"This incident has been very serious, and the cause of this incident was caused by the arrest of fishermen in the summer by our maritime department." The Minister of National Defense pointed out the root of the problem.

President Li Minbo didn’t have time to go to the Internet, and all kinds of news were ignorant of this matter.
"Are these pirates going to destroy our Korean naval forces because of a few fishermen in the district?" Li Minbo expressed doubts about this.
Daniel Dae Kim, the defense minister, had obviously done his homework before he came to Kan Kan, and made a detailed analysis of this matter from a mysterious post on the Internet last night.
Most people agree that the pirates are forcing South Korea to release the summer fishermen.
Daniel Dae Kim, Minister of National Defense, talked about the heavy blow suffered by Japan from the killing of the captain of Daxia country by pirates in Nigeria, saying that the Dongfeng pirate group would do whatever it takes to achieve its goal.
Why was the United States attacked by this pirate group? No one knows what happened.
It stands to reason that if the pirates want to keep the United States away from the South China Sea, they may at most give a symbolic warning that they will never attack the overseas bases of the United States in a big way.
It can be said that there may be other factors in this, but no one can know about it except the Dongfeng pirate group and the top officials of the United States
However, judging from the way the United States handled it afterwards, even the United States had to avoid the pirates by three points, not to mention South Korea, a second-rate country.
"So these fishermen must be released conditionally?" Li Minbo crush anger asked
Defense Minister Daniel Dae Kim hesitated for a while and finally nodded heavily.
After the United States suffered two blows, it had to lower its noble head. Daniel Dae Kim really couldn’t figure out why South Korea was recklessly fighting with each other.
Li Minbo didn’t walk back and forth out of his spacious conference room, and seemed to hesitate to do so.
Daniel Dae Kim is more anxious than anyone in the place at this time. If those rampant pirates just keep going northward and sweep the naval bases one by one, I’m afraid it won’t be long before the powerful navy in South Korea may be gone.
After receiving the news that the base was attacked, he immediately reached the order to stay put and strictly guard after a very short period of consideration.
With the lessons of the South China Sea countries, he dare not send warships and planes to rescue easily, which will send a lot of military achievements to the other side in vain without any harm.
The United States and Japan have far more than the South Korean navy, and they still can’t find the trace of each other, let alone China’s relatively weak military strength.
Since the attack on China’s warships, the Mi army has always been nosy, like deaf people, seeing if it has not been stationed not far away. There is silence in the US naval base, and no single soldier has been sent out.
What does this say? Said that Mi Jun had been frightened by the pirates.
Just as Daniel Dae Kim was anxious, there was a new message outside the conference room. "Mr. President, our Pinghai naval base is under attack."
Li Minbo’s face changed greatly when he heard this. Pinghai Base is the base of the Second Fleet and an important frontier to protect the capital. If we break through this line of defense, the whole capital will expose the enemy’s huge ships and guns.
"They want to do? Do they want to attack our capital? " Li Minbo roared angrily.
But he is also a little guilty.
What happened in Nigeria, he knew that thousands of people were killed and wounded, and a large number of military and civilian facilities were destroyed, which was all that was needed to shell the capital.
A country outside Wan Li has been hit so hard, not to mention South Korea separated by water.
In recent years, South Korea’s summer country has become worse and worse. Maybe this Dongfeng pirate group will take the opportunity to fight and make South Korea suffer unbearable trauma.
Of course, Zhuo Qiang naturally won’t attack their capital. He is just a pirate. He doesn’t want to start a war with a major country unless he has to.
Actually, he didn’t say he needed ten thousand tons of steel.
If the leaders of South Korea knew Zhuo Qiang’s real thoughts, they would even give him 100,000 tons of steel for nothing.
Zhuoqiang, a warship with a cost of billions of meters, actually thinks it is a pile of scrap iron in his eyes.
However, Zhuo Qiang won’t eat for food. He has to rely on himself to take the fruits of his created labor.
Warships are moored at Pinghai base to reassure Zhuo Qiang, a follow-up ship of King Sejong, an Aegis destroyer, and a supply ship list of Tianchi class fleet. These two warships amount to more than 20,000 tons, close to 30,000 tons, and the target horse can be achieved tonight.
"Two more guns" Christie looked at ZhuoJiang hesitant appearance and gave him a discussion.
Zhuo Qiang wanted to mean to say, "Two more guns and then two more guns. Who told me more?"
Now the energy is more than 50 thousand points, and he can still afford a dozen points of energy this time
The most important thing is not to lose face in front of a beautiful wife, right?
Christie proudly said, "Well, it’s four guns."