Just then Xiaoxun’s cell phone rang and Xiaoxun picked it up and said, "What’s wrong with Kirin?"

"Do you need us to find him back?"
"Five temple? Nangong phosphorus? " Xiao Xun’s eyes flashed off.
"Do we need to find him?"
"No, I have my own discretion. Is there anything else?"
"No" After hearing this, Xiao Xun hung up without hesitation and turned his head to ask "Dad Nangong Phosphorus?"
The Nangong Mingtian nodded and said, "I called two days ago and said that I would come and visit us."
"Just in time" little evil N33 Nangong phosphorus
"Right" Xiao Xun smiled with evil spirits.
"What’s the matter?" The nangongshan muze curiously ask
"He and I have some personal matters to calculate" Xiao Xun said with a little gnashing of teeth.
It’s rare to see Xiao Xun smiling like this.
"The nangongshan phosphorus? Who is it? " Yaowen
"It’s a distant relative of the Nangong family." The Nangong Muze smiled and explained, then thought for a moment and added, "And he is a thief Q"
"Is that the 18-year-old who dares to steal things from the presidential palace?" Xiao Yu exclaimed
"It is necessary to be so surprised? Is it not a little thief "small embalm turned over.
"He is the Nangong family. Why should he be a thief?" Ouyang Xuan don’t understand to ask
"There is something wrong with the cerebellum," Xiao Xun said flatly.
"Phosphorus said it was exciting enough." The Nangong Muze also felt quite resistant.
"When did Xiao Xun accept him?" Hao smiled and asked
"Two years ago, he went to the royal family to steal something, and Lian caught him red-handed. Later, I saw that the royal family lacked the job of thief, so I recruited him," said Xiao Xun.
"What took him?"
"Is the nangongshan phosphorus into the royal family into a small kaori escort" Xuan son smiled and said.
"Is the five halls?" Nangong Muze said
Xuaner nodded and said, "Me too, but we are four temples, elder sister and brother-in-law are two temples, and Cher is three temples."
"Who is that temple?" Yaowen
Hearing this little embalm violently shaking Xuan son looked at the little embalm sample heart can not help but worry a little embalm won’t even restore those memories?
"The Nangong phosphorus bravery is good. It’s important to have a brain that even the royal family can break in." Xuaner didn’t answer the question.
Wan Wan and others were smart enough to see that Xiao Xun was wrong and didn’t ask.
"Hum" Xiao Xun recovered and didn’t argue.
"Has Sister Kaoru been stolen?" Soft looking at small embalm attitude towards the nangongshan phosphorus cocked his head and asked
"He stole from my palace from time to time and then fled back to China." Xiao Xun’s face turned black.
"Is that important to Kaoru’s sister?"
Xiao Xun didn’t speak with a wry smile.
Xuan son and Hao looked at each other at a loss.
When Nangong saw Xiaoxun don’t want to talk tomorrow, he got up, looked at the wall clock and said, "Go back and rest so late!"