This time, Tan Yu personally led a team to arrest Cheng Dongyang. When he was escorting people, he said to him, "Tan Yu, I hope people will not let me down this time."

"Don’t worry, I will definitely check this case and give you a hand over to treat," Tan Yu said.
"The first thing to check is Sitong. I’m sure it’s her. She’s jealous that Dongdong will have a baby and it will hurt." Song Yuanyuan came over and said angrily.
Cheng Dongyang smell speech eyes rested on the man.
The man said coldly, "Miss Song can’t talk nonsense before things are found out."
Song Yuanyuan this just pay attention to this man’s body, this man is surprisingly tall, and he is a few kilometers taller than Cheng Dongyang. His face is rigid and his cold temperament can freeze people three meters away.
"This gentleman, thank you for saving us just now, but what did you say? I said I was talking nonsense, and I said it was Sitong. Do you know who Sitong is?"
"Of course he knows" Cheng Dongyang holds Meng Yudong’s car "Sitong is his sister, he is Sitong’s eldest brother Feng"
Song Yuanyuan hasn’t seen this saying that stroke is really unreasonable. Why does Si Tong, the goblin, have such two brothers? She looked at this person and said, "It must be no accident that you are here."
The wind has been paying attention to Song Yuanyuan since just now. This girl is courageous and smart. Since their tires were punctured, he followed them. She is very loyal. First, she hid Meng Yudong and risked her life to attract those unscrupulous people. Only in this way can he have a man and have her, which will make him sit up and take notice.
She is loyal but not reckless, and she still hides a wolf guard. If there are not many people and these people still have some skills, I’m afraid one or two big men may not be able to do anything to her.
"Staff, thank you for saving my wife." Cheng Dongyang is also wary of seeing him say like Yuanyuan, if it’s Silk Tong, what’s the wind going to appear here to save Dongdong again?
When the wind heard Cheng Dongyang’s voice, he paid attention to him. He saw Cheng Dongyang but he heard the name several times. He coldly said, "It’s just a coincidence. I’m here to find you."
"It’s a little late today. My wife is shocked. She’s not in good health. Let’s talk about something tomorrow!" Cheng Dongyang also coldly replied, "Thank you for your kindness today."
The wind didn’t respond, but took a deep look at him, and his eyes fell off the car again. Meng Yudong could see her face, and she was so calm after what she had just experienced.
Just now, he was in the dark for a while. He wanted to see her reaction. Would she watch her friend do something like that? When he was about to come out, she came out. He looked at a thin white shadow across the street.
Somehow, his mind moved. She was like a dust-free elf on earth, and he couldn’t bear for her to be dusty.
Meng Yudong also felt his eyes. She turned her head and looked at him. She smiled gratefully and nodded slightly to him.
Cheng Dongyang, the head of Feng Wei’s jaw, asked Song Yuanyuan to turn to him and said, "Do you want me to give you a ride?"
The wind looked at him. "I’ll find you soon. We still have unfinished business."
Cheng Dongyang didn’t respond, but directly looked at him deeply in front of Song Yuanyuan’s car, which was simply to treat him like a bad guy.
The wind noticed that she smiled coldly.
Song Yuanyuan a car Meng Yudong held her hand tightly. "Yuanyuan, I’m sorry, I’m sorry for bringing trouble to you again."
Song Yuanyuan is just a little injured. It is estimated that she was kicked by that man, and her stomach is still faintly painful. She reluctantly smiled. "What do you mean, nothing happened to me?"
Cheng Dongyang sat in the car to see Song Yuanyuan look a little ugly and couldn’t help but say, "Go to the hospital for a check-up? Yuanyuan, you have blood on your mouth "and your face is red and swollen badly. He was very sorry at the thought of Yuanyuan saving Dongdong.
"Is it not a minor injury?" Song Yuanyuan coughed with the wave.
"Let’s go to the hospital, Yuanyuan." Dongdong was worried about her. She remembered that those people had dumped her for a long time, and she was distressed by her nose.
Song Yuanyuan also felt a little uncomfortable and dull pain. She smiled. "Well, in winter and winter, you can also check to see if there is any tire gas and winter and winter times. You can’t be so stupid anymore. You should also think about your three babies regardless of yourself."
"But I can’t let you suffer like that again, and the baby won’t want to see Meng Yudong hold her hand tightly." And I believe Dongyang will come to save us and I will be fine. "
Sitting in front of Cheng Dongyang, he was a little late just now. If it weren’t for the wind, it was really unimaginable to hear Dongdong say such things, which made him feel guilty and worried. Dongdong still believed him.
"I’m not afraid even if the wind didn’t come, Brother Dongyang should have arrived, but you must hide yourself in the next winter." Song Yuanyuan is afraid that she will be like that when she thinks about it, and it’s so bad that she can’t get hurt when she is pregnant with a baby in winter.
"Yuanyuan" Meng Yudong was moved to tears. It is enough for her to have Yuanyuan as a good friend in her life.
Song Yuanyuan went to the hospital for an in-depth inspection. Cheng Dongyang also took Meng Yudong for an inspection. Dong Dong was fine and there was no fetal movement. Everything was normal.