said in awe, "You are not Zhang Yang. Who are you? I’m here to find Zhang. I don’t want you to fight against me. Eldest brother is a six-star warrior. If you dare to touch me, my eldest brother will not spare you. "
Lan Lin knew that he had knocked down four people, but the other side was defeated by the Ministry in one minute, and he was kicked out of his human form!
He was frightened by the other party for a while, and it was hard to believe that it was Zhang Yang’s similar person.
"Lanlin remember that time you hit my house and lay for a month. I can remember that you were afraid? Are you fooling yourself? " Zhang Yang is approaching step by step.
While LanLin constantly retreat show incredible look high way "you are zhang! How did you become a warrior? You are a waste body can’t be a fighter can’t be … "
While panicking and retreating, Lan Lin chanted "Impossible to be fake!"
Lanlin’s daily dissoluteness has long been overdrawn, and the strength of the two-star warrior may not be able to be exerted. Even if Zhang is a two-star warrior, his momentum is much worse than Zhang’s.
"Is that the zhangs’ waste body male? It’s not like him! It turns out that the waste body male is not a fighter, and it is very much like a weak student. "The store door is full of people."
"Yes! Everyone knows that Zhang Jiagong is a waste. This young man may be just like him, but this young man’s momentum is quite strong, scaring the three young masters of the blue house to retreat. "A strong man carrying a machete said.
At that time, the small restaurant became a street and a lot of people gathered in a lively way!
Zhang Yang has never made a move, not because he has no confidence in himself, but because he psychologically tortured Lan Lin.
Today is different because he has strength! Naturally, he has to repay the "bullying"
Zhang pressed Lanlin back and finally Lanlin was forced against the wall.
Lanlin’s legs trembled uncontrollably. He threatened, "Zhang Yang, my eldest brother will arrive soon. If you dare to touch me, my eldest brother will teach you a lesson. Why don’t you let me go? After that, we don’t owe each other anything."
"When you don’t want to owe me two? People don’t make me, I don’t make prisoners. Since we met today, we just settled this account. "Zhang calmly walked to Lanlin.
Lanlin once again said, "Don’t dare to lay a finger on me. My eldest brother and second brother will not spare you, and you will definitely break your arms and limbs. If you want to be clear about yourself, you will provoke a dispute between the Zhang family and the Lan family."
Zhang Yang, who was threatened by Lan Lin, wanted to laugh at what he called "I don’t care about the dispute, I want to beat you up!"
See Zhang come forward to know each other still don’t let go of their Linda cursed, "the king egg Zhang you deceive others too quickly and you spell"
After scolding Lanlin, he took out a dagger and rushed to Zhang Yang. His footsteps were not messy, but he looked very rational.
Dagger out quickly like a white light reached the front of Zhang Lanlin Shouting a.
"The wind is stinging!"
Tiger cannon boxing is a kind of melee boxing. More than ten days of hard practice made Zhang know a lot about melee fighting.
Like a conditioned reflex, Zhang Yang dodged the dagger and kicked his leg like a tiger’s tail and whipped it to Lanlin.
Lanlin quickly raised his arm to block and kick to sweep.
The two collided, Lanlin retreated, but Zhang did not retreat.
Then Zhang Yang instantly bent over his waist and bent into a big bow. His hands held the ground like a dormant tiger!
Seeing Zhang Yang moving the blue forest, he exclaimed, "Not good at tiger cannon boxing!"
The words sound just fell and Zhang Yang grabbed the ground with his hands, grabbed ten white marks on the concrete floor with his fingers, and suddenly pushed his feet. The whole person seemed to be shot out of the stone by the trebuchet, and his paws made a straight shot at Lanlin’s chest.
Lanlin’s chest was slapped by Zhang Yang’s palms, and the kite flew back like a broken line! Fly half a blue forest and spit out a big mouthful of blood and spread it to half!
Lan Linshen has been crushing five or six tables before he fell to the ground. At this time, his chest was so deep that he didn’t get up again!