However, Ye Han has also considered it for a long time for him to take the post of three protectors. It is not easy for a man with serious injuries to shoulder such a burden.

However, there is no way to do this. Although there are few people in the inflammation family now, he wants to hand over all the junior brothers in the future to him, so that the influence of the inflammation family will also pick up. This is also a gift from his son-in-law to his father-in-law
However, those people who are deeply righteous by Ye Han have some disagreements. Although this inflammation Yang was once the head of the inflammation family, the inflammation family is now destroyed. Even he himself is seriously injured. How can he undertake such a heavy responsibility?
"I know how worried everyone is, but please rest assured that it won’t be long before I let you know that my decision is right!"
Know that everyone cares about Ye Han and doesn’t hide anything. Just give a guarantee in their own name.
Well, if you are not satisfied, just come to me directly.
Sure enough, when Ye Han said this, everyone was quiet, and they suspected that Yan Yang could make it, but they believed Ye Han’s ability and that his words would not be false.
After all, almost all of them were rescued from Ye Han’s danger.
"There are already three guardians of the four sects, and now there is only one left!"
After calming everyone’s heart, Ye Han is when he feels at ease and has his own words. He believes that no one will question his father-in-law again.
There’s one left. Who would that be?
Soon they will mind out from phlogistic Yang withdraw followed Ye Han words turned around.
"Ha ha, we don’t guess that the last one is naturally Lin Fulai, the head of the Cold Forest School. I wonder if you are interested?"
Glanced at the silence of Lin Fu Ye Han, and made the final arrangement by looking back at the square.
"Lin Fu bears the four major responsibilities of protecting the law, and the cold forest faction forces will continue to be in charge of him!"
Will Lin Fu position and sphere of influence also made some arrangement Ye Han this just a sigh of relief finally the arrangement has been arranged.
The four positions of protector have been oriented, and Ye Han finally felt the long-standing ease. It was difficult to establish sects, but I didn’t expect this to be completed by myself.
"Well, the arrangement has been arranged, and the things will be handed over to the four protectors!"
Ye Han is ready to slip away when he has arranged it. Although he advocates the establishment of sects, he really knows nothing about managing them.
"It’s the door master!"
The four dharma protectors are also very cooperative, knowing that Ye Han is unwilling to take part in more sects, and everything will need to be worked by himself in the future.
But at this time, Yan Yang’s face was a little embarrassed. These four dharma protectors all had their own forces. What about themselves? Don’t you accept the lack of position power?
"Don’t worry, cold brother, you have left a back road!"
Seems to see the inflammation Yang concerns stand behind Ye Han inflammation hin busy walked past blunt he smiled to say with smile
[653] [Later arrangement] [w]
Night will soon arrival the earth [/
The establishment of Xingyuan Gate in Yanyunshan finally came to a close.
Calm has also been restored in Xingyuanmen Square, where some masters clean up the site.
Xingyuan Pavilion, located in the center of Xingyuan Gate, is the highest and most magnificent palace among many palaces of the sect.
This is the main pavilion of Xingyuanmen, where all meetings and conferences will be held.
At this time, Xingyuan Pavilion is holding its first meeting after the completion of the sect.
"I don’t know much about the sect, so I’ll leave it to you four to take care of it. Then I may not stay in the sect for a while!"