Although there is no big river passing through the Saskatchewan Plain, the rye production is favorable every year, and the Mizpah Empire can rank in the top five. It has been said since ancient times that "Saskatchewan is ripe in the west". At this time, Xia Yue is looking up at the lush and vibrant rye magnificent scene, which is comparable to looking at the sea.

Dwarf Lao Hehe laughed. "It’s a great pleasure to cross the Saskatchewan Plain to be Amir province, and the Principality of brolin to be Amir province in the south, but it’s a pity that we didn’t bring out two fine horses from Sunset City to race horses in Woye Qianli Plain."
Xia Yu, who escaped from the cage, turned around and pointed to the sunset city and laughed. "Sunset city! I will definitely come back! Murris, clean your neck and wait! "
Dwarf labor limit sigh with emotion "no promise! What’s the enemy of Murris? He’s not even a shrimp. Your goal should be to be the strongest man in the polar continent, beyond the paladin and the lich. "
"The strongest man in the polar continent?" Xia Yu some’re "this goal is too big"
Dwarf Lowe smiled. "Is this a big goal? Although you can teleport magic now, when you become a great magician, you can fold and teleport for a longer distance, and you can also reflect and attack your opponent and become a wizard. After the storm, you can compete with a top power in the world. If you become a great wizard, you can be called the strongest man in the mainland. Practice hard. You are a man with a great mission. "The dwarf looked at the distance and lost in thought. Although his life has entered the age of the tail dwarf, he is much longer than human beings, but he is not immortal like a lich. Undead, he is very worried that Xia Yu will reach the level of care before his death. How can he rest in peace if he can’t see the lich and the dark care master die with his own eyes?
Xia Yu firmly said, "I won’t let you down, Master Lao."
Dwarf Lao said seriously, "Don’t let me down, but don’t let your mentor my master down. The wizard has not reappeared for more than 200 years, and the world has almost forgotten it. Your mission is to make magic the king of the polar continent again. You should remember the famous saying of the holy wizard Albert,’ You can rule the earth if you have it’"
"If you have it, you can rule the earth." Xia Yu silently read it twice and his blood boiled.
"Be careful! There is a group of cavalry ahead! " The dwarf has excellent eyesight. He saw a group of cavalry suddenly waking up in the distance. Xia Yu felt an ominous sign in his heart because the cavalry was still and seemed to be waiting for something.
Xia Yu didn’t see a group of people as well as the dwarf Lao. "Where is the army?"
Dwarf Lao Dao "can’t see the army clearly. We can’t go back anyway, and it doesn’t necessarily mean we’re here."
Xia Yudao said, "This is a plain area. If you are after us, the possibility of my teleport escape is reduced to a minimum."
Dwarf Lowe said coldly, "Why do you want to escape and kill them all? There are about two hundred people."
"It’s a blessing, not a curse. It’s a curse."
Xia Yu strode forward with a nervous mood following Dwarf Law.
As the distance shortened, the dwarf Lao saw this group of cavalry. "It seems that the cavalry of the Fourth Army came specially for us." The dwarf Lao Yin became extremely cold, which was a precursor to his killing
"We didn’t offend the Fourth Army. Why did they intercept us here?" Xia Yu was very surprised to hear that it was the Fourth Army.
"You are the key person who makes magic weapons, which is the biggest force in the sunset city of Fairfax-how could he not know that it was me who didn’t understand how he found our whereabouts? We passed through the sunset city very quickly," said the dwarf.
Xia Yu suddenly remembered that the military bought a magic crystal ball that can monitor thousands of meters at the Duobaozhai auction. "I know how they found out our whereabouts. They have a magic crystal ball that can monitor thousands of meters in Fiona Fang."
"It turns out that they have been watching us for a long time. It seems difficult for Xia Yu to get ready for battle with weapons." Dwarf Lao Dao.
Chapter 46 Phil Coase ()
Two hundred red war horses are arranged in a long square, and the armored soldiers in Tsing Yi are all murderous. A pure white war horse is taller than his war horse. The horse is about forty years old, dressed in a white shirt, embroidered with half a blade on his chest, holding a whip and wearing white gloves. Golden curly hair flutters in the wind, flying like purple eyes. Judging from his temperament, this is a very gentle man, much like a poet and bard, who will kill without the slightest battle. He is the seven-level gold armored Phil Coase, head of the Fourth Army of the Mies Empire.
