Zhuo Qiang was relieved that maybe Liu Yaqi did have the ability to spy on other people’s thoughts, but it seems that she is not able to move freely at present.

This chip is really a good thing, it can not only see but also get some unexpected special abilities. I don’t know what it would be like if I installed one myself
"Look at your envy, jealousy and hatred. Don’t think that’s a good thing," said Christie disdainfully
ZhuoJiang busy asked "how can you guess what I think? And what’s wrong with that thing? "
"How can I guess what you think? Haha, no matter who sees your drooling, they can think of what you think. Don’t envy her. This thing can be regarded as pediatrics compared with your future remodeling. Besides, once it has a time limit, it will lose all its special abilities and do some damage to the body. Otherwise, why am I upset? I have no money? Still no technology? " Christie gave Zhuo Qiang another lecture on popular science.
"What are you talking about?" Liu Yaqi became more and more confused.
Zhuo Qiang laughed and said, "Let’s discuss an academic problem. It’s none of your business."
Now Liu Yaqi can’t be regarded as an ordinary person. Zhuo Qiang is ready to tell her the truth of what happened to her at the right time, so that she has unnecessary worries and worries about her strange phenomenon.
Laughing and laughing all the way, they arrived at Heilongtan Town, Liu Yaqi’s hometown, less than noon.
This town is faced with mountains on three sides and water on one side. In ancient times, it was extremely difficult for them to go out, but now a provincial highway just passes by the town, which brings them great transportation convenience.
Zhuo Qiang bought several boxes of fruits, drinks, meat and other gifts in front of a big supermarket, so as to give them to Liu Yaqi’s parents.
Although Zhuo Qiang always carefully observed the surrounding days all the way, he didn’t find any UFO at the destination.
In such a big place on earth, so many people want to come to others, and this flying saucer is too busy. Where can I have time to observe and track a little girl like Liu Yaqi every day?
Parked outside a very ordinary courtyard, Zhuo Qiang and his group came to wait outside.
Because the town is still very lively during the Spring Festival, adults and children are wearing new clothes, and the street is also a festive atmosphere.
Some people who know the goods don’t stop to watch and admire the luxury style of this high-end car when they see Zhuoqiang.
Liu Xiaolei knocked on the door before Liu Yaqi, like a good baby. He also looked back from time to time at Zhuo Qiang, a few people behind him. She was a little too white to go home. Why are there so many people to escort her?
In a short time, the door hit an old lady in her sixties with gray hair and leaned out from the inside.
At the sight of Liu Xiaolei and Liu Yaqi’s gloomy faces, she suddenly bloomed with excitement.
"Lei Qiqi, you two can come back." The old lady shouted with tears on her face.
Liu Xiaolei also performed very well. He called "Mom" with deep affection.
Ya-qi Liu followed to call a mother and then called Zhuo Qiang and them into the hospital.
"Who are they?" Liu Yaqi’s mother didn’t know what the route was when she saw Zhuo Qiang and their distinguished guests.
Liu Xiaolei quickly introduced, "This is my boss, Zhuo Qiang, this is my boss’s wife, Christie, and these two are my colleagues. They came to visit your parents with me."
"Good aunt" ZhuoJiang several asked the old man’s house.
Zhuo Qiang asked Yun Hua and Yun Xia to move the car gift to the house.
"Mom, where’s my dad?" Liu Yaqi asked her mother after she hadn’t seen her dad for a while.
A cloud appeared on Liu Yaqi’s mother’s face and said, "Your father is sick and lying in the back room."
"What’s wrong? My dad has been in good health, hasn’t he? When I called back years ago, he told me that he was as strong as an ox. "Liu Yaqi said with a little anxiety that the horse ran into the back room to see her father.
Liu Xiaolei called Zhuoqiang them to sit down and then went to make tea and water for Zhuoqiang them like a real master.
Liu Xiaolei also went into the back room to see Liu Yaqi’s father’s illness when he was busy.
"You have a cup of tea." The old lady warmly greeted Zhuo Qiang and them. She saw a few boxes of things piled up on the table and kept saying, "Why did you come all this way and take so many things and let you break it?"
Zhuo Qiang said, "Xiao Lei and Kiki, the two class workers in our company, should be very diligent and serious. Because they were busy some time ago, I also felt very sorry that they didn’t come back for the New Year. I specially came to visit you two parents and wish you a happy old age."
The old lady’s eyes are full of smiles. "Look at the people in this big city, they are just different. They are knowledgeable and polite. This is really good."
Zhuoqiang glanced at the room decoration almost nothing of value.
He remembers sending money to Liu Yaqi’s family before, and it seems that there are hundreds of thousands of samples. Besides, Liu Yaqi earns thousands of yuan every month. Didn’t she spend all of it and send a penny to her family?
It seems that Liu Yaqi is not a girl who doesn’t care about her family.
Zhuo Qiang is full of doubts, but it’s hard to say that he can wait until he has the opportunity to ask again.
Suddenly Zhuo Qiang heard a faint sob in the back room as if Liu Yaqi were crying.
Is her father seriously ill?
This ZhuoJiang don’t worry about Ye Chuchu this imperial doctor what kind of disease all don’t talk.