Han Yi offered the red light of Wu Shenyuan’s red moon, red wind, deep sword, and instantly stung everyone’s eyes with instant white.

Yuan Chiyue Fengyuan Sword is equivalent to Han Yi’s life force form, so he can control the attack of the Chiyue Fengyuan Sword if he has life force, even if he has no hand, he will issue an accurate attack according to Han Yi’s instructions.
In an instant, two men in black and his body were surrounded by red swords and awns, which were interwoven into a net.
However, the two men in black are also tough, but they are not worse than the land, and they are not hurt.
That black dress person flashed red moon and deep wind sword, and once attacked, sneered, "Han Yi, if you don’t hand over Zilingyu today, I will kill you here. Wu Shen, an empire, also wants to escape from our three evil spirits. You are as naive as twenty years ago."
Han Yi didn’t speak, even when he faced these two men in black, it was very difficult to speak.
Life force control red moon wind deep sword flying is too consuming life force red moon wind deep sword suddenly lashing at the first black dress person in the past, bringing up a red sword awn and then showing his body shape, Ling Fei shot at the past.
The first black dress person’s body drifted backwards for several zhangs, and then suddenly rushed towards the Red Moon Wind Deep Sword. On the way, his right fist suddenly pulled back, and his fist was smashed out. The fist-shaped strength bombarded the Red Moon Wind Deep Sword like a shell, and a fluffy red and white light was blown out in a detonation. After that, the shell hit the Red Moon Wind Deep Sword and the red moon wind deep sword shook back.
At the same time
Flying over Han Yi, with a wave of his hand, leaned over and flew back. The red moon and the deep sword Ling suddenly beheaded the first man in black. The red moon and the deep sword was six feet long, but the attack with strong strength spread to two feet away, locking the first man in black into the attack range.
"Strength is good." The first man in black looked a little surprised in his heart, but he was not scared off. His fists suddenly chopped at Ling to smash the sword in the past.
Red Moon Wind Deep Sword was hit by a fist-shaped gun like a cannonball. Although the falling speed was stopped a lot, it kept splitting the fist-shaped gun with a red screen and chopping it straight at the first black man.
However, another man in black, eyeing up one side, will not stand by and watch him wave his arms like lightning, and then his arms will be snapped in the direction of the DPRK and the ROK.
In an instant, the elemental energy of heaven and earth was condensed into individual elemental energy groups. Each elemental energy group was as big as an adult’s fist, and there were hundreds of crashing Korean and Korean blasters. It was like a fireball rain in the past, but the fireball rain was flying around, and the surrounding temperature suddenly rose. Those towering trees were actually burning up.
"It seems that the ghost taught Zilingyu and tried his best to sting the snake king as soon as he was out of * *, and you came." Han Yi’s two knife-shaped eyebrows suddenly frowned and glanced to one side. With a wave of his hand, his arm was suddenly split into the first black dress person’s red moon and the wind deep sword, and he suddenly changed direction and swept out.
The sword of the red moon and the deep wind brought up a circular red curtain, which surged out at a rapid speed and rippled like a lake, but it seemed to be distorted.
Red moon wind deep sword drew half a circle, pointing to the name of condensed fire element energy when attacking men in black, the red light was like something substantial stirring out, and the fireball was shattered by this light curtain.
The man in black was also locked by the rapid blaster screen. Only Feiteng dodged, but his real strength was not urgent after all. Although the consciousness of men in black dodged was strong, the speed of dodging was slow. He was madly rolled over by the red screen, and the protective cover of his legs was suddenly broken.
The shatter fire element was turned into energy, and that fire and rain fell all ov the sky, and the fire and rain fell to the ground, and the ground smashed holes of different sizes, and some tree were immediately burned to ashes by the fire and rain.
Fortunately, he has a yuan soul gas mask defense, but he is not injured by these small fireballs of fire elements, but the yuan soul gas mask is also inevitably set off a ripple.
Pursuit of the wind Yang that person also fire rain coverage this person strength nature will not matter, but the pursuit of the wind Yang momentum has also been blocked rent.