When the dwarf Lao and Xia Yu approached with knives and mantis beasts, Phil Coase looked back from the sky and said leisurely, "Master Lao! Mr. Xia Yu! Hello, I am Phil Coase. "
The name Phil Coase has changed the face of both Dwarf Law and Xia Yu. Everyone knows what this name means. The seven-level gold armor is almost at the top of the armor. He also holds 50,000 armor and 50,000 warriors in the west of the empire. He is a more powerful person than Count portela. Phil Coase comes in person. Dwarf Law may escape, but Xia Yu’s possibility of escape is almost equal.
The dwarf asked coldly, "What’s the advice for the grown-ups of the Legion to stop our way?"
Phil Coase smiled slightly. "I personally came to invite Master and Mr. Xia Yu to visit the Fourth Army."
"Thank you for your kindness, but it’s a pity that we are ready to go to Amir Province." Dwarf Lao said calmly, but his heart has been heavily guarded against the enemy. Once he wants to say that he is stiff, he will hit Phil Coase hard and then wait for an opportunity to escape.
"Well, can the itinerary be changed?" Phil Coase said faintly. "I have long admired you two, but it’s a pity that you are the Lord of the city."
"I’m sorry! We have agreed with people to change the travel method. "Dwarf Law still does not move."
Phil Coase turned to Xia Yu and said with a smile, "Mr. Xia Yu doesn’t want to be a guest in the Fourth Army? As far as I know, Amir provinces are also very chaotic. "
Xia Yu is the first time to meet this famous far-away town legion grownup, but he is not confused by Phil Coase’s sven appearance. It is said that this legion grownup is always smiling and violent when he kills people. A beast said that Mocofeitak, a nine-grade silver armoured soldier, couldn’t even breathe when he met Phil Coase. If Phil Coase sincerely invited Xia Yu, he might consider it, but now Phil Coase is threatening Xia Yu with force, but he is not a generous hero but he is not a coward when he sees a strong beam. He is still magic. Inheritor, he barely smiled. It takes a lot of courage to laugh in front of Phil Coase and 200 murderous armored soldiers. "I’m sorry, grown-ups of the legion. We have promised our friends that we can’t live without faith."
Phil Coase wiped his white gloves with a face of apology. "It’s a shame. I’m afraid I’ll make you break your word. I don’t want to, but I have to do this because of the two important things."
The armor and gloves are almost a precursor to the seven-level gold armor. The blow of Xia Yu must be the first time. The dwarf has secretly put his hand on the waist and cold iron sword. Look at Phil Coase and he doesn’t armor his body. Naturally, he doesn’t want to show weakness and armor him first. He took a step forward and blocked Xia Yu behind him and said, "You are too confident when the legion grows up."
Phil Coase casually threw his gloves at Ma Guangan, saying, "Mr. Xia Yu, Master Lao, to tell you the truth, I have been observing you for a long time through the magic crystal. Maybe you still have a chance to escape, but Mr. Xia Yu will definitely go back with us. If you are wise, don’t test my patience."
Phil Coase’s gloves landed behind him, and two hundred armoured men shouted "Kill!" In an arc, Xia Yu and Dwarves were outflanked. These armoured soldiers were strictly trained, and 200 armoured soldiers shouted out almost the same sound wave into the sky.
"Let’s say we’ll meet somewhere when we’re scattered." Dwarf Lowe didn’t move to Xia Yudao.
When the armoured men were approaching the dwarf, they drank a flash of golden light, and their feet were smashed inch by inch. With this momentum, the dwarf rushed to Phil Coase like a flash, and at the same time, his hands even waved dozens of gold balls from his broad palm to scatter gold balls around the armoured men, making sharp sounds.
Phil Coase still looked calm when he saw the dwarf’s golden protective armor and throwing gold beads, and immediately he was surprised that the dwarf’s protective armor had reached the level of gold armor, which was higher than his level. He originally recognized the dwarf’s labor as just stepping into the ranks of gold armor.’ It seems a bit tricky.’ Phil Coase did not dare to come to the rescue hand and shouted "Armoured! Sharpening! " Instantaneous armor turns into gold protective armor, and a golden sword with a handle is pointed at the dwarf’s law.
Phil Coase brought mostly low-level armoured men such as black iron armoured men and bronze armoured men, and a small amount of silver armoured men. Dwarf Lowe, though it seems that he was careless and scattered, cleared the way for Xia Yu to escape. Where did those low-level armoured men resist being hit by the golden ball? They were directly pierced and hit through the body, and their parts were directly killed. Two hundred armoured men fell to the ground and rolled straight, and were killed and injured by dwarf Lowe in an instant.