After Xiaowei’s departure, Moheng looked at the Misuta sealed by himself, and his eyes became more gloomy. However, when Xiaowei left, he was angry, but he couldn’t bear to think that Zhang Tao’s agreement with him had not been completed and that he had lost to a younger generation in Zhang Tao. Although the ultimate strength is no match for itself, there is still a breakthrough.

Xiao Xiaowei has a way to find the patriarch! Although the heads of families are closed now, he also knows that the heads of families will be out of his rotation to the heads of families to wait in the forbidden area.
"Xiaowei’s adult, this is a forbidden area, please stay." Two peak saints outside the forbidden area are guarded here, and Zhang Tao has already had five when he meets three. The peak saints in Mojia should be far more than that. This is also the strength of four families
"Of course I know I’m here waiting for you, so you can rest assured." It’s full of sharp rocks, and if you walk carelessly, you may be scratched by sharp rocks. There is mud all over the dry river. There is a strange rocky mountain in the distance, and there are five elders guarding them. They are also peak saints.
In the middle of the strange mountain, that is, the patriarch’s closed place is also the waiting place where the patriarchs of all previous dynasties closed their doors and could wait outside. He simply sat cross-legged.
However, as soon as he sat down, there was a strange scene. The original chaotic sharp rocks shook, and the original strange rocks and strange mountains trembled slightly for a moment. A soft but like sea waves, the true qi sprayed out along all directions.
Xiaowei’s pupil contracted. He clearly saw that all sharp rocks had been ground flat. His heart was frightened and his qi had passed through his body. A strange scene appeared. Even the rocks could be instantly crushed and the qi could not be destroyed when it touched his body. What happened?
But Xiaowei got up because he knew that the patriarch should be out, but he didn’t expect to be so lucky? Soon, whether it was the elders or the two peak saints who kept the forbidden area, they knelt down to "congratulate the patriarch on his achievement in the world."
World peak? What’s the meaning of this? Xiaowei doesn’t know, but Xiaowei knows very well that this time it’s been decades, and maybe the strength of the heads of families has risen again
Just breath broke out in an instant, and everyone in Mo’s family felt Mo Heng’s face was shocked. "Breakthrough. He really broke through."
"Father, what’s the matter with you?" See Moheng slouches at moshan can’t help some worry.
Then Moheng took a deep breath in his chair. "Mo candlestick reached the peak of the world, and now he can be said to be an unbeaten martial artist." Moheng’s words made Mo Shan stay where he was unbeaten. What kind of honor is this?
At one moment, a figure floated out. This man was white-haired and old, like an old man dying at sunset, but at one moment, his hair turned black and his wrinkles disappeared, and soon he turned into a baby.
It’s like samsara going on and replaying. He has become a white-haired old man again, but this time, although he has white hair, his skin is as glittering and translucent as a baby, especially his eyebrows are falling off. His eyes seem to look at the universe and give people an unpredictable feeling.
"See the patriarch" Xiaowei had to be treated respectfully before the real patriarch.
"Xiaowei? Get up. You must be here to wait for me, right? " Don’t ask him gently.
"Chief of the fathers, please uphold justice" Xiaowei hands hold Chapter 681 High realm.
Don’t ask for a smile when you hear Xiaowei’s words. He is gentle and gentle. His name is completely different, as if the arrogant name of heaven and earth is not his real name. In his eyes, you can find a fusion of everything and the collapse that day will not change easily.
"Okay, I know, wait a moment." Don’t ask for a voice. Three faces suddenly appeared in the sky like gods, and the blue sky suddenly surged around like a reshaping of heaven and earth.
"Ha, ha, ha, brother Mo didn’t expect you to be the second one of us to break through the peak. It’s really gratifying." Hearing this, Xiaowei suddenly looked up and looked up at the three faces in the sky. Isn’t it Yang Jialong and Wang Jiagu?
"Brother Long, brother Yang, brother Mo, don’t be generous." Mo walked over to him and said that Xiaowei and others didn’t interrupt because this is the top strong in Dongyue mainland, and they are not qualified to interrupt.
This scene is rare, even if Xiaowei’s eyes are higher than the top, the strong have to lower their noble heads when facing the peak, because they have all overcome the bottleneck and broken through the hole of the Ministry.
"After we all break through, we can travel for nine days to have fun." Mo asked him to walk over and said.
After four people reminisce for a moment, three huge faces are completely gone. Don’t ask the sky to float slowly from the sky. "Xiaowei, did you just ask me something?"
Xiaowei nodded just shocked and slowly woke up. "The patriarch’s adult Xiaowei wants something."
"oh? Mo Lengfeng became a foreign patriarch? Also brought a man named Zhang Tao into the Mo family? What the hell is going on here? " Obviously, he doesn’t know what happened after the sky closes.
Xiaowei is also slightly one leng. "You speak slowly." Mo also seems to realize that something happened after he closed. I didn’t expect to encounter such a thing when I went out.
Xiaowei quickly told Mo Wentian everything he knew, and then he also said his own requirements. "Can he disappear in front of Mo Heng if he grows cold?" Don’t ask for confirmation again
"So I hope that the patriarch can let Moheng let Zhang Tao go and let me compete with him. I must let him know that the world of broken experts is very big, even though he is cold in the world. Although I don’t know how he does it, the more it is, the more difficult it is to control," Xiaowei said.
But Xiaowei didn’t listen to what he said. His face was full of thoughts and expressions. Xiaowei didn’t go on talking when he saw it, but looked a little respectful.
"Well, come with me to see Moheng. I didn’t expect him to be like this with foreign countries after he became a patriarch." Mo asked for a face with a hint of slight blame. Xiaowei’s heart was somewhat gloating. His dissatisfaction just vanished. It depends on how the patriarch punishes you.
But at this time in the distance, Moheng has flown up with Moshan. His heart is slightly weak and naturally he dare not play big cards, waiting for the heads of the fathers to find him. "Congratulations to the heads of the fathers for their great achievements." On the surface, Moheng is darker than respectful, but he can break through the last layer. Didn’t you lose your chance?
Don’t look at him on one knee. Mo’s father looks cool. "Mo Heng, you are a patriarch. You can really handle affairs and pack up foreign countries." When you hear Mo Heng’s words, even if there is a cold sweat on his forehead, how powerful is Mo Zhen’s strength?