Although Han Yi smashed the protective cover of a man in black, it didn’t hurt him much. When the protective cover of the man in black broke,
"There’s no way that the soul elves are too attractive. Now the mainland has fallen out because of the sudden departure of the king of viper from the wind." The first black man’s fists suddenly hit Korea easily, and his fists flew out from his fists like shells. The speed of boxing shells seemed to hit Han Yi in two straight lines.
Han Yi, who was violently impacted by boxing shadow shells, suddenly flew backwards for several feet. When the fierce ripples on the body surface force protective cover solidified, cracks were formed, and Han Yi’s mouth was also overflowing with a trace of blood.
At this time, the ground is flying and the wind is blowing, and the situation of China and South Korea is easy to fly. There is no anxiety and horror in my heart. Han Yi, a high god, is as strong as a strong man. He can’t resolve the crisis if he wants to go out.
However, at this moment, he was beaten and vomited blood by an ugly and ferocious black man. This situation has subverted the cognition before the wind, because he has never seen Han Yi injured until now.
"It seems that the strong in the mainland can’t make sense." It is necessary for Feng Yang to go to the mainland for experience, otherwise he will never know how big the world is and how small he is.
However, sensing Han Yi’s situation made Feng Yang’s heart fluctuate violently, which caused his mind to suffer some turbulence and dodge consciousness for a moment.
And seize this short almost negligible gap, the man in black chased Feng Yang’s arm and waved it once, which condensed a strong impact toward Feng Yang.
At this juncture, the danger is sensed, and the wind rises directly by the arm to condense an attribute energy sword. The sword sweeps out first, and the body sweeps along with the sword and rotates for half a circle. The attribute energy sword suddenly blasters and collides with each other.
When the ground was blown out of a huge hole, the explosion appeared, and at the same time, the attribute energy sword condensed by the wind suddenly broke like glass inch by inch, and finally the fragments of the gas drifted away.
The shock wave generated by the explosive blast blew the wind out. The Yuan soul gas hood was destroyed by the explosion shock wave as if it were attacked by Lun Bi, which shattered the body and caused the gas to form a series of air currents to condense and blow the wind on both sides of the body.
Although the body didn’t touch the ground, the body blaster brought Gangfeng, but it rolled the soil on the ground of his body to both sides and finally pulled out a long ravine and hit a tree with three people folded.
The big tree crashed and exploded, and its body continued to shoot back, eventually hitting ten feet away, and it just stopped after a huge momentum burst.
Yuan soul gas hood was shattered. Although there are two layers of energy hood defense and body, has it been thoroughly remoulded after the king of viper? But Feng Yang’s body is still shaken as if the bones are falling apart. When the body stops, it opens its mouth and spits out one mouthful blood.
Feng Yang has always been a crazy person, and his performance is particularly outstanding when he fights crazily. The worse he is, the more awake he will be, the more excited he will be and the more amazing his fighting consciousness will be.
To put it bluntly, this is a kind of fear of death, because he doesn’t want to die, the more dangerous it is, the more calm he is, the more amazing his fighting capacity is.
The man in black’s eyes flashed a little surprised. It seems that he didn’t expect to condense the energy of heaven and earth. An attack didn’t give the young man a shock. So I’m afraid the young man’s physical strength is quite shocking.
So thinking about the man in black, ling waved his arms again and condensed out one energy group toward the wind and maser in the past.
Hand-written novels
Chapter three hundred is hanging by a thread
Welcome you to come.
The strong Wu Xian can use the energy of heaven and earth to fight, so it seems that the black dress person’s strength is low and has reached the level of Wu Xian.
The energy of heaven and earth and the force of life force are two different things, and the attack of heaven and earth energy condensed out and the attack of life force also belong to two concepts.
It’s like tofu hitting people is the same as stone hitting people. Does tofu hurt or stone hitting people hurts? There is no doubt that it must be tofu … Does it hurt?
Facing the rapid blaster, the energy group sat down to the wind, raised his arms fiercely, jumped up on the ground, and flew over one after another. The strength kept flying from the wind, blasting the boulders and trees behind him.
The man saw the wind Yang doesn’t seem to be going to dodge the eyes with a look of disdain and disdain. His arm waved the energy of heaven and earth again and condensed into two shells. The energy group toward the wind Yang blaster passed.