A dozen men and women danced hand in hand by the fire, and a teenage girl sang folk songs in the local language, which attracted applause from time to time.

Although it’s early summer, the temperature here is not too high at night. Besides, people wear thin clothes, and they don’t feel too hot unless they are too close to the fire.
A dancing girl pulled up Zhuo Qiang, who was already a little drunk, and wanted him to join the dance.
Zhuojiang see but then staggered up.
"Aren’t you going to dance for a while?" Zhuoqiang looked at Jing Tian and Huang Xue Yao.
Jing Tian hesitated a also get up.
"Come on, we all jumped up." Huang Xueyao took Jing Tian’s hand and joined the dance team.
Zhuo Qiang took Jing Tian’s hand and the crowd learned from the villagers’ appearance. After a while, they were full of sweat.
"No, have a rest." Zhuo Qiang finished and left the team and came to the hill next to the forest to let the sea breeze blow away the heat.
Jing Tian didn’t know when he came behind him and looked at his back silently.
Zhuo Qiang looked at the dark mountains and rolling mountains in the distance and didn’t know what to think.
"You don’t even remember me. What do you remember?" Jing Tian said with bitterness.
ZhuoJiang was startled turned to "how do you also come over? Why not play with them? "
Jing Tian shook his head and sat down in a meadow.
"I really can’t remember anything, and I never knew I had been here before. It’s really strange," said Zhuo Qiang, sitting next to Tian Jing, with a little modesty.
"Actually, we are still ordinary friends, and you don’t need to blame yourself too much," Jing Tian whispered.
What she said is naturally whether it is an ordinary friend or not. Is it worth following her across the ocean to come here?
Although he has no memory, he still intuitively thinks that a girl like Jing Tian is his favorite type.
But why did he win her love? This is really a mystery.
Once a couple, they sat on the grass and fell silent for a while.
Suddenly there was a mess in the direction of the fire.
"What’s the matter?" ZhuoJiang got up and walked to the campfire.
Jing Tian follow ZhuoJiang haven’t go to the bonfire and see Ye Chuchu and a young woman dressed very capable to meet them.
"Boss Zhuo, you finally came." Love was very surprised to see Zhuo Qiang.
Zhuo Jiang looked at Ye Chuchu next to her and nodded and said "Hello"
Ye Chuchu said quickly, "My boss has been feeling a little sick recently, and some things may not be remembered by Mr. Luo."
Love also saw ZhuoJiang eccentric to oneself also have no affinity to Ye Chuchu words that relief.
"You guys go back to the village now," Love said and hurried back to the bonfire.
Zhuo Qiang saw Love talking to the villagers by the fire, and then the villagers packed their things in a panic and returned to the village one after another.
Zhuoqiang followed the villagers back to their villa on the third floor, and soon Love came.
"Boss Zhuo, be careful tonight. I suspect there may be an accident." Love glanced at several people around Zhuo Qiang.
Christie disappeared around him, but she was replaced by two female students. It’s really not shallow for a girl to be strong and beautiful.
"What will happen?" Huang Xueyao asked nervously
Luo fuwei frowned and said, "I just got the news, too. There may be a weak force who wants to do harm to our village before coming back."
Zhuo Qiang quickly said, "Then what should we do?"
Ye Chuchu said, "Boss, don’t worry about what Mr. Luo said."
"I don’t know which force it is yet, so do I. I probably heard a friend say that several ships are coming this way, and it is estimated that they are coming here."
"Not sure yet? Then we need to stay in the room. In addition, arrange a few of your gunmen to our third floor to prevent them from harassing in advance. "Ye Chuchu proposed to Love.
That’s right. Love is pregnant, and that’s what she wants.
This three-story building has a slightly higher terrain and a few people are arranged here. Not only can we observe the distant situation, but we can also defend and counterattack at any time.
"I’ve set up an ambush on the periphery of the village. If there is anything, they will inform us as soon as possible. You will stay indoors and keep the door closed for the time being." Love confessed and went out to arrange for his villagers.
Jing Tian Huang Xueyao looked at each other as soon as he came. What the hell is this place?
Zhuo Qiang knows the danger here, but he still built a villa here. Isn’t this something he can’t find for himself?
Zhuo Qiang doesn’t think there is anything to listen to what Mr. Luo said. She is initially suspicious that someone is going to attack here, and she is not quite sure.