Finally, the news came from the Long Yun. "Report that the captain has three ships ten nautical miles away from my Long Yun, and two armed ships are threatening. Please ask the captain for instructions."

Two enemy ships? This Japanese country is really too careful. Did those four members specially send two warships to escort it? Did they already know that tonight was not peaceful?
"Start the exploration device to see what armed ship the other party is" Zhuo Qiangda ordered.
With the start of the Long Yun exploration device, the remote control screen automatically switched over.
The picture shows two warships moving slowly in tandem on the sea, with a luxury passenger ship between them
Zhuo Qiang and others carefully identified the tonnage of these two warships after zooming in. It looks a little larger than the average frigate. According to Zhuo Qiang’s understanding of Japanese ships, he guessed that this is probably an old first snow destroyer in Japan.
Japan’s first snow-class destroyers have a displacement of more than 3,000 tons, which is much smaller than their newer village rain-class and fog-class destroyers and are being phased out.
Although the tonnage of this first snow-class destroyer is small, its firepower is much stronger than that of ordinary frigates, and the ship is also equipped with anti-submarine helicopters, which is a part of Japan’s 99 fleet
There are nearly 200 ships in this level, and there are nearly 400 Japanese officers and soldiers in two warships. Zhuo Qiang thought to himself that it would be strange for Japan not to fall out if these two warships could be fixed.
Since World War II, the Japanese navy has never suffered such heavy casualties, not to mention the loss of two warships. This loss is caused by casualties alone, and national public opinion may be unbearable for the authorities
At this time, the focus of Zhuo Qiang’s consideration has shifted from the four members to the two warships. Although the first snow-class destroyer horse will be replaced, Zhuo Qiang is very aware of the military situation in Japan. Most of these eliminated warships will be sealed to cope with the fierce battles that may occur in the future.
For example, the Japanese submarine is replaced every fifteen years, which is twice as fast as that of the United States in thirty years.
After being eliminated, these submarines were not directly destroyed, but were sealed in specific places for armed use.
Even these sealed submarines are better than most submarines in service in Daxia, and the ambition of Japanese militaristic wolves can be seen from this.
Looking closer and closer, the warship Zhuoqiang fell into deep thinking.
The success rate of Long Yun’s stealth attack on these two warships at night should not be too low, but I don’t know what kind of counterattack means these two warships will have.
This first snow-class destroyer is not small, but its anti-ship guides and torpedoes do not pose much threat to the Long Yun at high speed, because according to today’s radar technology, its roots can not be detected, so the Long Yun Institute has launched a tracking attack
Zhuo Qiang, a surface naval gun, has a little scruples about it, but this problem will be solved if the strike is given priority to paralyze it.
More to 137 to meet the enemy
137 meet the enemy
After considering the fire gap between the two sides and the stealth advantage of Longyun, Zhuo Qiang decided to be safe and it was not very difficult to destroy their ships if they secretly wanted to hurt themselves.
"The horse entered the attack posture." After Long Yun’s weapons rose to the deck, Zhuo Qiang thought about several schemes and considered which method was more favorable
Although it is possible to win by shelling directly, these two Japanese warships are not as good as Philippine gunboats. If you want to completely cripple them, you always have to fire dozens of rounds.
Long Yun’s main firepower comes from the 76-mm automatic gun, which is considered as a small and medium-sized lethality of naval gun, but it is not too great.
Although the Japanese destroyer is also equipped with a 76 mm naval gun, its naval gun is just a decoration. It relies on two four-piece harpoon anti-ship missile launchers to deal with ships.
Although this Japanese destroyer is about to become obsolete, it is not much bigger than the Sigma-class light frigate in Lai’ an South China, but the destroyer is always a destroyer and much stronger than the frigate.
Furthermore, although this first snow-class destroyer is going out of date, Japan’s military equipment is all refined, and the training intensity of various services in Japan has always been in the forefront of the world, so Zhuo Qiang can’t underestimate them at all.
The speed of this first snow class destroyer is not slow, and the maximum speed can reach 30 knots, but the speed of the passenger ships they protect is less than 20 knots. When there is enough, we should consider various countermeasures
"One of the two naval guns makes high-speed armor-piercing blasting and the other makes killing blasting."
Zhuo Qiang didn’t intend to let one of these Japanese soldiers go back alive at all. He knew that it was difficult for the 76 mm naval gun to sink the two destroyers, but there was no problem in destroying this ghost soldier.
"Zeng Guomin, can you paralyze that passenger ship?" Zhuo Qiang knows that Zeng Guomin is carrying a high explosion, but he doesn’t know how powerful it is. Can he blow a big hole in the surface of the cargo ship?
"Report to the captain to ensure completion" Zeng Guomin immediately replied.
Zhuo Qiang felt that he was a little worried. Even if Zeng Guomin didn’t have explosives, he might have water-cutting means. There must be a way to destroy a passenger ship
"You Ma Shui tried to get rid of that freighter."
"The Long Yun horse adjusted its direction and retreated about five nautical miles to stand by."
Zeng Guomin’s water speed will certainly not be too fast. When approaching the Japanese passenger ship, we must let the Long Yun stay at a suitable distance, which can hit the enemy ship, but it cannot be easily found by the Japanese destroyer.
Radar suspicion is extremely important in modern warfare, but Long Yun, a freak, is like an enemy ship in front of modern radar. If you want to find it, you have to look at it with the naked eye
The farther away, the harder it is for Japanese ships to find it.
Although Japanese warships may not have a chance to fight back, Zhuo Qiang made the safest arrangement carefully with the conservative concept of caution and big mistake.
At this time, the passenger ship in Japan was decorated in a luxurious and comfortable room, and a lean old man without four or two meats was holding a plump long-haired girl in his arms and snoring one after another.
Suddenly, an alarm rang mournfully. The thin old man suddenly woke up from bed and sat up. The little girl around him was also sleepy, stroking the old man’s wrinkled belly with one hand and rubbing his eyes with the other, muttering something vaguely.
"What’s the matter?" Thin old man dressed while consciously asked 1.
"There is something wrong with this boat." Women always feel more accurate than men.
The thin old man woke up and suddenly cried, "Get dressed quickly."
By this time, it was chaotic outside, and the footsteps of shouting and cursing rang into one.
"Ladies and gentlemen, please pay attention to the sudden accident of the passenger ship. Please come to the deck as soon as possible."
The ship’s megaphone kept sounding a warning of shortness of tone, which made the ship and people even more confused.